Minute Book 3: 1724


Cornell title: Commission for Indian Affairs (Albany, N.Y.). Indian Affairs Pamphlets, Volume 1

Minutes of the Commission of Indian Affairs – Albany, New York, 1722-1732 – 1220

Library and Archives Canada title: Commissioners of Indian Affairs [meetings], Albany, New York, 1722-1748

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RG10 Series 2, 16 volumes



(numbered pages 67-109a)

transcription by Ann Hunter 2017

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[0133] p. 67


[the sachims a Shirt and for ye old Sachim nanratakelam

a Blanket & one d.o for Waleghlanret]


Att a Meeting of the Com.rs of

the Indian Affairs in Albany the

7th day of January 1723/4


[not in Wraxall]




Henry Holland

Joh.s Cuyler

Peter v Brugh

Philip Livingston

John Collins

Joh.s Bleeker

Evert Wendell




Lourence Claese the Interpreter being

returned from the Indian Country where he

went by Order of this board pursuant to his

Instructions dated the 18 of November

where he arrived the third of December and

sent Imediatly for some of the principal

Sachims / who were on hunting / to whom

when come there he Communicated to

them his Message / as he also did to ye Sachims

of the other Nations in his going thither / who

Consulted several days before they gave an

Answer and then said they returned the [sd]

Com.rs thanks for the Message he brought

to be sent to the far Ind.ns that they have

for some time had bad suspicion that the french

would Use all artefices to prevent those

Indians Coming to trade with the Inhabitants of this province

and Could give no Credit that the ffrench

[illeg – crossed out] would to have them come to Canada in

the Spring to assist the Eastern Ind.ns

against N England since they are alone

able to keep them in alarm; but think


[0134] p. 67a


That the Gov.r of Canada designs to sett the

far Indians on the five Nations and for that

reason have kept all the Sinnekes at home

That on the 23.d Decem.r three of the prin

cipal Sachims of the Sinnekes accepted to

go to the far Nations & added six belts of

Wampum to the belt delivered them alleadg

ing one was not Enough there being several

Nations to speak with to bring the Message

delivered them by Lowrence [Claese – crossed out] to the

far Indians and to come down w.t a great Num

=ber of them Early next Spring to Albany

and would meet Cap.t Jacob Verplank at the

Lake who was directed by our Gov.r to be there

to treat with them

That on the 2.d October last Jean Coeur

departed from the Sinnekes Country to

Montreal & promis’d to come there again

early the next Spring to build a house at

Therondequat by Consent of the Indians

& a small fort


Albany the 7th Jan.ry 1723/4

[not in Wraxall]


May it please your Excel.y

We have not much to add to our last of

the 19.th October which we hope your Excel.y has

received, only that we thought fitt for his Maj.es

service to send Lowrence Claese with a

Message to the Sinnekes Country & your Excel.y

will perceive by the Enclosed Instruction

he returned to day & delivered his Messages

as appears by the minutes here with



[0135] p. 68


Account of his Journey & expences we’ll send

your Excellency in the Spring

We gott this day w.t some trouble & expences

a Negroe boy from a ffrench Ind.n taken from

Virginia belonging to one Cap.t [H]icks who was

here w.t Coll. Spottswood & has suffered by them

formerly the Charges am.ts to £ 5:16.–

which we hope will be p.d on his delivery and

that your Excellency will be pleas’d to acquaint

the Gov.r of Virgin.a w.t it that the owner

may have him again. We wish your Excel.y a

happy new year & many of them w.t Respect

we remain


May it please your Excel.y

Your Excel.ys most humble and

most obedient Servants


Pieter van Brugh

Joh.s bleecker

Ph: Livingston

Henry Holland

Joh.s Cuyler

Evert Bancker

John Collins

Evert Wendell


Att a Meeting of the Com.rs of Ind.n Affairs

the 14th Day of ffebruary 1723/4

[not in Wraxall]




Henry Holland

John Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Evert Banker

John Collins

John Bleeker

Evert Wendell




This day came before us [Sckonondoe] one of the

Sachims of Cogneu’agah with three other Ind.ns who

being asked what news he had, told us he had no

news except that an Onondagah called the Great

World with five others of the same Nation came

last fall by the Lieu.t Gov.r of Canada with a

melancholy acco.tt as they term’d it That they had

news that the Ottowawas had a design to fall upon

the five Nations who answered them that he was




[0136] p. 68a


Entirely Ignorant of any such design, but advised

them to go to Mons.r Vandeuil at Quebeck to

Inform themselves further, but when they arriv’d

there he declared also he had heard of no such

thing Nevertheless the great world told M.sre

Vandreiul that he suspected the Wagonhas, [and – crossed out]

design’d to stop their path thro’ the five Nations

to Albany Upon which the Gov.r of Canada told

him he heartily thank’d him & hop’d he would

keep his word, which performed he should Em=

=brace him with open Arms

The Gov.r of Canada told him at the same time

you must not give the first blow but if they do,

Come to me and I will be a mediator between you

which accordingly they promis’d to observe

The Com.rs having this Opportunity by Schonondos

Return, Now send to the Cognewaghas Schawenedis

Erimdax & Schosowanaho three belts of Wampum

desiring them to lay down the hatchett against

N England and that they should never more take

it up against them, and that we from this time

Stop the path thro’ which they used to go to New=


That they could not but know that the people

of N England were our Brethren & under the same

Crown, that if the hatchett was not now layd down

against N England, it might happen that the

path betwixt this & Canada might Entirely be

Stopped & then they themselves would be the

Authors of it, We not knowing / in such Case / w.t

Orders may be sent from King George to that

purpose. That we wonder how they can be assist

=ing to the Eastward Ind.ns who have been always

treacherous & base to them & their forefathers

who when sent Embassadors to them murdered

them in their sleep being men not to be depended

on in any thing



[0137] p. 69


That soon after they lay’d down the hatchet at

this place before the Com.rs and the five Nations

last Sumer, they went to N England & Comitted [fresh]

Insults & murders on the subjects of that Country

We desired them to Consider the Strict allyance

and friendship w.ch is between the two Crowns of

England & ffrance who are in a profound peace and

cannot approve of either of their subjects being

murthered in such a barbarous manner

then Schonondoe told us he was rightly possessed

of our meaning & would use his utmost Endeavour

to bring it to good Effect & would bring us our

answer in the Spring

He told us at the same time that he desired he should

not be named as giving an acc.tt of the great World’s

designs being a matter of moment, and what he has

discovered is out of a particular friendship for

this Government

Before he went from hence he desired a Gen.t of

this Board to Inform us that he was assured the

Sachims of Cognewoga & the other three Nations

before mentioned would be here early in ye Spring

which we Suppose will be to answer a Belt

sent in Behalf of N England last fall therefor

desires the path hither may be clear that they

may come free from any Danger of the N England

partys & that your Excel.y would acq.t the Gov.r of

Boston of it that they may not be destroyed

on their Journey design’d to a good End.


Albany the 24th ffeb.ry 1723/4

[not in Wraxall]


May it please your Excellency

We are honour’d with your Excel.ys Letter

of the 27.th Ultimo it is acceptable to us that your

Exc.y is pleased we sent Lowrence Claese to the

Sinnekes to dispatch Messengers to Invite the far

Ind.ns We are Concerned to see your Ex.y supposes we




[0138] p. 69a


Should have given private Instructions to pswade

the Indians not to let their young men go to the

Assistance of Boston Governt. We can clear our

Selves from Such practices and think can have

no better evidence then Lawrence to Shew our

Innocence in this affair, if the Ind.ns do not go

out a fighting we may have the blame whatever

else the reason of their Staying at home may be

Its certain the Ind.ns are much Influenced by the

ffrench, the method your Ex.cy proposed to break

the ffrench making a ffort at Theorondequat

we are humbly of Opinion will not take Effect

We wish your Ex.cy will be pleas’d to pass more

favourable Constructions on our Actions and

behaviour in the publick Affairs, which we endea:

=vour as much as we are able for the publick welfare

and the Safety of his Maj.es Subjects, the Intelligence

we Sent your Ex.cy the 10 October last may yet prove

true. Since the Eastren Ind.ns make it their Interest

daily to draw off our Schaahkook Ind.ns over to them,

we Should be glad that the pannick frights of the

farmers of this County could be removed by having

sufficient fortifications on these fronteers for

the Safety of themSelves & families in case of a

Rupture wt the Ind.ns what the traders are guilty

of in the Course of their trade we cannot be

answerable for

The Negroe boy is still here we leave it to

your Ex.cy which way he is to be sent home & begg

the money advanced for him may be paid us

Inclosed we sent your Ex.cy copy of our minutes, this

day we received a Letter from Cap.t Verplank —

wherein he tells us that six far Ind.ns are wt. him

in the Sinnekes Country who acquainted him

that many of that nation are to come down in

the Spring to trade hither, but we have an

Acc.tt that 50 ffrench are to lye in the Cadarachqui




[0139]                                                                                                70


Lake or near the Onnondage River to oppose

their coming to this place. With our best

respects to your Excel.y we Remain


May it please your Excel.cy

Your Excellencies most humbel & most obedient Servants


Ph. Livingston             Henry Holland

John Bleecker              Joh.s Cuyler

Evert Wendell             Peter van Brugh

Evert Banker


[P:] S

Mr Hend Hansen depart in

this life on ye 17.th Instant & Coll.

