Minute Book 3: 1723

I have finished transcribing the first year’s worth of entries for the third volume of records, or Minute Books, as they are labeled. This is the original that was taken to Canada during the Revolutionary War and has survived, although portions appear to be a little out of order and / or damaged. You can look at it as a website page by clicking on Minute Book 3: 1723 in the menu at the top of the page. You can also download it here:  aic_recordbooks-v1-1723. To make things confusing, Library and Archives calls this volume “Albany Indian Commissioner Record Books, volume 1,” and Cornell calls it “Indian Affairs Pamphlets, Volume 1.” I am calling it Minute Book 3, because it is volume 3 of the minutes of the Commissioners as they were bound at some point during the early to mid Eighteenth Century.

In my next post I will begin to analyze the entries for 1723 month by month, in order to take a closer look at who was involved and what was happening between the various peoples of North America with whom the Commissioners interacted during this year.



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