Minute Book 3: 1728-September: Information from Canada, More Problems at Oswego, Final Preparations for the Conference with Governor Montgomerie

Intelligence from Canada

The Commissioners of Indian Affairs maintained a regular correspondence with authorities on the Massachusetts frontier, with whom they shared intelligence about the French. In September the commissioners sent Thomas Ingersoll to Northampton to pass on a paper to Colonel John Stoddard “Relating this Governor from Canada by two of our Sachams Indians.” The records include a somewhat confusing version of the cover letter but not the paper itself, so we do not know what it said.

Problems at Oswego

The next entry is a deposition taken on September 28th before the Mayor of Albany at the commissioners’ request.  It is sworn to by four people: Jacobus S. Planck, William Hogan Junior, Symon Veder, and Sybrant Van Schaick. The deponents accused an officer at Oswego, Lieutenant John Price, of drinking to excess and causing trouble for the commanding officer, Captain Nicolls. Apparently there was a possibility that Price was going to assume the command of the garrison.  The deponents said he was “no fitt person” for the post.

The garrison was once again in great need of food and the Assembly’s allowance of funds for the year had not provided enough to cover the costs. Moreover illness was still a problem and the sick men were unable to transport goods to Oswego after the Palatines brought them past the Oneida Carrying Place. The commissioners resolved to hire people from the city and county of Albany to assist with transporting goods and to ask Governor Montgomery to covern costs in excess of the allowance from the Assembly.

Montgomerie quickly agreed to put up the money.  The commissioners immediately wrote to the Justices at the Palatine settlement of Burnetsfield asking them to “Impress men and horses to Ride Over the Carrying Place the Batoes and Provisions which are Sent up” for the garrison.  They also wrote to Captain J. Roseboom at Schenectady to retrieve any bags belonging to the public that might be there and sent three men to Oswego with provisions for the immediate relief of the garrison.

The commissioners also agreed with sixteen named individuals and “three men out of the fort”  to go up to Oswego in a bateau to assist with transporting provisions.  Each man was paid 4 pence a day and given a gallon of rum, but left to travel “on [his] own diet.”  Every two men were required to bring back a boat.  Oswego would provide an income for local Dutch and Palatine families but there is no mention of employing the Oneidas or Mohawks living at or near the carrying place.  Horses were now used to carry boats as well as goods past the carrying place, suggesting that roads were improving.

The named individuals are: Yelius D Gardinoy, Sim: Vedder, Evert Evertse, Dirck D Gardinoy, Bernard Bratt, Joh.s V: D.Hyden, Barent Albertine Bratt, Rob.t Dunbar, Jochem Kittleum, Joh.s Wyngaerd, Dour Van Voughen, Evert Yansen, Adam Conde, Joachem V: DeHyd.n, Joh.s V Veghten, and Evert Phillipsie. Minutes of September 30, 1728 p. 262a.

Final Preparations for a Conference

As previous governors had done, Governor Montgomerie issued a proclamation prohibiting the sale of strong liquor during the upcoming conference with the Six Nations. It is printed in Volume 5 of O’Callaghan’s Documents Relative to the Colonial History of New York on page 859.  The commissioners sent a messenger to ask the leaders of the River Indians and Schaghticokes to come to Albany.

In Library and Archives Canada’s digital copy of the original minutes, the entry for September starts here on p. 260. The transcription is below.

[0524] 260

Albany 18th September 1728

Col. Stoddard

Last week we Received the inclosed paper

Relating this Governor from Canada by two of our

Sachams Indians which we now Sand you by Mr. Thomas

Ingorsol the bearer here of you may See the Contents of

the Same wee are

Sir Your Verry humblesevits

on of his Majesties [illeg.] Service

To the                          Coll. Jn.o Stoddard

at North Hampton

or in his absence to the next Justice of the

peace there

[0526] 261

Att a meeting of the Commissioner[s]

of the Indian affairs at Albany

ye 28th Septem.br 1728


Ph: Livingston

Mynd.t Schuyler

Evt. Bancker

Rutger Blecker

Hen: Holland

St. Groesbeek

Peter van Brugh

Har: Wendell

Jeremiah v. Rensselaer

Nicolas Bleecker

Reyer Gerritse

Baront Sanders                                   Affidavit taken before this Roard [sic] Relating

Leut Price

Albany 28th September 1728

Appeared before Ruger Bleeker Esq.r mayor

of the City of Albany in presence of the Com.es for Indian

Attairs [sic] Jacob van Planck Symon Veeder William Hogen

Jun.r & Sybrant van Schaick all a gi’d who being duely

Sworn on the holy Evangelists of almighty god declare

that last winter while the Deponants were at osweego

Leut. John Price did not behave himself will there

being Sundry times in drink when he Could but gett

Strong Liquor and often drank with the Soldiers then

there by which means he was very troublisome to

Capt. Nicolls the Comanding officer the Deponants

for the Depose that the sd. Leut Price in their Judgement

is no fitt person to have the Comand of the Garrison

at osweego if he doth not behave himself better then

he did at the time they were with him at osweego

and further thes deponants Say not

was Signd

Jacobus S Planck

William Hogan Jun.r

Symon Veder

Sybrant van Schaic[k]