Peter Schuyler on ye 18 D.o


Att a meeting of the Commissioners of

the Indian Affairs in Albany this 25th

day of february 1723/4

[Wraxall p. 150]


Henry Holland

Johans Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker             } Esq.rs Commrs.

Ph. Livingston

John Bleecker

Evert Wendell


This Board being Credibly Informed that Some persons

either from the Government of the Massatuchsetts Bay or

Connecticut are at present in Kinderhook in the County

of Albany who have Sent for and mett with Severall

Indians in order to purchase Land contrary to the

Severall Proclamations from his Exc.y William Burnet

Esq. Capt. Gen.l & Govern.r in Chiefe of the province of new

york etc. in Councill that no person or persons within the

said City & County presume to treat or negociate with any

native owner of any Lands within the said Province without

Lycence from his S.d Ex.ly in Councill.


Resolved that awarrant be Issued by Some Justices

of ye peace within this City & County to Cause the Persons

acting Contrary to the above proclamation to answer

what on this behalf shall be objected against them.



[0140] 70a







[0141]                                                                                                 71






[0142] 71a

[Wraxall p. 150 gives the date as May 4, 1724. Like this mss., he has a gap between Feb. 25 and May 4]


Att a meeting of ye Comrs of ye

Indian affairs in albany 11 day

of may 1724


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

John Collins

Ph: Livingston             } Comrs.

Joh.s Bleecker

Evt. Wendell


Canakadrichha and Sagonadayane two principall Sachims of the Sinnekes appeard before this meeting give ye following account

That last fall the Sachims of onnondago Sent Some deputies

to the governour of Canada that ye far Indians have for

Some time had their passage thro’ the five Nations, and

were apprehensive that they are in danger by them,

[and – crossed out] that they will kill some of their people either on their

hunting or fishing places, in Case Such open acts of —

hostillities Should be Comitted by them they would —

Certainly Revenge it.


The Governour answerd them and said Indeed I am

afraid that what you are apprehensive of will come to pass

for the far Indians are a Senceless & mischievous people. but I

can give you very good advice in this matter and which

I am sure will prove for your & my Interest & advantage

that is if you and ye Rest of ye 5 Nations admitt my

building two forts one at Jagara and another at ye

Mouth of ye. onnondage River at Entrance of Cadaraghqua

Lake. then you will be at Ease and free from all assaults

you apprehend from ye far Indians. and then y.t y’e come

hither as usuall. and gave ye s.d messenger a belt

of wampum to [y.r – crossed out] Carry to their country to desire ye Consent

of ye five nations for building ye sd. forts.


That on a Sumonce of a publick meeting to be had at onnondage on

the 5th. Instant to Consider on ye purport of ye sd belt ye sd. two

Sachims of ye Sinnekes those of onnondage & Tuskarora

and with the Consent of those of Cayouge (the onneydes &

maquas being absent) took in Consideration & reminded

how deceitfull the french of Canada have been to them

[0143]                                                                         72


when they were yet in their Infancy and ever since. what advan=

tages & opportunites they have taken and y.t they are not

to be trusted now, It was Resolved by ye s.d Sachims that ye.

belt of wampum Should be Returnd to ye Gov.r of canada

and that he Should not be admitted to build or make any

Setlement on any [of their — crossed out] Land belonging to ye five Nations. [and — crossed out] yt

he be told, not to use any means to prevent or hinder

any of the upper nations in their passage thor ye 5 nations

to Albany. and if he had any thing to propose [illeg]

Concerning makeing of forts or Setlements he should

apply to their Governour & Brother Corlaer [illeg.]

who could Give him a proper answer on this Subject


That is [it] was Concluded at s.d meeting in onnondaga

that messengers Should be dispatchd to Canada in behalf of ye 5 nations

with the s.d belt of wampum (and are to meet one another

at ye Entrance of ye onnondage River into ye lake) to Return

the same to the Governour of Canada that he Should not be

admitted to build or make any Setlement on their land

17 agr 4

this Resolution has been Communicated to ye. oneydes &

[onnondages – crossed out] Maquase, who approve of what the other

nations have done in this affair and Returnd y.r thanks. —


The s.d two Sachims ad yt _ [illeg. crossed out] Some french men

in a Canoe went up early this Spring who were seen by

some of their people at Jagara. they Confirmed the news

Received from hence that JeanCoeur was to go up with

50 men to build a fort there —


That as ye s.d two Sachims came from their Castle

they heard news of ye messengers who were Sent last winter

by order of the Com.rs from the Sinnekes Country to Invite

the far Indians to Come to trade with the Inhabitants

of this Province, that Some Indians who have been

fighting in their Return home overtook ym. as they were

makeing a Canoe. So yt. they would be at home in a few




72a [0144]


days, that they had Spoaken to Severall nations of ye.

far Indians with ye. belts of wampum & goods Sent ym.

and those they had added. but could not hear what

number of far Indians were to come. that they were

all orderd by mess.r Fontie commander of Ledetroit to

come to him as they came from hunting. but not to go from

thence to albany and they were obeying his orders


That ye sd. messengers are Returning home but

not as they were directed (to Conduct agreat number

of ye. sd. far nations) the sd. Sachims Desire to [Some] of our

­number may go to their Country to hear this message

and Enquire what Jeancour is going to do with ye 50 men


The Com.rs Returnd ye s.d two Sachims

thanks for their fidelity in giveing ye foregoing acct —

  1. they think will be pleaseing to his Ex.cy our

Gov.r & their Brother Corlaer. and told them that

they had acted prudently and for the Interest of their

Country to Return ye belt of wampum to ye gov.r of

Canada. and yt they denyd him to build on their

Land. wh. he Intents for no other purpose yn to debow [debauch?]

them of their hunting & keep ye far Indians from

them. by yt mean’s to keep [you – crossed out] them poor and at last

when he Sees a fitt oppertunity to drive you into ye sea

they were given Each a Blanket Strowds a Shirt & a [hatt]

& a Small keg with Rum.



[0145]                                                                         73


Att a Meeting of the Com.rs of the

Ind.n Affairs in Albany the 29th day

of May 1724

[Not in Wraxall]



Henry Holland

Peter v Brugh

Ev.t Bancker

John Collins

Ph: Livingston             } Comrs.

Johs Wendell

Johs. Bleecker

Evert Wendell


Two Ind.ns one from Cachnawage and the

other from S kawiennadie Say by Seven hands of

Wampum wch. they Show as a Token to be sent

as Messengers from the Sd Ind.ns to make the

following Speech


That the Governmt. of [Boston – crossed out] N England

have desired to Speak wt. us here being ye place

appointed to treat about publick affairs. and

our Sachims are to sett out from their Castles

three days hence, and sent us to desire you to

despatch Messengers to the Sachims of the five Nations to

come here and be psent to hear what propositions

shall be made We desire your Speedy Answer

when they shall be here for we design to

Return to Morrow in Order to meet our Sachims

to bring them an Acct. when the Sachims

of the five Nations are to be here gave a

Belt of Wampum




[this – crossed out] Last Winter we sent [blank space] Sachims

three belts of Wampum to acquaint them that

the Path is open hither and by them to take

the Hatchett out of your hand against our




73a [0146]


Brethren of N England, It is very agreeable

to us that the Gentlemen of N England have

desired to meet yo.r sachims here to treat of

some publick Affiars, We are glad that

Some Gentlemen from N England are now in

Town and as we Suppose are Sent on purpose

to make some Propositions to yo.r Sachims

As our Gov.re knows not of this meeting We

Can’t Comply with what you desire but We

think it would be very proper that you

do acquaint them wt your Message, they

may send for the Sachims of the five Nations

We are very willing to assist in what lyes

in our Power to bring this Intended Treaty

to a Good & happy Conclusion —




[0147]                                                 73b


[page is blank]




73c [0148]


[page is blank]



[0149]                                                 74


Albany 12th June 1724

[not in Wraxall]


May it please your Excel.y


We presume your Excl.y has been Informed

that some time since three Gentlemen arriv’d

here from N England wt. Directions from that

Governmt. as we Suppose to treat wt. the

Cachnawage Ind.ns to whom Coll. John Schuyler

sent a Belt of Wampum last fall to be here

this Spring wt. an Intent to engage them to Stay

at home & not to Join wt. the Eastren Indians

ag.t our Neighbors [blank space] at the arrival

of sd Gentlemen were here three Ind.ns from

Canada wt a Message that the Cachnawage

Sachims were to be here in a few days and

desired that the Sachims of ye five Nations

might be present at ye meeting on which

a Messenger has been dispatched by them to

Invite them hither Inclosed we send your

Excel.y Copy of a Letter we recd. from Gov.r

Dummer on what has been write him by

his Com.rs now here the main drift of it as we

suppose is to draw us in to defray part of the

Charge w.ch we Can.t resolve to Unless we be

Enabled, We shall not be backward to do what

service lyes in our Power


This morning we rece.d an Acco.tt tha a party

of Seven Cachnawage Ind.ns were 13 days since

at the Otter Creek in the Lake w.t an Intent

to go Skulking to N England & yt sev.ll parties

of ye Eastren Ind.ns are out we could wish this

dangerous War could be brought to a happy




[0150]   74a


Att a meetting of the Com.rs of ye Ind.n

Affairs in Albany the [18th] day of

June 1724

[Wraxall p. 151]



Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

John Collins                Esqrs

Philip Livingston        Com.rs

Joh. Bleecker

Evert Wendell


Interpreted by Lawrence Claese


The Deputed Sachims from four several

Nations living in Canada called Cachnawages Sha=

=wiennadies Adrerondax & Skightquan appeared

before this meeting and by their Speaker named

Cachnarodie made the following Proposition


Brother Corlaer


The last winter you Sent us three belts of

wampum to signifie unto us that we had taken

up the hatchett of War against your Brethren of

New England that if we had any Compassion on our

wives & Children to lay it down and bury it, but

if we persisted in that War you would Stop up

the path from our several [illeg. crossed out] habitations to this place

we Confess that we have taken up the hatchett of

War ag.t the People of N England and at your

Instance we come to lay down that hatchett of War

and bury it for Ever And tell you that We are Informed that you

  1. the five Nations and the Governmt. of N England

have taken the Hatchett of war in hand against

us and the Eastren Ind.ns which We desire you

in like manner to bury wt. us


You informed us by the sd Belts that it was

very disagreeable whilst the two Crowns of great

Britain & france are in a firm alliance & good

agreement [illeg. crossed out] w.t each other that the people

under their Subjection should wage War aga.st

each other, We are of the same Opinion & come




75 [0151]


Now & promise solemnly for our four Nations to

to Stop up the path to N England and desire yt

both hatchets may be buried in everlasting obli=

=vion and that it may be thrown in a swift Curr.t

of Water to Carry it away Gave a belt of

Wampum on this and the foregoing Articles


Brother Corlaer


We return thanks to God who knows

our hearts that he has Endued you w.t such great

Wisdom as to become Mediators between us and

the Governmt. of Boston to take the hatchett

of Warr out of our hands w.ch the Eastren Ind.ns

had given us ag.t the People of that Governm.t

We do now solemnly promise in the Name of

our four Nations to lay down & bury y.t hatchett

for Ever gave a Belt of Wampum


Brother Corlaer


You also desired ye Ind.ns Inhabiting at St. Francois

as you did us to lay down the hatchett of War

w.ch was Communicated unto them by [the – crossed out] your Belts

to w.ch they Replied that our four Nations

might act in this Affair as they should con=

=ceive would tend for the Welfare of them all

but as soon as those of Boston should send

back the Ind.n prisoners now there they would

come and treat of a Peace w.t the People of

that Governm.t


That at our Departure from Montreal Gov.r

Veaudruil bid us to tell you that as soon as ye Ind.n

prisoners at Boston are at Liberty he will on

his Word of honour Comand the Eastren Ind.ns to lay

down the hatchet & make peace w.t the People of

N England



75a [0152]


Brother Corlaer


The Contents of your belts we have repeated

& answered in the best manner we are able, but

Brethren if you had Included ye Eastren Ind.ns in

those belts some of their Sachims would have been

here w.t us to treat of a Peace [crossed out: then said they

had done speaking & gave a Belt on this & the

two foregoing Articles] gave a belt of Wampum


[crossed out: The Com.rs told them That they are glad to

see them here and that they have given a very

Satisfactory answer to the Belts sent them]

That as we were on our Departure from Mon=

=treal we recd. Intelligence that some Ind.ns living

near Quebeck were preparing themselves to

go out to war ag.t the English at the Eastward

on w.ch it was Concluded to send the prin.tt Sachim

of Skawinnadie to those Ind.ns who was dispat=

=ched to order them to stay at home till we should return


The Com.rs told them that they are glad

to see them here & yt they have given a very

Satisfactory answer to the Belts sent them

and that they would give them a timely




[0153]                                                 76


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Indian affairs in Albany y.e 20th day of

June 1724

[not in Wraxall]


Resolved that a Letter be writ to his Excellency

w.h is as follows


Albany the 20 June 1724

May it Please your Excellcy


our Last to your Ex.ly was on y.e 12.th Instant Since wh–

the Sachims of four Several nations Setled at Canada

arrived here who on the 18.th Instant made a proposition

minutes whereof are here inclosed by which appears yt. the

belts we sent Last winter to those nations had a good

Effect. it Seems they are inclined to make peace or be

neuter, w.h we Suppose is as much as the Boston Comrs

appointed here can be able to bring them to. we wish

that this war could be brought to a happy Conclusion of

which we have some hopes. Govr Dummer has been

pleased to Insert in his Instructions to Coll John Schuyler

& Coll. Stoddard to Cultivate a good understanding with

this Board. we have given ye last firm assurance that we

Shall not be wanting in any thing for Effecting a good &

Solid peace with the eastren Indians, to w.h the Govern.t

of Boston are now more Inclind then ever, for they begin

to be Sinceable that they can gett nothing by this Indian

war, if they had been of your opinion last year, it might

have been Effected ere now.


We meet with Some difficulty in Relation to y.e

Indian Complaints made against the traders who defrayd

them in their trade we whish [sic], we could be Impowerd

to Compell any Christians against whom any Complaint

is made to purge themselves on oath whether Such

Complaint be true that y.ee Indians may have Justice

done. for they Suppose we are Impowered in all Cases

to see them Righted. there is a Clause in an act of last

year. Relating to ye far Indians. but makes no —



76a      [0154]

mention of ye Indians of the five Nation & others. we

Remain with Respect


We beg leave to tell y.r Ex.ly

that we Conceive it would be

of great Service that we were

Enabled to take Cognisance of all

Reports Spread among ye Indians

detrimental to the [hon.r] & Interests

of ye governm.t and yt ye Delinquents

may be oblidgd to purge themselves as above


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of ye

Indian affairs in albany y.e 23th day

of June 1724

[not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Peter v Brugh

Evert Bancker             } Esq.rs

John Collins                     Com.rs

Ph: Livingston

Ev.t Wendell


The Sachims of Cachnawage having desired to

meet this Board when Conveen’d they made the

following Speech


Brethren          You have hitherto w.t unwearied pains desired that

the Ind.n Prisoner who was taken at Virgin.a by some

of our People in 1722 should be released and sent home

to his Native Country the Squa who has accepted of

him as her adopted Son in Stead of her dead son is

come w.t him in order to Deliver him unto you that

he may go home We conceive you are Sensible what

great Affliction it must be for a mother to part with

her Child but to Show our Regard for you we

have prevail’d on her to deliver him over unto you

and hope you may have Compassion on her In=

=tending that she may have a present.


The Com.rs Answer


Brethren          We return you thanks for what you have Effected

at our Instance but Especially the Squa who had


77 [0155]


Accepted of him as her Son, We know it must be

a great Affliction for her to deliver him over to be

sent home We shall give her a present to Wype

of her Tears


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of Ind.

Affairs in Albany the 26th day

of June 1724

[not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Peter v Brugh

Evert Bancker

John Collins                } Esqrs

Philip Livingston           Com.rs

Evert Wendell

Hend.k Renselaer

David van Dyck

The Com.rs answer to the Cachnawage

Shawiennadies Adrirondax & Skightquan Sachims


We return you thanks that at our Instance

you have laid down the Hatchett of War against our

Brethren of N England w.ch the Eastren Ind.ns had

given you, It is Certainly for your Interest to main=

=tain Inviolable the good Agreem.t & friendship that

is between this Governm.t & your several Tribes w.ch

has hitherto been faithfully kept on our side, We

expect you will order your young Men not to make

any breach in your Engagement by going to fight

for the future or molest any of our Brethren and

fellow Subjects in N England, and as long as you keep

these promises you shall always be kindly accept[ed]

and received by us

You seem to accuse us that we have taken

up the hatchet against you. We do assure you

that we have not done any such thing if any

private person has done it, it must be of his

own Accord, As for our taking the hatchet from

our Brethren of N England & the [frose] Nations

is what can’t be done at this time, Since fresh Inhu=

=mane Murders have been lately Comitted there


77a      [0156]


