Minute Book 3: 1731

Cornell title: Commission for Indian Affairs (Albany, N.Y.). Indian Affairs Pamphlets,

Volume 1: Minutes of the Commission of Indian Affairs – Albany, New York, 1722-1732 – 1220

Library and Archives Canada title: Commissioners of Indian Affairs [meetings], Albany, New York, 1722-1748

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RG10 Series 2, 16 volumes

1731 In Chronological Order.

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[0667] 331a

Att a Meeting of the Comm:rs for Ind

affairs at Albany February the 8th 1730/1

[Partial summary in Wraxall p. 182.]


Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Stephanus Groesbeck

Abraham Cuyler

Evert Wendell

Harmanus Wendell

Nicholas Bleecker

Reyer Gerritse

Dirch Ten Broeck

This Board haveing received a Letter

from his Excellency our Governour of the 25.o Ult.o

With Some Papers Enclosed from Governour

Gooch upon which this Board have agreed to

Write the following Letter in Answer to our Gover=

nours vizt

Ditto date

May it please Your Excell:y

Your Ex:cys most Acceptable favours of

the 25.th Ult.o we received w.th Copy of a Letter from the Govern:r

of Virginia and Transcript of the Treaty of M.r Eaton


[0668] 332

With the Cattabaws, We Shall for the future observe

to Send Your Ex:cy no Dutch papers, but we thought it

Most proper, to Send Your Ex:cy the Originall Letters

however we Shall Take Care to Translate any Papers that

May Come to us in Dutch before we Communicate them to

Your Excellency

We perceive that your Ex.cy do’s not approve

that Christians Should drive the French out of the

the [sic] Sinnekes Country, yet we are humbly of Opinion that it

is absolutely necessary to have Some of our people Constantly

Posted there, Especially a Smith and Armourer, for if they

Quitt Staying there, then we give oppertunity to the French to

Keep Possession and So Constantly Stirr up the Indians

beside it is thier own Request that they shou’d have a Smith

and armourer, but then Your Ex:cy will please to Observe

That the Smiths will not Stay there without being reasonably

rewarded, because they have no Trade dureing the Summer


We agree w.th you Ex:ey to Employ proper persons

to undeceive the farr Indians of the false reports of the

Plague and Small pox being at New York &c. And we conceive

That the only method for that End is, That your Ex.cy wou’d

be pleasd to Send Some blank plasses [passes?] for Traders to go to

Najagera or higher up to Contradict the false reports

of the French

We Shall also Send Lowrence Claese as

Your Ex:cy directs as Soon as the Season of the year pmits

to Acquaint the Six Nations of Your Ex.cys Intending to meet

them in May next We think our Selves very much

Oblidgd to Govern. Gooch for the Trouble he has taken in

the Affair of the Oneydes tho’ not to that Success that our

Indians Expected, w.ch Your Ex:cy will be better Informd at your

Meeting them here, Four of the ten prisoners that were with

the Cattabaws are Deserted from thence & returnd home

there are Sev.l of the Six Nations gone a fighting to revenge

their quarrel & a Comp.a [company?] of ours are returnd home from fight.g

who have brought three Prison.rs & three Scalps. Who are &[c].


[0669] 332a

[Not in Wraxall.]                    Albany the 11th ffebruary 1730/1

May it please Your Ex:cy

Since our last p this oppertunity

arrived here three french from Canada w.th packets for Your

Ex.cy and the Court of France as they have a pass from Mons.r

Beuharnois, and we haveing no directions how to Act in

Such occurrences, wherefore we must Leave them to their

pleasure, whereas when any persons go thither with

Your Ex:cys pass no regards is paid thereto but directly Sent

back hither, without being Admitted to come to any of their

Habitations to Provide themselves w.th provisions ag.t

all Humanity and Hospatility, and as we Conceive ag.t the

Treaties Subsisting between the Two Crowns — Wherefore

We humbly begg Leave to desire Your Ex:cy will be

pleasd to Intimate to the Governour of Canada to have

for the future more regard to your Ex.cys passes and

Admitt those persons who have them to reside Some

Convenient Time in his Government Especially those who

might be Sent on an affair of the publick or to Collect their

Just debts, the French at Canada being Considerably

Indebted to the Inhabitants of this province, while we

Conceive they Endeavour now to avoid by Prohibiting our

People to Come in their Countrey to Collect them

We had last fall a Report by Some french

Deserters that John Lydius was Sent by the Governour

of Canada to France for Some pretended Missdeameanour

and on Enquiry what is become of him or where he is

These French Deny to know or to have heard anything

About him his Mother is very Impatient to know about

her Son and we hope Your Ex:cy will be pleasd to write

to M.r Beuharnois to Inform your Ex:cy where he is


[0670] 333

[Not in Wraxall.]

