First Anniversary!

This blog has been up for one year as of September 2nd (yesterday). It has gotten 1,043 hits from 271 visitors. They have mostly been from the United States and Canada, but there have also been visitors from ten other countries. I am not sure how many of the visitors are repeats. Considering that the topic is a bit esoteric for most people, these numbers make me happy!

For the second year, I want to experiment with the possibilities for using the blog to enhance awareness of how things were and are connected, including how the many communities that composed North America were connected during the time of the Albany Commissioners, and how they connect to the present.

In the meantime, it is good to have gotten here. As the site grows, it becomes more challenging to keep all the information accessible to new readers. To mark the anniversary I have rewritten the About This Website page and I am setting it as the home page.


About hopefulwanderer

Writer, researcher, archivist, etc. @ahhunter
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