I was pleasantly surprised to see a link to this site (and even my name) on the New York State Museum webpage for the Commissioners of Indian Affairs Thank you. I am honored. The records of the commissioners are an essential resource for understanding Albany’s history.

Cornell’s online collection: The Records of the Albany Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1678-1755: An Integrated Digital Database has recently changed the way it displays the records, shifting to a collection of PDFs organized by year.  This makes it easier to search for a particular date, although it is important to note that they are somewhat out of chronological order in places. It also means that I can no longer link to a specific month, so I am taking those links out of my month by month summaries. The best way to navigate between the way the records are displayed at Cornell with the way they appear on the Heritage Canada database and the transcriptions on this blog is to focus on the page numbers in the records themselves, which are generally found at the top of each page.


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