But we promise to use our best Endeavour to be

Medeators to End this War. We expect that you

are sincere in your Engagemt. in laying down the

Hatchet against our Brethren of N England

and that the same may be buried in Everlasting


The Ind.ns Inhabiting at St. Francois we Esteem’d

as part of the Eastren Ind.ns We are Concern’d that they

have not delegated some of their Sachems to Con=

=clude a Setled & Lasting Peace. And as they have

Impower’d you to Act as you Judge for the best

of you all We expect yowl Encourage those

Ind.ns to Come to terms of Peace to end this War

The Hostages now at Boston we Can’t perceive

how our Brethren of N England should sett them at

Liberty till the peace be actually Concluded

And its surprising to us that Gov.r Vaudrill should

Encourage the Ind.ns in that Demand & sending

an Errand by you & giving his Word of honour that if

the Sd Hostages were delivered he would comand

the Eastren Ind.ns to be at Peace & lay down the



It Concerns us that while you came on

purpose to lay down the hatchet yt that treacherous

felon Skononda wt. six other Ind.ns went out from

Cachnawaga to fight toward N England and has

since as we are Informed Comitted fresh hostilities

We Expect you’ll show your utmost Resentment

of this base Act, and that at your Return

home you’l take the prisoners out of their

hands w.ch we shall Account as a sincerity of

the performance of part of the Engagement

you lately made





[0157]                                                 78



We return you thanks that before your

Departure from Montreal you dispatched a

Sachim of Skawinnadie to prevent the Quebeck

Ind.ns from going a fighting against our Bre=

thren of N England


We think it necessary to acq.t you that

several Negro slaves have of late Run from

hence to Canada, and that others have lately

been enticed by some of your men now here

to run thither, and we desire you to discourage

you People from such pernicious practices,

for Inticeing them from us is the same as

robbing us of our Goods and may be a motive

to make a Breach in the Good Agreement

& Correspondence hitherto maintain’d between Us


The Sachims answer’d that we shall discoun

=tenance our young Men [in their Conference? – crossed out]

from debauching or Enticing Negro Slaves

to Run to Canada that Schononda with his

party went a fighting ag.t their Order and

Resolution of all the Sachims


Then the Comrs said


It’s pleasing to Us that this Conference

ends so Amicably & hope it may have the

same Effect w.t the Boston Com.rs the

Sachims of the five Nations & yo.r several

tribes now here Then they gave four [Shouts]

in Confirmation of what has been transacted

at this Meeting



78a      [0158]


Att a Meeting of the Com.rs of the

Ind.n Affairs in Albany the 28th day

of June 1724 —

[not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Evert Banker

John Collins

Ph: Livingston } Com.rs

Joh.s Wendell

Joh.s Bleecker

Ev.t Wendell

David van Dyck


The Delegated Sachims of the Sinnekes being

arriv’d, it was Judg’d necessary to acquaint them and

the Sachims of the other five Nations with the Message

Sent from hence last Winter by three belts of Wampum

to the Cachnawage, Schawinnadies, Adierondax, and

Skaghquan Indians in Relation to lay down the hatchett

they had taken up

against our Brethren of N England which was

Repeated to them as also their Answer and the

Com.rs Reply thereto, w.ch being done it was told them

that they have now heard how this Board has Acted

to make a Solid and firm Peace


The Sachims of the Six Nations by their Speaker

named Thannoghsaront Said Brethren We return

you our thanks for your unwearied Endeavours in pro=

=moting a good Understanding between our Brethren

of N England and the sd. four Nations to bring the Eastren

Indians to terms of Peace and put an End to that War


Att a Meeting



[0159]                                     79


Att a Meeting of ye Com.rs of ye Ind.

Affairs in Albany [pr.mo?] July 1724

[probably Wraxall 151]


Henry Holland

E.t Bancker

Ph: Livingston

Joh.s Bleecker             } Com.rs

Joh.s Wendell

Hend.k Renselaer

David v. Dyck


The Com.rs having propos’d to the Com.r

now here appointed by the Goverm.t of the Massa=

=chusetts Bay to have a private Conference with

the Sachims of the Six Nations to Endeavour to

prevail with them to Send one Sachim of Each of their

Nations [Sachims – crossed out] to the Eastren Ind.ns to bring them to

terms of Peace w.t our Brethren of N England

w.ch being approv’d by the s.d Com.rs [on wh.ch – crossed out] this Board

made the following Speech to them




We heard your Proposition to the Cachnawage

and other Sachims living at Canada & their Answer

but Can’t understand that any thing has been yet

transacted to bring an End to the War the Eastren

Ind.ns have so unjustly Engaged & taken in hand

against our Brethren of N England, As we have

taken on Us to be Mediators to put an End to this War

in the best Manner We are able for the Honour

of the British Interest in Gen.tt [Gen.ll?] it is for that pur=

=pose we do propose unto you whether it will not be

adviseable Since you have Engaged in taking

up the Hatchett against those Ind.ns for you to

offer unto the Com.rs appointed for the Governmt

of the Massachusetts Bay that you send one

Sachim of Each of your several Nations to those

Eastren Ind.ns w.t positive Orders that they forth=

=with come to Terms of Peace & Submission




79a      [0160]


with that Governm.t & dispatch Expresses to their

several Schulking parties on the ffrontiers at

N England to return home without Comitting

any further Acts of hostility, and that they

appoint Sachims to go w.t you to Boston to Con=

=clude this Peace in the best manner it can

be done that you be Witneses thereto & Engage

to be Guarantees for them and in Case they

do refuse to Comply w.t this your Reasonable

Request to Compose this Matter, that you do

plainly tell them that you will Compel them

to come to terms of Peace w.t Sword in hand

The Answer of the Sachims of the Six Nations to

the Com.rs [which – crossed out] being delitory & not Satisfactory

[to which – crossed out] a Reply was made and after they had

a Consultation they Return’d & Said


Brother Corlaer


We have heard & Deliberately Considered of

your Proposal made to us this morning that

afterwards According to our [Manner – crossed out] Custom we have made

Propositions to the Sachims of Cachnawage

and others now here from Canada and thought

every thing would be brought to a happy Con=

=clusion to End this War, Since those Ind.ns have

laid down the Hatchet. But it seems you do

not Judge it sufficient to put an End to this War

We have therefore resolved to come into your

method, Since you Judge it more Effectual to put

an End to the War that has been thus long vigo=

=rously Carried on by the Eastren Ind.ns against [our]

Brethren of N England and for that purpose have

appointed three of our most able Men to perform




80        [0161]


That Message named Tarighjoris Jacob, alias

Adatsondie, & Assredowax, desiring they may

have belts for that purpose a Canoe for their

Journey & be paid for their trouble & fatigue

but we desire that one of your People may

go with our Messengers


Att a Meeting of the Com.rs of the

Ind.n Affairs in Albany the 2.d

day of July 1724

[not in Wraxall]


Peter v. Brugh

Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston

Joh.s Bleecker             } Com.rs

Joh.s Wendell

Ev.t Wendell

Hend.k Renselaer

David v Dyck


The Messengers who Lawrence Claese

sent from the Sinnekes Country by the Order

of this board last Winter to the far Nations

to Invite them to come to trade at this place

appear’d before the Com.rs give the following


That they have undertaken to perform

the Message delivered unto them by Lawrence

Claese w.t much fatigue in their Journey arri=

=ved at a Settlement of the far Ind.ns called by

them                            [blank in original] to whom they delivered

their Message by the belt given them, that

they desired them not to hearken to ye ffrench

but to carry on their Trade to Albany

where Goods are very Cheap the Path

Open and Clear for them and all the upper

Nations; from [whatever – crossed out] that Settlement they pro=

=ceeded to five other Nations, but having but

one belt they added five others & Spoke to

them to the same Effect [& – crossed out] who promis’d to come to




80a      [0162]


to this place, That several Canoes of those

Ind.ns having been on their Journey hither

and two Canoes with Indns who never had been

here before came in Company with them

who were Stopt by five Canoes with young Men

[who – crossed out] that mett them Just about the Palatines

Land at the ffalls, who with bribes Presents

and Perswasions prevail’d to trade with

them Contrary their Intentions & the Sachims

of our Nations who are very much displeas’d

that the far Ind.ns are Stopt & do not come to

this place —



[0163]                                                 81.


