Abbreviations, Page Numbers, etc.


S of P = Schedule of Propositions

LIR = Robert Livingston, The Livingston Indian Records, 1666-1723, Gettysburg: Pa. Hist. Assoc., 1956.

DRCHNY = E. B. O’Callaghan, ed. Documents Relative to the Colonial History of New York, Albany: Weed, Parsons, 1853-87.

BHD = British Historical Documents in the NYS Archives, more correctly known as Series A1894, New York (Colony) Council Papers

Richter = Daniel K. Richter, “Rediscovered Links in the Covenant Chain: Previously Unpublished Transcripts of NewYork Indian Treaty Minutes, 1677–1691,” in Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, XCII (1982), 45–85.

Munsell Annells = Joel Munsell, The Annals of Albany, Albany, J. Munsell, 1869.

Van Laer Ct Minutes = Arnold Van Laer, tr. and ed., Minutes of the court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck, 1652-1660, Albany, University of the State of NY, 1920-23.

Colden = Cadwallader Colden, The History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada … , NY: Allerton, 1922.

Colden Papers 9:xxx = Cadwallader Colden’s Continuation of Colden’s History of the Five Indian nations, for the years 1707 through 1720, in v.9 of his papers printed in the Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year 1935 (v. 58) beginning on p. 359.

Early Records of Albany = Jonathan Pearson and Arnold Van Laer, Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck, Albany: New York State, 1869-

Wraxall = Peter Wraxall, An Abridgement of the Indian Affairs … (ed. Charles H. McIlwain) Cambridge: Harvard U. Press, 1915.

Key to numbers:

The five digit number at the top of each page is the number stamped on each page of the original copy of the Schedule of Propositions prior to digitization. Example: 28149

The four digit number in brackets at the top of each page is the Cornell University Library image number. Example: [0006]

The other numbers at the top of many pages are page numberings for the Schedule of Propositions notes themselves. They were added either by the notetakers or by subsequent custodians. They are not consistent throughout the document.

Numbers within the text are the page numbers for the Commissioners of Indian Affairs Minute Books as recorded by the S of P notetakers. They are mostly consistent within Minute Book I, but not within Minute Book II, which may have been partially dismantled by the time notes were taken.

Numbers in italicized notes following a source are the volume and page numbers for that source.