Where to go next with this blog

I have accomplished my first goal for this blog, which was to create a way to share my transcription of the “Schedule of Propositions …” People are looking at it, which is gratifying to say the least. I suppose I could stop here, but engaging with the blog is energizing me.

Now I want to explore the possibilities for turning the website into a more thorough exploration of the Commissioners, beginning with the relationship that developed between the Maquaas / Kaniengeha’ka / Mohawks and the Nederlandt / Dutch courts in the upper Hudson Valley in the mid 17th Century. So I am going to cut and paste as many of the records of their meetings and treaties as I can find into this blog. I am going to do the same for the encounters between the Dutch and the numerous communities of the lower Hudson, some of which involved the Kaniengeha’ka as well. The process of putting them into a blog and categorizing them and tagging them is already revealing some interesting patterns. This is a form of “digital history,” crude though it seems at times.

I also want to begin to link the documents to contemporary events and to trace the connections between the Hudson watershed communities that got displaced and people in the communities where their descendants now live. Ideally the blog will use the power of the Internet to link people together, with each other and with the history of what happened.

The image at the top of this page is of the Hudson River at Albany, taken last year from an Amtrak train crossing the railroad bridge from Rensselaer. It may seem like a completely different place from the Albany where the Indian Commissioners used to meet, but the river is still flowing.


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