Albany 6 July 1724

[not in Wraxall]




We come to acknowledge Receipt of your honours

favours of the 9th and 27.th past, w.ch we should answered

ere now, had we not been prevented partly by our not

knowing when your Com.rs dispatched Expresses to you

and the uncertain Circumstances of the Critical

Affair, that has been transacted w.t the Six Nations

who prov’d very wavering in their Resolution and

Intention, We hope the Gentlemen whom you entrusted

with the affair of your Province will do us the

Justice to Inform you that we have Acted in what

your honour has been pleased to recommend to

our Care, and the Order of his Excel.y Gov.r Burnet

in Council with much freedom and readiness to put

an End to the Dangerous War the Eastren Ind.ns have

Commenced against his Majesties Subjects under your

Governm.t The Sachims of Cachnawage & others

having Confirm’d their Engagement made to us, to

your Com.rs in burying the hatchet of War, on which

the Sachims of the Six Nations Insisted / tho’ very absurd /

that on the Delivery of the Hostages the Peace

was Actually Concluded w.t the Eastren Indians

of which w.t many Arguments we Convinced them

of that unreasonable Demand & Insinuation, and

in a Conference w.t your Gentlemen Consulted what

was most proper to be done at this Juncture

At which We offer’d to make a proposal to the

Six Nations that they Should Offer to send Messen=

gers to the Eastren Ind.ns with positive Orders that

they forthwith come to terms of Peace & Submission




81a      [0164]


with your Governm.t & dispatch Expresses to their

several sculking parties on your ffronteers to return

home without Comitting further Acts of hostilities

that they appoint Sachims to go w.t them to Boston

to conclude this Peace in the best manner they

Can that they be Witnesses thereto and Engage to

be Guarrantees for them, & in Case they do refuse

to comply w.t this their Reasonable Demands

to compose this matter that they do plainly tell

them that they will Compel them to come to

terms of Peace w.t sword in hand, w.ch being

agreed on was the day following propos’d to

them, who after some difficulty Consented to it

and made that offer to your Gentlemen, which

we hope may be Effectual to bring the Eastren

Ind.ns into terms of Submission and Peace with

your Governm.t and in failure thereof / w.ch God forbid /

We shall observe such Orders as we shall from time

to time receive from his Exc.y our Gov.r w.t respect

we remain




Your most humble and

most obedient Servants

was Sign’d       Pieter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Philip Livingston

Evert Wendell

Hend.r van Renselaer

Dav.d V: Dyck



[0165]             82


Albany ye 6th July 1724

[not in Wraxall]

May it please your Excel.y


We have been honoured with your Excel.ys favours of

the 20.th past and the Copy of the Instructions from

Gov.r Dummer to his Comrs for your Information

we had also two letters from him in Relation to

the same Effect but they nor we could with all the

perswasions Influence or Interest bring the Sachims

of the Six Nations to no other Conclusion but to send

Deputies to the Eastren Ind.ns to Comand them to be

at Peace and to send Sachims with them to

Boston to Conclude it as may appear by our Minutes

and Letter to Gov.r Dummer here [in – crossed out] Enclosed


Cap.t Holland went from hence a few days agoe

with whom we sent the Negro Boy belonging to Cap.t

Hicks of Virgin.a M.r Ph: Livingston tender’d the

£ 6:- for his Charges but it being augmented since

the Acco.tt sent down w.ch we desir’d Cap.t Holland to

receive from your Excel.y as also the Charges laid out

on the Ind.n Prisoner from Virgin.a we redeem’d


Here have been no far Ind.ns since last April those that

Intend to come are Stop’d in their way hither by our

People that go up to trade whether any will come

to this place is much doubted, having nothing to add

at present but that we remain w.t great Respect


Evert Wendell                         May it please y.r Excel.y

Hend.r van Renselaer              Your Excel.ys most humble

Dav.d V. Dyck                        and most obedient Serv.ts

Pieter v Brugh

Evert Bancker

Phil: Livingston



82a     [0166]


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Ind.n Affairs in Albany the 14th

day of July 1724 —

[Wraxall p. 152]


Peter v:Brugh

Ph: Livingston

Joh.s Bleecker             } Esq.rs

Ev.t Wendell                  Com.rs

Hen.k Renselaer

David v Dyck

Several far Ind.ns being arriv’d at this

City appear’d before this board & Said


That they are Come a vast way to see the Brethren

of this place and desire that they may have goods

Cheap and large. Keggs of Rhum that the

Beav.r and other Skins they brought may be in

good Esteem, that the ffrench have us’d their

Endeavours to prevent them Coming here but they

would not hearken to them therefore desire

they may be pity’d & have Goods Cheap

The ffrench told them to go to Canada and

not to this place for they would Certainly be

poison’d here but we have taken no notice

of what they Say, but they have prevail’d

on thirty Canoes w.t Ind.ns to go to Canada partly

by fair perswasions & partly by threatning

who Intended to come hither

That as it is an ancient Custom among them

to bury the Sachims that die of their neighbouring

nations, and they do now in like manner bury

Coll.o Schuyler for w.ch they lay down a few drest

Deer Skins & a Bev.r Coat and desire they may

have the like kind Reception as if he was alive

They desire by a Calumet pipe that ye path

may always be Clean open and free for them

to come to this place to trade that the Sun

may Shine Clear over them and that when we

Smoke out of it we may have good thoughts

about them to give them goods Cheap

That they [have – crossed out] are Come a great Journey and

have undergone a great fatigue & are poor



[0167]                                                                         83


and Lean therefore desire a Supply of

Provisions. —

The Com.rs told them they should

provide for them and give them an Answer

tomorrow. —-


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of

the Ind.n Affairs in Albany the

15.th day of July 1724 —

[not in Wraxall]


Evert Banker

Ph: Livingston

Joh.s Bleecker             } Esq.rs

Ev.t Wendell                  Com.rs

Hend.k Renselaer

David v Dyck

The Com.rs answer to the far

Indians —


It pleases us that you are come hither

to trade and have not given Credit to the french

who have endeavour’d to hinder you which they

do w.t no other view but to send you to Canada

to let you pay an Extravagant price for goods

for they are well assur’d that goods are Cheap

here, and what you can buy for two Beavers

here you must pay Eight for at Canada

and you can buy large Keggs & Rhum Cheaper

then ever you bought them

The Caution the ffrench have given you that

we should poison you they do not think that

any such thing should happen unto you, but they

are very sensible when you come here to trade

you will be poison’d with the Cheapness of

your goods that you will never go again to

Canada but carry on your trade hither which

we hope will not only Induce you but Encou=

=rage all the upper Nations who are Enter’d in

the Covenant w.t this Governm.t to come to trade

with the Inhabitants of this Province you

may be assur’d that the path from your several

habitations shall be open and free for you to pass

and repass as you shall have Occasion It con=

=cerns us that the thirty Canoes w.t far Ind.ns

83a                  [0168]


who were in your Company have given so

much Credit to the french at Jagara to go to

Canada, We are sure that when you meet one

another you will have Reason to Rejoyce w.t

the plenty of goods you will be able to show

them, and they sad for the skarcity they

have bought at Canada

It is acceptable to us that you have accord=

=ing to your ancient Custom bury’d Coll.o Schuyler

We assure you that the path shall be Clean

and open for you & Shall think of your

welfare when we Smoke out of the Calumet

pipe you have given us & you will ever —

have the same reception here as if he was

alive gave them a fat Cow 3 L Bread

10 Blankets Strowds 21 gall Rhum pipes

and tobacco

They return’d the Com.rs thanks for the




[0169]                                                 84






84a      [0170]


Att a meeting of ye Commissioners

of the Ind: affairs in Albany

ye 4th day of august 1724

[not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Joh.s Cuyler

Peter van Brugh          }

Ph Livingston

Evert Wendell

Dav.d v Dyck

By the Com.rs of the Ind.n Affairs

at Albany

Instructions for Lawrence Claese ye Interpreter

Whereas his Excellency William Burnet Esq.r Cap.t Gen.ll

and Gov.r in Chief of the Provinces of N York &.as has signified

unto us by a Letter dated the 25th day of July Last that

he has fix’d on the tenth day of September to meet the

Sachims of the Six nations at this place, and has order’d

us to dispatch you to them, Wherefore we do by his

Excellency’s directions Require and Comand you

forthwith to go through all the Six Nations to

acquaint them that his Excellency will meet their

Sachims here, on the sd tenth day of September

and the most remote of them to come time enough

to join the nearest so that they come altogether

and that they exceed not Seventy persons in all

You are to come down in the Company of ye last

and use your utmost endeavour to be here w.t the

s.d Sachims at the day prefixed and hereof you are

in no wise to omitt at your peril Given under

our hands his fourth day of August in the

Eleventh year of his Maj.es Reign A.o D.o 1724–

was Sign’d       Henry Holland

Joh:s Cuyler

Pieter van Brugh

Philip Livingston

Evert Wendell

Dav.d vandyck



85        [0171]


Att a meeting of the [Indian]

Commissioners of the Indian

affairs in albany ye. 07th day of

aug.th 1724

[Wraxall p. 152]


Henry Holland

Joh.s Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

[Ph: Livingston – crossed out]

Johns. Bleecker                       } Esq.rs Com.rs

John Collin

Evert Wendell

Dav.d van Dyck


This day came here seven of the Kenondadies Say

they have no news. but come on account of trade

that by the way they heard of Coll.o Peter Schuylers

Death. and of mr Hendrick Hansons. and Cant do

less. then to take Notice of it. therefore lay down

twelve hands of wampum to wash off the tears of

the Relations, and further Say that they now lay

down nine dearskins two Cubs two beaver & alap

and five Raceowns to burry them


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Indian affairs in Albany the 15th

day of august 1724


Henry Holland

Johans Cuyler

Ph: Livingston

John Collins

Evert [Bancker – crossed out] Wendell

Dav.d v. Dyck


[remainder of page is blank]



85a      [0172]


Att a meeting of the Comrs of the

Indian affairs in Albany ye. 16th day

of aug.st 1724

[not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston                         } Esq.rs Comrs.

