Minute Book 3: 1724

I have finished transcribing the Albany Indian Commissioner Minute Book entries for 1724, the second year covered by the third volume of minutes. You can download 1724 as a unit here: AIC_RecordBooks-V1-1724only : or look at it online by clicking “1724” above.

In the Library and Archives Canada version, 1724 starts here:

I am going to post summaries for 1724 month by month, as I did with 1723. I’ve decided to include a new feature. At the beginning of each month I will add links to the online images starting at the beginning of that month. I am doing this for both the Library and Archives Canada images and the Cornell images. I will also go back and do this for 1723, because my summaries are really only an entry point into the originals. I am also going to do some analysis and talk about some of the implications of all the information in these records. The more people look at them the better, because everyone will see different things in them.


Guillaume De Lisle’s map of 1700, published in 1708 put the English on notice that Frenchmen had traveled deep into the interior of North America and were staking a claim to it. Both sides began to escalate their efforts to build forts and monopolize trade with the nations around the Great Lakes and beyond.  Downloaded from the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/McGillLibrary-123701-2139




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