Translations of the Dutch Entries Now Available

It has been a long Pandemic. Everyone has found their own ways to get through it. My own sanity has been enhanced by getting better at Dutch and working on translating the entries in the Commissioners’ records in that language. I have put the results together into one document which you can download below. It is also available in the menu. All feedback is welcome!

I am forever grateful to Dr. Charles Gehring at the New Netherland Research Center for his help with this work. I am fully responsible for any remaining errors.

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4 thoughts on “Translations of the Dutch Entries Now Available”

  1. Thank you for making the Indian Commissioners’ records, including these Dutch-language texts and translations, freely available on your web site.

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  2. This is so heartening to hear about the work to which you’ve dedicated yourself. I’d be much interested to learn, while undertaking your self-set task of translating the documents, whether you did actually find reference to the original Two Row Wampum Treaty.
    I ask because any translated documents alluding to the original agreement, and subsequent interactions between the two parties, would be of much interest and benefit to Haudenosaunee knowledge-keepers, historians, and academics (myself included).
    If and when the opportunity presents itself, it would be mutually beneficial to discuss such matters with you.


    1. Hi Lee, The short answer is that in these records I have not seen a direct reference of that kind beyond those described by Jon Parmenter, who knows these records well. He has written about the references to earlier treaties in the later treaties, as I’m sure you’re aware. I’ve sent him a copy of the Dutch translations and look forward to hearing his thoughts about how they fit in. Beyond that, everything in the records falls into the category of subsequent interactions between the parties. The records reveal a situation in which everyone knows that the Haudenosaunee have sovereignty so most of the time it’s not the issue. The focus is more on resolving specific conflicts and maintaining trade and peace relations. The English also claim to have sovereignty, and try to increase their influence and control whenever they can. The results are mixed, and the Dutch are often caught in the middle. I’d be happy to talk more. You can reach me at if you’d like to do that.


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