John Collins

Evert Wendell

Hend: van Renselaer

Dav.d van Dyck


Jacob the Indian and other messengers

Sent by the Sachims of the Sic Nations to the

Eastren Indians being returnd. Give the following —



[Remainder of page is blank.]



[0173]             [86]


[Entire page is blank.]



86a      [0174]


Att a meeting of the Comrs. of the

Indian affairs in albany the 17.th day

of august 1724

[Wraxall p. 152]


Henry Holland

John Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Philip Livingston                    } Esq.rs Comrs —

John Collins

Evert wendell

Johs. wendell

Hendrick van Renselaer

Dav.d van Dyck


Whereas it is thought very necessary

for the publick Safety and welfare of his Maj.es

Subjects that the Indians Lately deserted from Schaahkook

and places adjacent to a place on the north end of Corlaers

Lake Called Missiesqueck who have of Late by the

Insinuations of some base Indians Liveing there made

Severall Insults on his Majesties Subjects in N England

to Invite those Indians to Return to their old habitations

at Schaahkook to the end they may become our frinds

and be out of the way to be Inticd of doing mischief

to our neighbours. and Strenthen our fronteers.

It is therefore Resolved that some trusty Indians be sent with a Belt of wampum

to those deserted Indians to perform this Message and

that Johannis Knickerbacker be Imployed to dispatch ye.

messengers who at their Return Shall be pd. for their


Johannis Cuyler Philip Livingston Evert Wendell

Abraham Cuyler Nicolas Bleecker Gerrit Roseboom

& Robt. Roseboom were tenderd ye. oath mentiond in

an act of Gen.l assembly of the Province of new york —

Entituled an act for the further & more Effectuall prohibiteing

the Selling Indian goods to the french who Severally took

the Same

It is also tenderd unto John Schuyler but he

Refureing [refusing?] whereon an Execution was Issued directed to ye

Sherrif of the City & County of albany for Levying the

forfeiture of one hundred pounds pursuant to the directions

by the sd. act —


[0175]                                                             86b


[Entire page is blank.]



86c                                                      [0176]


[Entire page is blank.]



[0177]                                                 87


Att a private Conference by his Excel.

with the Sachims of the Six Nations

In Albany the 14th day of Sept.r 1724



[Sept. 14 1724 Private conference of Governor Burnet with the Indians at Albany DRCHNY 5:713-715 corresponds to Images 0177-0179, pages 87-88 of the minutes, with minor differences in wording that are probably not significant.] [Wraxall covers this treaty on p. 152 et seq.]



88a                  [0180]

Propositions made by his

Esq. W.m Burnet Esqr. Capt

Genl. and Govern. in Ghiefe of

the Provinces of new york new

Jersey &c to the Sachims of

the Six Nations Called Maquase

Oneides Onnondages, Cayou=

=ges sinnekes & Tusquaroras

the 15th of Sept.r 1724-



[Sept. 15th 1724 propositions are printed in DRCHNY 5:715-716, corresponding to Images [0180] to first part of image [0183], pp. 88a-90.]



[0183] to [01                          90



First part of page is last part of previous propositions by the governor.


Second part of image [0183] to first part of [0187], pages 90-92 corresponds to the response of the Six Nations given Sept. 17, 1724, printed in DRCHNY 5:717-718 with minor differences in wording.


Second part of image [0187] to image [191], page 92-94 corresponds to Governor Burnet’s proposition on September 19, 1724, printed in DRCHNY 5:718 to 720.




94a      [0192]


Propositions made by his Excell.cy

Wm. Burnet Esq.r Capt. Gen.ll & Gov.r

in Chief of the Provinces of

New York [&] New jersey 8ct. to the

Sachems of the Schaahkook

Indians in Albany this 19 day

of September 1724

[0192] to [0196], p. 94a to 96a, corresponds to Burnet’s Propositions to the Schaahkook Indians (Indians who live twenty miles above Albany directly North upon Hudsons River) printed in DRCHNY 5:721-723.



[Second part of [0196] to first part of [p198], p. 96a to 97a, records a meeting of the governor with the Commissioners of Indian Affairs that is not printed in DRCHNY]


96a                  [0196]

Att a meeting of ye Com.rs of the

Ind.n affairs In Albany ye 19th

day of September 1724

[not in Wraxall]


His Excel.cy Wm. Burnet Esq.r Capt

Genll. & Gov.r in Chief of ye Province

of New York

Henry Holland

John Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Philip Livingston        } Esq.rs

John Collins                     Com.rs

Joh.s Bleecker

Evert Wendell

David v Dyck

His Escellency was pleas’d to appoint

and Restore Mr. Rob.t Livingston Jun.r to be one

of the Com.rs of Ind.n Affairs in his former Station

& Mr. Joh.s Wendell to be left out of ye Comission

His Excel. [acquainted – crossed out] was pleased to lay before this board [with – crossed out] two affida=

=vits of Maj.r Goose van Schaick & David van der

=heyden whereby appears that the Oneyde

Carrying place is sufficiently clear’d up & mended

and that the Wood Creek is Clear’d up & ye trees

Cutt & Carried away out of the Same, So that it’s

Navigable for about Six miles as the Sd van —

Schaick & Vanderheyden have pass’d


Whereupon his Excel.y has promis’d ye Under=

takers Jan Wemp & Jacob Glen to Endeavour

to procure a Warranty to pass in Council for the

half of the Money agreed for Compleating the

whole Work being £75:– & for the remainder

when it shall appear the whole work is done


His Excel. likewise mentioned to have

promis’d the Sd Undertakers £25– more on

Condition that they make a Sufficient Cart




97                    [0197]


Way from the End of the Road already made [from – crossed out] to ye

Wood Creek from thence to the place where the Canada Creek

falls unto the said Wood Creek which is Naviga=

=ble all Summer, and that they should likewise

make a sufficient Bridge over the Sd Joint Creek

near the place where the Oneydes usually pass

the Creek when they are going a fishing w.ch is

said to be about four English Miles lower then

where the Sd two Creeks Join, And that likewise

the Sd Undertakers do remove those few Trees

that lye a Cross the Channel of ye Mohawks river

So that there may be a sufficient Channel to come

to the Carrying places And that the bridge be

made of a sufficent height that Canoes may

pass under it when the Water is at the

highest & of Strength that the freshes may

not carry it away


This Minute being read to Capt. Glen one of

the Undertakers who agreed & Approved of

it & desired a Copy of the Same w.ch his

Excellency order’d to be delivered him.


His Excel.y was pleas’d to acquaint this Board

that he has Appointed Harme Vedder to be Cap.t

of that party to lye in the Sinneckes Country

for a twelve Month for the allowance of fifty

pounds, Ten pound in presents three Men

each at £15:– one of them to be a Smith

and to have £10: — additional and that this

Company shall have the Use of the Canoes

Capt. Jacob [Esplank] & Company had last year

purchas’d w.t the Countries Money who are

hereby ordered to deliver the same up unto




97a                  [0198]


the Sd Vedder in such Condition as they now are

or if they have dispos’d of any to pay the Value

of them to the Order of the Com.rs


His Excel.y likewise acquainted this Board

that he had promist a Smith to the Onnondages

next Spring for six Months beginning in March

at the allowance of fifteen pounds and his

Attendandt ten pound And that first Myndert

Wemp & then Juriaen Hogan have ye preference

to be ye Smith, or Else that the most sufficient

Smith that can be found be Imploy’d if he

will accept of it and that five pound be

allow’d for Tools to be left w.t the Onnondages

for the Use of ye publick All which his Excel.y

is pleas’d to Endeavour to get Confirm’d by his

Maj.es Council at New York


His Excel.y acquainted this Board that he

could not for ye future allow any Money for ye

Journey to the Interpreter unless it be his

Excel.ys own Ordering. —


[Second part of [0198] through [200] p.98a is the September 20 1724 Answer of the Sachims of the Six Nations to Burnet’s propositions, which is printed in DRCHNY 5:720-721.]


[DRCHNY 5:723-725 contains minutes from a conference between the Massachusetts Bay Commissioners and the Six Nations at Albany, including propositions made by the Mass. Bay dated Sept. 16 1724 and the Six Nations’ answer of Sept. 18, 1724, which are not included in the Record Book.]



[0201]                                                             99


[Tbis page is a second copy, in a different hand (Robert Livingston Jr.?] of the first part of the notes from the meeting between Governor Burnet and the Commissioners of Indian Affairs dated September 19, 1724 about the work done on Wood Creek by Jan Wemp and Jacob Glen, covered by p. 96a-97a. It omits the first paragraph about Robert Livingston, Jr. being restored to the Commission, and ends with “This minute being read to Capt. Glen one of the undertakers and agreed to & approved of it is desird a Copy of the same w.ch his Excel.cy orderd to be delivered him.]



99a                              [0202]


Entire page is blank.



[0203]                         [100]


[Page is very dark. It appears to be all or part of the cover of a bound volume, possibly the second part of the cover, with writing on it that is very hard to read. No page number is legible.]


