Minute Book 3: COMPLETE

You can download a complete transcription of Minute Book 3 here:

Commissioners of Indian Affairs Records v.1, 1723-1732 (Minute Book 3) ORIGINAL ORDER

Minute Book 3 is also referred to as Volume 1 because it is volume one of the existing original records. It covers the period from 1723 through the beginning of 1732, with a couple of pages from 1733 mixed in. The entries are out of order chronologically at times, especially for 1726-1728, and there are also duplicate copies of some entries. The following tables may help readers to sort things out.

1723-1732 entries listed by date: AIC_RecordBooks-V1-1723-1732-TableChron

1723-1732 entries listed in original order: AIC_RecordBooks-V1-1723-1732-TableOrig

On Cornell’s website The Records of the Albany Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1678-1755: An Integrated Digital Database , you can go to a specific page of the manuscript as follows:

  • Click on “Browse,”
  • Click on “Minutes of the Commission of Indian Affairs in Albany – Vol. 1,”
  • Click on “Body of the Text”
  • Use the drop down “Page no.” menu option at the top of the page to select the page you want to see.

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