Minute Book 3: 1725

I have started to transcibe the entries for 1725. It is already apparent that they are out of order chronologically. Even before that a few entries from the 1730s turned up, mixed in with 1723. These mixups occurred before the pages were numbered and it appears that the pages were digitized in page number order, complete with the confusion in dates. In that respect they differ from the “Schedule of Propositions …” notes, which are out of order in multiple ways, both chronologically and in terms of page numbers.  Minute Book 3 also has some blank pages and a couple of missing pages.

How did this happen? These records have been through a lot. If they could speak out loud, they could tell many interesting stories. They were kept in Albany for many years as a group of loose sheets and used by the commissioners and other government officials for day to day governmental purposes. They were  bound into folio volumes around the time they came into the possession of Sir William Johnson when he became Indian Commissioner in 1756.  The records were carried to Canada by the British during the United States War for Independence and then held by the British Indian Department until they were transferred to the Canadian Archives at some unknown point. See Charles McIlwaine’s introduction to Wraxall’s An Abridgement of the Indian Affairs … p. lxxxvii et seq. When McIlwaine wrote this introduction he quoted portions of the full records but did not cite page numbers, so they may not have been numbered at that point.

At any rate, 1725 will remain shadowy and mysterious for a bit longer, sort of like this picture of the Hudson at night, taken from Amtrak in 2015. IMG_2043 I probably will not post any more transcriptions until Minute Book 3 is completely transcribed, which will take a long time.




In the meantime, there is a lot of information contained in the notes for 1723 and 1724, and I intend to process it a bit more, and post my thoughts.  I want to link the past to the present as much as possible as a way of seeing both of them more clearly. Stay tuned as I explore the best ways to do that.



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