Begin the 2 [of]

the –th





100a                            [0204]


[Entire page is blank, except for possible very faint writing in the center which could say “D…




101                  [0205] [see Wraxall p. lxxv et seq. for McIlwaine’s extensive analysis of the Canada trade controversy, in which he draws on what he calls Original Indian Records, ii as well as other documents such as Burnet’s correspondence and the NY Council Records.]


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Ind.n Affairs in Albany the 2.d of

October 1724 —

[Wraxall p. 155 et seq.]


Henry Holland

John Cuyler

Rob.t Livingston

Peter v Brugh

Evt Bancker

Philip Livingston        } Esqrs

John Collins                     Com.rs

Joh.s Bleecker

Evert Wendell

David v Dyck


Cap.t Holland delivered at this Board a Letter from

Lieut. Edmund Blood dated at Mount Burnet the 1.st Instnt.

wherein he Signifies that he being out a hunting that

day mett about 5 or 6 Miles from his Garrison in the woods a parcel

of Strowds being 58 [p.s] and between 20 or 30 or so Ind.ns as also

Nicholas Schuyler & Jacob Wendell that he seiz’d the

Strowds in the Kings Name and Clap’d the broad

arrow upon them, but assoon as they heard & saw that

they spoke to the Ind.ns who Immediately packt up

and Carried the Strowds away —


Resolved that a Warrant be directed to ye Sherrif

pursuant to an Act of gen.ll Assembly of the Province of

N York Entituled an Act for the further & more Effectual

prohibiting of ye Selling Ind.n Goods to the french for

bringing Cap.t Philip Schuyler & Har. Wendell before

this Board or any of them to purge themselves on Oath

as prescribed by the Sd Act The Sherrif brought Cap.t

Philip Schuyler to whom was tendred the Sd Oath

w.ch he took. Harmanus Wendell was also brought

before this Board to whom the Sd Oath was tendered

w.ch he Sd he could take except as to what was already

discovered, that he knew something of Nicolas Schuyler

& his Son to whom he had lately sold a parcel of

Strowds & thought phaps they were going to Canada or

Tuchsachrondie w.t them, then the Oath was read to




101a                            [0206]


Him and desired to read it himself, And after some

Consideration on it, Mr. Evert Wendell told him you

can safely take the Oath for its alrady discovered &

Incouraged him to take the Oath & that no question

ought to be ask’d him, nor he needed not to Enter

into any Arguments, on w.ch he replied he could [not?]

take the Oath; The Rest of the Com.rs us’d all their

Endeavour to Explain the Act of Oath to him, and

acquainting him w.t ye Nature of it; and after said

Harmanus Wendell was ordered to withdraw for

about a half hour. He was call’d in again & then

Mr. Evert Wendell urg’d him to take ye Oath that

he could safely do it on w.ch he took the Oath

Now whether Mr Harm. Wendell took ye Letter from

Lieut. Blood or his telling to have sold the

Strowds to [P] Schuyler & his Son & phaps knowing

where they were going to be the Discovery is

unknown to us & seems very Mysterious


The Rest of ye Com.rs notwithstanding ye many

Arguments Mr. Evert Wendell us’d to pswade said

Har: Wendell to take the Oath, told him what had

yet appear’d to this Board relating this affair

is no discovery by ye Intent of ye Act in that Case

made & provided but only an Information —


Att a meeting of ye Com.rs of the Indian

Affairs in Albany ye 3.d Day of October



Henry Holland

Robt. Livingston Jun.r

John Cuyler

Ph: Livingston             } Esq.rs

John Collins                     Com.rs

Joh.s Bleecker

Hend.k Renselaer

Davd v Dyck

Resolved by this Board to write a Letter to hi[s]

Excel.cy Gov.r Burnet Esq.r &.cet acquainting him of ye Seizure

made by Lieut. Blook & Serg.t Buckley of 50 [p]s of Strowds on

the first Instant & to Enclose ye minutes of 2d. Instant

as also Affidavit of sd. Buckley w.ch Letter is in the

Words following —

[0207]                                                 102


May it please your Excel.cy   Albany the 3.d of October 1724


We hope your Excel.cy arriv’d safe at ffort George We take

leave to acquaint your Excel.cy that the Sachims of the

Six Nations have Declin’d to take up the Hatchet in

favour of ye Governm.t of Boston, but told the Com.rs

that they would Still be their friends & adhere to

them desiring & Recommending them to make a peace

w.t the Eastern Ind.ns by Restoring them their Land

and sending them their hostages. —


Inclosed we send your Excel.cy a Letter from Lieut.

Blood dated the first Instant as also an Affidavit of

Serg.t Charles Buckley Relating a Seizure of 50 [p]s

Strowds near Mount Burnet in Custody of Nicholas

Schuyler & Jacob Wendell w.t Copy of our proceedings

touching that Affair and the Tender & Taking the

Oath by Har: Wendell prescribed by the Act of

Assembly w.t our Observations on y.t Subject. It is

reported that this parcel of Strowds is Carried Via

Schinectady mostly by Ind.ns of ye Mohoggs Country


Capt. Schuyler came to Town on purpose to [take — crossed out]

offer the Oath to take away all Clamour or Suspicion

w.ch might be laid to his Charge who took ye same



was Sign’d       Henry Holland

Rob.t Livingston Junr

John Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Philip Livingston

John Collins

Joh.s Bleecker

Hend.k van Renselaer

David van Dyck



102a                [0208]


Albany the 3.d day of October 1724 Appeared before

Peter van Brugh Esq.r Mayor of ye City of Albany

Serg.t Charles Buckley who declared on the holy

Evangelists of Almighty God that on the first

Instant Lieut. Blood & this Deponant went out

from Mount Burnet up the fish Creek on the

West Side of Hudsons River and ab.t 5 or 6 Miles

from the Block house near the sd fish Creek

Discovered two Christians & a party of Ind.ns being

between 20 or 30 in Number the one was Jacob

Wendell son of Harmanus Wendell & the other

to the best of his knowledge was Nicholas Schuy=

=ler Son of Philip Schuyler who had there lying

a parcel of Strowds, the sd Lieut. ask’d them

where they were going w.t the Strowds, said

Nicholas Schuyler replied to Coll. [Jns.] Schuylers

then he order’d the Deponent to Count ye Strowds

and found to Consist of 50 ps. w.ch ye Lieut seized

in ye Kings Name by putting ye Broad Arrow

on them, and Charg’d the Christians not to [meddle]

w.t them if they did it was the same thing as to

break up the Kings Store, On that sd Schuyler said

they belonged partly to him, then the Lieut. ask’d the

Deponent for Advice who Replied either you or I

must go & fetch a Stronger Guard, then Nicholas

Schuyler spoke to ye Ind.ns in ye Ind.n Language & Lieut.

Blood seiz’d the [goods – crossed out] Strowds over again in ye Kings Name &

put ye broad Arrow on almost every p.s, After yt ye Ind.ns

Immediately took up ye Strowds & carried y.m away, The

Depon.t at first meeting this party sd to Jacob Wendell I’m

sorry to see you here, who replied if it had not been for

my father I had not been here & further saith not

was Sign’d

Jurat Coram me                                   Charles Buckly

was sign’d Peter van Brugh Mayor



103                              [0209]


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Indian Affairs in Albany ye. 10th.

day of october 1724:


Hend: Hansen

Rob.t Livingston Jun.r

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Ph. Livingston

John Collins

Evert Wendell

Hend. Renselaer


[several inches left blank. Handwriting changes.]


Albany ye 10th day of october 1724 Then appeared

before Peter van Brugh Esq.r Mayor of the City of

Albany Lieut Edmund Blood who declared on the

holy Evangelists of Almighty God that on Thursday

the first Instant went out a hunting about five

or six Miles from Mount Burnet on the West side

of Hudsons River, discovered a party of Ind.ns & going

up to them, found Nich.o Schuyler & Jacob Wendell

coming out of their Tent, who were surpriz’d to see

the Deponant who ask’d them where they were

going. they answer’d down the River, on which the

Deponant inquir’d of them whether they had a

permitt, they said not, and found lying near the sd

tent a parcel of Strowds. then the Deponant and

Serg.t Buckley counted how many pieces of Strowds

there lay, and found to Consist of fifty Eight pieces,




103a                            [0210]


and seized them in the Kings Name, By putting

the Broad Arrow on several pieces w.t Chalk, and ask’d

the Serg.t for Advice what to do, who said stay you

here, and I’ll go and fetch a Stronger Guard w.ch

when done heard sd Nich.o Schuyler & Jacob Wendell

speak to the Ind.ns in the Ind.n Language, whereon

the Ind.ns went about to ty up the Strowds, then

the Deponant seized the sd Strowds over again

and sd have a Care what you do, I have seized

them in the Kings Name, not being able to carry

them off the sd Deponant went w.t the sd Buckley

to the Block house, when come there sent [an]