Att a Meeting of the Comm:rs for Indian

Affairs at Albany the 20:th February 1730/1


Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Stephanus Groesbeek

Ab: Cuyler

Harmanus Wendell

Evert Wendell

Nicholas Bleecker

Reyer Gerritse

Dirck Ten Broeck

Joh.s Lansingh

Barent Saunders                      This Board thinking it Consistent w.th the

Good of this Province have Sent that

part of the act of Assembly that Relates

to the Regulating the trade at oswego

to Captain Edmund Blood Commanding

there w.th a Letter of direction on that

head — as foll.


Ditto Date

Captain Blood


Enclosed we Send You an act

of assembly Entituled an act to defray the Charge of

victualling his Majesties Troops posted at oswego and

for other the purposes therin mentioned by w:ch youl

observe the Wholesome Law therein provided for

Continuing the Indian Trade there in a peaceable

Manner w:ch very must depends upon the Trusty

Inspection of the officer Commanding there assisted by

a Justice of the Peace and as you are Commisionated

and Sworne a Justice therefore this board hopes and

Expects that you’l Circumspectly discharge your Selfe

in this affair w:ch Tends So much to the publick good

and Tranquility of this Province and to the keeping

of the Indians in a good understanding w:th us but

for your Clearer and plainer direction in your duty

we Referr You to the Enclosd act of assembly

Signd p order of the Comm.rs

James Stenhouse

[See: https://exhibitions.nysm.nysed.gov/albany/bios/s/jasten.html re James Stenhouse]


[0671] 333a

At a Meeting of the Comm.rs for Indian

Affairs At Albany the 3d of April 1731 [Wraxall p. 182.]


Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Steph. Groesbeck

Evert Bancker

Ab. Cuyler

Philip Schuyler

Nicholas Bleecker

Jer. V. Renselaer

Dirck T. Broeck

Hend. V. Renselaer

Reyer Gerritse

Joh.s Lansingh                        This Board have resolved to Send Lowrence

Claesen to the Sinnekes Country to Acquaint &

Summon the Six Nations to meet his Ex.cy

Our Governour here on Wednesday the 12.th

day of May next Agreeable to his Excell.ys

directons in his Letter of the 25.th Jan.ry last.

And therefore we Order the foll Letter to be

Wrote to Said Lowrence


D.o Date

M.r :Lourence Claesen

By directions from His Ex.cy John

Montgomerie Esq.r &c. Our Govern.r You are hereby

Required to go w:th all Convenient Speed to the Sinnekes

Country and in your going up Acquaint the Sachims

of the Six Nations in Generall That it is his Ex.cys

pleasure that they do meet him here at Albany on

Wednesday the 12.th day of May next precisely w.th whom

You are to Come down in order to Waite his Ex.chs pleasure

to Treat w.th them as usuall. And you are to hire two of

the most Trusty proper Indians that you can procure

to go from the Sinnekes Country to Najagera (out of

the name of our Governour) to Inform the foreign

Indians, that Such Reports as have or might have been

Spread among them of the Plague or Small pox being

in New York or Elsewhere in this Province are altog=

=ether false and Scandelous, and is Reported only by

those who are Enemies to His Ex.cy our Governour and

our brethren the Six Nations; and with a View to

Stopp up that Path between Our Brethren and us

which hitherto has been open and Clear; And you may

Likewise Acquaint them That His Ex.cy our Governour


[0672] 334

With the Legislative power / out of a tender regard

to their peace and Tranquility / have Establishd Such

Wholesome Laws to be put in force at oswego, as Shall

for the future give them all the Conten & Satisfaction

they can Desire in their Trade, with the Christians

there or Elsewhere. for which Service you are to agree to

give Each of the aforesaid two Indians Two Strowd blank=

=ets and a Shirt, and you are desired to make all the

Narrow Inspection you can dureing your Stay in the

Sinnekes Country, how and in what manner Jean Ceur

and his Company behave themselves and report the

Same to us.  Who are &c.


Albany April 13.th 1731

[Not in Wraxall.]

May it please your Ex:cy

Conformable to your Ex:cys directions in

your Letter of the 25.th Jan.ry Last we have Sent Lowrence

Claesen to Invite the Sachims of the Six Nations to meet

your Ex.cy here on the 12.th day of May next precisely. and

have Ordered Lowrence to remain w.th the Indians in

Order to accompany them down. We have Likewise given

Lowrence directions to Employ two Trusty Indians to

go from the Sinnekes Country to Niyagera to undeceive

the foreign Indians in the false report of the plague

or small pox being in our Lower Settlements.

