Minute Book 3: 1728-November: Problems Continue at Oswego

Excerpt from the 1727 De Lery map of Oswego showing bateaux and canoes as well as the tents and cabins of the garrison.

The last entries for 1728, dated November 9 and 26, show that nothing had been solved at Oswego. The bateaux that were now the preferred means of transporting provisions had not been able to take up enough stores for the garrison for the winter, so the commissioners agreed with someone to bring more “with all Speed.” Captain Bagly told them that the garrison’s boats were in such bad shape that they could not be mended.  At least six new ones needed to be made.

The commissioners wrote to the governor informing him about all this. They also sent him information about Laurence Claessen’s report on the land at Oswego that the governor had requested from the Six Nations, but the entry in the records provides no details.

In Library and Archives Canada’s digital copy of the original minutes, the entries for November start on p. 280. The transcription is below.

[0564] 280

Albany the 9:th Novemb:r 1728

May it Please your Excy

Wee had the Honour to Write your Excie on

the 17th Ultimo Since w:ch Wee had an Information this

Day of the Quantity of Provisions gone up to the Garrison

of Oswego; thereby Finding that the Batoes Could not Carry

So much as is wanting to Supply the Garrison all Winter

Therefore Have thought highly necessary to Send up one

or Two Battoes w.th Provisions with all Speed in order to w.ch

Wee are agreed w:th a Man who undertook the Same, all w.ch

Wee thought Wee Were in duty bound to Communicate to

your Excelly and Remain w:th due Respect

Your Excelly’s most Hble & most

Obedient Servants

Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Steph.s Groesbeck

Joh.es Cuyler

Abr. Cuyler

Joh.s Roseboom

Ryer Gerritse

Nicolas Bleecker

Harmanus Wendell

Barent Sanders

Hennry Holland


Memorandum of Provisions

Which are gone up to Oswego

in Octob.r Last

12 barr.ls Porke

7 D:o Beefe

143 lbs flower

61 Sk. Pease

[0565] 280a

Albany the 16 Novemb 1728

May it Please your Excy

Our Last was the 9o Inst. Since w.ch have

not recd any of your Excy’s kind Favours

This Serves to acquaint your Excy that

Capt. Bagly arrived here this day who Informed us

that the Battoes belonging to the Garrison of Oswego

Were So much out of Order that it is Impossible to

have them Mended, So that Wee think it will be highly

Necessary to have at least halfe a Dozen New ones

Made to Support that Garrison As Concerning

Provisions Wee Referr to Capte Bagly As also

Concerning Lourence Claese the Interpreter who

Acquainted us Concerning the Land at Oswego, of w.ch

here Inclosed goes a Draught to which Wee also Referr

No more at present but Take Leave to Subscribe

Our Selves

Your Excy’s most Hble & Most

Obedt. Servants

Myndert Schuyler

Evert Bancker

Harm. Groesbeck

Joh.s Roseboom

Abr: Cuyler

Harm. Wendell

J: V. Renslaer

Joh.s Cuyler

Nicolas Bleecker

Joh.s Lansingh

Barent Sanders

[There are no entries for December 1728.]