Corp.ll w.t a Detachment of Six Men to the

afores.d place, who went to the sd place & found

the sd party was gone w.t the Strowds and

further saith no

was Sign’d Edmd Blood

Jurat Coram me

was Sign’d Pieter van Brugh


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the Indian

Affairs in Albany the 12.th October

1724 —


Henry Holland

Rob.t Livingston

Joh.s Cuyler

Evert Bancker

Philip Livingston        } Esq.rs

John Collins                     Com.rs

Joh.s Bleecker

Evert Wendell

Hend.k v Renselaer


Resolved by this Board to write

the following Letter to his Excellency



Our last was the 3.d Instant whereto we

take leave to refer, We begg your Excel.ys pardon

in omitting to acquaint your Excel.cy of the arrival

of three french Men from Montreal who went



104                              [0211]


To New York [by] Mr. Coenraet Ten Eyck last Week


Inclos’d is Lieut. Blood’s affidavit in Relation

to the Seizure lately made of 58 p.s Strowds


Mr. Hansen & Cornelis Cuyler are return’d from

Canada & since their Arrival are brought to this place

117 packs Bev.rs besides dr: Deer, several Canoes yet

expected, w.ch we Suppose can’t be for Christian

Goods only, the Sherrif has a Warrant to

apprehend the sd Hansen & Cuyler to bring them

before this Board, in order to tender the sd Oath

provided by Act of gen.ll Assembly for pventing

Illegal Trade w.t the Subjects of ye ffrench King

the first has been brought before us who has

taken the sd Oath. the last keeps Close & not

yet to be Taken, until / as we suppose / he sends

another parcel of Strowds by this party of Indians

now in Town, and how people can take the said

Oath is surprizing, who receive large quanti-

=ties of Bev.r for it’s plain the french covet no=

=thing more then Strowds, and by what we can

learn will sufficiently be supplied for the next

Season w.ch will wholly evade your Excel.ys good

purposes to promote a Trade w.t the far Ind.ns how

to prevent this pernicious Trade is a great Mystery

to Us, but find its not in our Power since a few

Men break thro the Severest Laws that can

be Invented for the Good & Prosperity of this

Province in gen.ll tho’ we shall Resolve to

tender the sd Oath to whole families among

whom any may be Suspected, and if it cannot be

found out & pvented by that Method, We with



104a                            [0212]


Submission shall then be at a Loss how to

act further for its plain that Strowds is

transported to Canada Mr. Hansen Informs

us that he saw several p.s of Strowds in his

passage to Canada, but knew not from who

the Ind.ns had them. Adds also yt he saw

at Canada one Ind.n from hence deliver’d to

a french Man 6 or 7 blankets of Strowds at

one time, Since your Excel.ys Departure from

hence we have enquir’d of the Sherrif abt

the Recognisance of Mr Ph: Schuyler taken

by Coll. Morris Jun.r for his £100:– fine of

last year & Transmitted to the Treasurer

and since Reflections are made by those [that – crossed out]

who have paid their fine yt others do not pay

if the Recognizance were return’d & refus’d

then the Sherrif may proceed to execute his



was Sign’d

Henry Holland

Robert Livingston

Johs Cuyler

Evert Bancker

Philip Livingston

John Collins

Joh.s Bleecker

Evert Wendell

Hend.k v Renselaer



[0213]                         105


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Indian affairs in albany y.e 28th day

of october 1724.


Hend. Holland

Robert Livingston Junr

Jns Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston             }Esq.s Com.rs

John Collins

Johs Bleecker

Hend. v. Renselaer

Davd van Dyck

This day the Sherrif brought Mr. Cornelis Cuyler

before this Board by vertue of a warrant directed unto him —

to whom was tendred the oath to be taken by persons

Suspected to have traded or traffiqued with any Subject of ye

French Kings or with any other person for them [illeg. — crossed out]

Contrary to Severall acts of Gen.ll assembly of y.e Colony of

new york made & provided and prescribed to be taken by an act of Gen.ll

assembly Entituled an act for the further and More Effectual

Prohibiteing of the selling of Indian goods to the french

which oath the said Cornelis Cuyler Refused. so y.t he is

Convicted of being a trader for Indian goods with the french

and forfieted the Sum of one hundred pounds to his maj:ty for

which he has given a Recognizance for the payment of ye. Same


Two Letters from his Ex.cy Govern.r Burnet Esq.r &c dated ye 12th

& 17th Instant as also a minute of Councill of ye [5] d.o being read

as had been done before at this Board on w.h is Resolved

to write a letter to his Ex.cy which is in the words following


Albany ye 28th 8.bre [October] 1724

May it please your Ex.cy


We are honourd with your Ex.cys Letters of ye 12 & 17th Instant

with ye minutes of Councill. this day Mr Cornelis Cuyler

was brought before us who refusd to take ye oath prescribed by

the act of assembly, and is to give Recognizance for ye paymt.

of ye £100.– in may next with bond to he [illeg.] for £200.–

in Case



105a                            [0214]


Case your Ex.cy doth disapprove of his proceedings herein

we dont doubt but your Ex.cy will be pleased to think this

Safe money.


We have Issued a warrant ag.st Nicolas Schuyler

and Jacob wendell to take the above oath when they

Return what discovery theyl make time will

Learn, with our best Respects to your Ex.cy we Remain —


Att a meeting of the Commissioners

of the Indian affairs in albany this

29th day of october 1724.

[not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Rob.t Livingston Jun.r

Joh. Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston

John Collins

John Bleecker

Evert Wendell

Hend. van Renselaer

David van Dyck

This day a Letter from his Ex.ey dated

the 22.th day of this Instant was Read.

wherein was Inclosed a Petition of Severall

Merchants of London to his Majesty against

an act of Gen.l assembly passed in n: york

the 19 day of Nov.r 1720 and an order of his

Majesty in Councill upon y.t Petition Referring

the Same to the Lords of trade and there Report thereon

with ye Chief allegations made by the s.d Merchants before

the said Lords desireing Us to Contradict as many of sd–

allegations mentiond in the sd Petition or [allegations – crossed out] hearing

before ye Lords as we know to be false [&c].

all which was taken in Consideration by this Board and

Resolved to be Referd till to morrow



[0215]                                                             106


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Indian affairs in Albany y.e 30.th day

of october 1724.

[not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Rob.t Livingston Jun.r

Johs Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Evert Banker                           }          Resolved to write a Letter to his Ex.cy

Ph: Livingston

John Collins

Johs Bleeker

Evert Wendell

Dav.d van Dyck




[blank space]





Resolved that Rob.t Livingston Jun.r John Cuyler

John Collins Ph. Livingston & Evert wendell

Esq.rs or any of three of ym be appointed

a Committe to make observations on the Petition of ye merchants of London

to his Majesty and their allegations before the Lords of

trade & plantations & make their Report with all speed to

this Board.




[0216]                                     106a


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Indian Affairs in Albany the 12th

November 1724

[not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Robt. Livingston Jun.r

Joh.s Cuyler

Pieter van Brugh

Evert Banker

Phil: Livingston                       } Esq.rs

John Collins                               Com.rs

Evt Wendell

Hend.k Renselaer

David van Dyck

[A copy of the remaining text on this page and all of pages 107 through first part of 109, images [0217]-[0221], is printed in DRCHNY 5:740 under the heading “Report of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs.” [New-York Papers, Col, 157.], with minor differences.]



[0221]                         109


[First part of p. 109, see previous page.]


Albany 12th November 1724

[not in Wraxall]


May it please your Excel.cy


Since our Last to your Excel.cy of the 30.th

October we have had several meetings & Considerd

of the papers Sent us & been endeavouring to gett

ready, and finish what your Exce.cy expects we should

send you, and have only been able to Compleat

the Inclosed Observations on the Merch.ts Petition

& Allegation w.ch we hope may meet w.t your Exce.ys

Approbation, we offer’d to the Merch.ts here trading

directly to Europe to Sign a Certificate as your

Exc.y required who refuse to Sign any Instrument

whatsoever their Names are here Enclosed

Capt. Joh.s Bleecker has Declin’d of being a Com.r




109a                            [0222]


Any Longer. We have been labouring to gett the

Accounts of what Beaver have come have come [sic]

yearly for four Years before the Act, & four years

since from Canada & from the Ind.n Country but

can only gett an Acco.tt what has come to Schenec

tady & brought hither by Waggoners, and what

is come from Canada since Mr. Helling [Holland?] went to Mnt

Burnet, the traders here refuse to give an Acc.tt

what they have rec.d in these years. These Acc.tts

from Schenectady, Lieut.s Helling & Blood, of

the Numbers of Beavers &c are here Enclosed


The only pson in Town who has been last

Summer at Montreal is Mr. Corn. Cuyler who

declin’d to give such an Acc.tt on Oath as your

Exc.y requires, the other psons that have been

there are gone to N York We take leave to

Subscribe our selves that we are w.t great


May it please your Excel.cy

Your Exc.cy’s most humble & ob.t Serv.ts


Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston                         Henry Holland

John Collins

Evert Wendell                         Robt Livingston Jun.r

Hend.k van Renselaer

David van Dyck                      Pieter van Brugh