Abraham Wendell Smith and Company are

Come down from the Sinnekes Country who Tell us

That Jean Ceur and Company w.th two Smiths of his

own Stamp do Continue to reside there; but they tell us

they have not heard any thing relateing oswego during

their Stay there.  We have nothing Materiall to

Communicate to your Ex.cy untill we have the honour to

do it to your Ex.cy in Person We heartily wish your Ex.cy

a good Voyage and Safe Arrivall here. Who are &tc.


[0673] 334a

[Not in Wraxall.]

At a Meeting of the Com.rs for Indian

Affairs Albany the 20.th April 1731


Evert Bancker

Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Steph: Groesbeck

Abraham Cuyler

Nicholas Bleecker

Evert Wendell

Harmanus Wendell

Reyer Gerritse

Dirck Ten Broeck

Barent Saunders                      Abraham Wendell Barnardus Hartsen

and Company being returnd from the

Sinnekes Country have Appeard before this

Board, and produced a Copy of a Letter from

Patrick Gordon Esqu.r Governour of the

Province of Pensilvania Dated at

Philadelphia Aug.t the 26.th 1730 and directed

to the Sachims of our five Nations

The afores.d Company agreeable to

Our Instructions to them Did on the 2d day of March

Last go to a place Called Onnaia, and took with them

Two of the principall Depirnspal [sic] Sachims who were

in our Interest, And on the 7.th of March foll Our Indians

upon Explaining our Instructions and Letter to them in

a full body, gave the foll answer to Mess.rs Ab: Wendell

and Company Concerning Jean Ceur and his Consorts

Hetquandequeghte as Speaker Answerd

And Sayd        Brethren

We have perfectly understood

the Contents of the Letter from our Governour & Comm.r

as you Explaind it to us, and Brethren we are Unanimous=

=ly Resolved not to give the Least Encouragement to

Jean Ceur. We Conceive that our Governour Writes that

Perhaps Jean Ceur Designs to purchase, Rent, borrow or

by Some means or other Obtain Land from us, but Brethren

We answer as to that if Jean Ceur Should offer never So

Large Presents to us, and Should Tell us Brethren or Fathers

I would willingly borrow Rent or buy a Peice of Land

from you We Shall flatly Decline Entering into his

Proposalls — This Said Jean Ceur has been a brother

among us, but now in your presence We totally Shake

him off, neither do we approve of his Actions haveing

Found him very Deceitfull; So that if he Comes to request


[0674] 335

Any Favour of us we Shall plainly deny him, whereupon

wePresent Our Brethren with Two Skins, but we desire

by a String of Wampum that Jean Ceur and his Company

May not be molested by the Christians, in regard that he

formerly has been a brother among us.

Mess.rs Abraham Wendell Barnardus Hartsen &c.o

Deliverd in and account of their disbursements to the

Indians dureing their Residence in the Sinnekes Country

Am.o to £7″19″– whereupon it is the Resolution of this

Board to Take the Said Account into Consideration as

Soon as the Other accounts Payable by the Commissioners

Shall Come in


Patrick Gordon Esq.r Gov.r of the province

of Pensilvania and to the Chiefs of the

Five Nations and all their People who

may See or hear this Writeing [Not in Wraxall.]

My Friends & Brethren

The bearer hereof [Henry] Smith Inform=

=ing me that he designs to Come amongst Some of your

People to Trade, I take this Oppertunity to Acquaint you

That as there is a Firm League of Friendship and a

Strong Chain between that great good man William

Penn, now at rest in his grave and all our People on

the one part, and your Chiefs and People on the other

part which is kept bright and pure between us, I am

very well pleased that our Traders Can furnish you w.th

any goods or Necessaries you want in Exchange for

yours and as I now put you in mind of that League

I hope you will take Care on your Parts as our true

Friends and brethren to Treat all our People Civilly

and Courteously wherever you See them that So whenever

We meet Our Hearts and actions may appear Clear as

the Sun without Clouds & without Spott or blemish for such

is my Heart to you Who Am Your true friend & brother

Philadelphia Aug.t 26. 1730                           P: Gordon


[0675] 335a [Not in Wraxall.]