Sworne before me

at the Request of the

Comissioners of Indian affairs

at Albany this 28th Septembr. 1728

Rutger Blecker Mayor

[0527] 261a

Whereas this Board being Informed that his Maj.es

forces Posted at the Garrison of osweego are in great wan[t]

of Provisions to Subsist ym and yt ye Late Assembly

having Provided a fund for provisions for sd Garrison

for the Space of 12 Months & Same Small Incidents to ye

Amount of  £60. which being no ample Provision for ye

Transporting ye sd Provisions & Raggage [sic] to Osweego

which is nevertheless absolutely necessary that the

Same be forthwith Sent up to the sd Garrison [illeg. crosse out]

and the assembly having

Calculated that the Palatines Should Transport the Provisions

on the other Side of the Carrying place and there to deliver

to a Detachmt. Posted at Oswego, and being Assured

that Severall of the Men there are Sick and not able to

Receive and Fetch the Provisions as was Expected, and

therefore Necessary that Proper men of this Citty and

County be hired to bring up Said Provisions and being

Well Assured that no Men are to be had to Carry up the

said Provisions on the Publick Credit unless Some

Engagemt. be made for the Paymt. of  Such Transportation

and Contingent Charges It is therefore the Opinion of

this board That his Excy Gov.er Montgomerie be

acquainted w:th the Inconveniencys that Attend this

present Service desireing that his Said Excy will be

Pleased to Signifie unto this Board to Engage for the

Payment of Such Incidentall Charges which may Accrue

on the Present Services not Provided for by the Assembly

[0528] 262

[Printed in DRCHNY 5: 859 et seq. The printed version omits a few words, so this one has been transcribed. Another copy can be found on p. 298, scribbled on as though used for scrap paper.]

By His Excie John Montgomerie Captain Gen:ll and

Governour in Chiefe of the Provinces New=York New Jersey and the

Territories depending thereon &c

A Proclomation

Whereas Severall Sachims of the Five

Nations are arrived here wth. Many other Indians to Treat w:th me

about Some Publick Affairs, and Experience has Shown how

Prejudiciall to his Maj.ies Service and Dangerous to the Peace

of the Inhabitants the giveing or Selling of Rum or other stronge

Liquour to those Indians has at all Times been, These are

therefore by virtue of the Powers granted to me by his Majestys

Letters Pattents under the Broad Seale of Great Brittain strictly

Forbidding the Selling or giveing to the Indians any Such

Liquor dureing my Residence in this place as they will

Answer it at their Perill and all Magistrates Justices of

the Peace or Other Civill Officers are hereby Required and

Impowerd to give all due Assistance and Countenance to such

as shall Dilate or Inform agt. any Person or persons Acting

Contrary to the Tenor and Intent of this Proclamation to the

End that Such Delinquents may be Prosecuted and Punish’d

With the Uttermost Severity of the Law, Given under My

Hand in Albany this 30:th day of Septemb.r

In the Second year of his Majesties Reign Anoq. Dom 1728

Copia Vera

[0529] 262a

At the Meeting of the Comm:rs of the

Indian Affairs the 30th Septemb:r 1728


Ph: Livingston

Mynd.t Suhyler

Rutger Blecker

Henry Holland

St: groesbech

Peter Van Brugh

Joh.s Cuyler

Ab: Cuyler

Har. Wendell

Nich.s Blecher

Ev: Wendell

Ph: Schuyler

Ryer Gerritse

Barret Sander

Joh.s Lansigh


Yelus D Gardimoy

Sim: Vedder

Evert Evertse

Dirck D Gardimoy

Bernard Bratt

Joh.s V: D.Hyden

Barent Albertine Bratt

Rob.t Dunbar

Jochem Kittleum

Joh.s Wyngaerd

Dour Van Voughten

Evert Yansen

Adam Conde

Joachen V: DeHyd.n

Joh.s V Veghten

Evert Phillipsie

3 Men out of

the Fort

Reced this day a Letter from his Ex.cie

Govern.or Montgomerie Esq.r &c. whereby his Said

Ex.cy Ingages for Paym.t of the Contingent Charges

for the Transportation of the Provisions to Oswege

Not Provided for by the Assembly w:ch is very

acceptable to this Board

Orderd That a Letter be Writ to the Justices

at Burnetsfield to Impress men and horses to Ride

Over the Carrying place the Batoes and Provisions

which are Sent up now for the Supply of the

Garrison at Oswego

Writt a Letter to Capt: J: Roseboom at

Schinechtady to Inquire what baggs are there

belonging to the Publick and to Lett us know

forthwith that they may be Provided here

Sent a Messenger to the Sachims of Schaak=

=koak and River Indians to Come hither on Friday

to Meet his Excie Governour Montgomerie

Just now this Board Dispatched three

Men to go up w:th Provisions w:th all Speed for the

Releave of the Garrison at Oswego

This Day the Comm:srs agreed w:th the Persons in the

Margent: to go up there in a Battoe to bring up provisions

for the Detachment At Oswego a 4/ p Diem Each on their

Own Diet w:th Allowance of a Gallon of Rum for Every

Man and Every Two Men to bring a Battoe back

From Oswego


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