At a Meeting of the Comm:rs for Indian

Affairs at Albany the 17th May 1731


Ph. Livingston

Mynd.t Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Evert Wendell

Har Wendell

Philip Schuyler

John Schuyler

Henry V. Renselaer

Reyer Gerritse

Dirck Ten Broeck                   His Ex:cy haveing Lay’ed before this board

a Draught of a Proposition he Intends to make

to the Sachims of the Six Nations for this board

to Peruse, They after makeing Some Amendments

thereunto have returnd the Same to his Ex:cy

By His Excellency John Montgom=

=erie Esq.r Captain Generall and Governour in Chief

of the Provinces of New York New Jersey and

the Territories thereon depending &c.

A Proclamation

Whereas Severall Sachims of the five

Nations are arrived here with many other Indians to

Treat w.th me about Some publick affairs, and Experience

has Shown how prejudiciall to his Majestys Service and

Dangerous to the peace of the Inhabitants, the giveing or

Selling of Rum or other Strong Liquors to those Indians

has at all Times been These are therefore by virtue of

the powers granted me by his Majestys Letters Patent

under the broad Seal of Great Britain Strictly forbidding

the Selling or giveing to the Indians any Such Liquors

Dureing my Residence in this place as they will answer it at

their Perill, And All Magistrates Justices of the Peace

or other Civil Officers are hereby required and Impowerd

to give all due Assistance and Countenance to Such as

Shall Dilate or Inform ag.t any person or persons

[0676] 336

Acting Contrary to the Tenor and Intent of this proclo=

=mation to the End that Such Delinquents may be

Prosecuted and Punished w.th the Uttermost Severity of

the Law Given under my hand in Albany this fifteenth

Day of May in the fourth year of his Majestys Reign

Annoq. Dom. 1731

God Save the King


  1. Montgomerie


Albany May the 18:th 1731

[Wraxall summarizes these proceedings p. 182-183, but without mentioning their main subject, the murder of Jacob Brower.]


His Ex:cy John

Montgomerie Esq.r &c

Francis Harrison         }

Philip Livingston        } Esq.rs of the Councill

James D Lancey          }

The Commissioners of Indian Affairs

The Mayor, Recorder & Aldermen

And Several Gentlemen attending

the Governour

His Excellency made the foll

Proposition to the Sachims of the five Nations viz:t The

Maquace Cajouges, Onondages, Sinnekes and Tuska=

=roras, The Oneydes not yet Arrived.


I Meet you here with great Satisfation

To Renew the old Covenant Chain, and in the name of my

Master and your father George the Second King of

Great Britain &c. I do Renew the Covenant Chain between

the Six Indian Nations, and all his Majesties Subjects

in North America; I hope this Silver Covenant Chain

Wherein We are Linked will Every day grow Clearer

brighter and Stronger              Gave a belt

[0677] 336a


I Do not think that the barbarous Murder

Committed by one of your People last year on Jacob

Brower do’s put any rust on the Chain, or Violate or

Weaken the Ancient Alliance, which has So long Subsisted

between the King of Great Britain’s Subjects and your

Nations; by the Law of God and the Laws of all Nations

a Murderer ought to Suffer death, which deterrs Villains,

and Secures the Lives of good men: If you Punish with

Death those who are guilty of Murder You will Soon find

the good Effects of it, and it will Tend greatly to the

Advantage and peace of your Countrey. Therefore I do

Expect that you will Execute that Murderer who So Treach=

=erously Slew Jacob Brower; and I assure you if any

person in my Governm.t Murders an Indian he Shall

be Tryed by the Law, and if Found guilty punished

as if he had Murdered one of the King of Great

Britains Subjects         Gave a Belt


Since I have given you this Solemn Assurance

I Expect that you will give me the Like and promise on

your Part, that you will punish w.th death any of your

People, who Murders a Subject of the King of Great

Britains            Gave Strings of Wampum


I am very well pleasd w.th the accounts I have

had of your behaviour last Winter from those of his

Majestys Subjects, who Resided Lately Among you.

The Expressions of your Obedience and Fidelity to the King

of Great Britain your Indulgent father and protector

will not be forgot; and I Shall not Fail by the first

Oppertunity to Communicate them to the King of

Great Britain   Gave Strings of Wampum

[0678] 337


You Acted honestly and wisely when you denied

Jean Ceur to make any Settlement or building on your

Land. I Expect and do not Doubt but you will persevere in

this good behaviour, and Permit no persons of what

Nation Soever to Reside and dwell among you, Expect

they be Subjects of the King of Great Britains, and since

you have put your Lands under the protection of the

King of Great Britain, I do in a particular Manner

Require in my Masters name; That you will not suffer

the French to build any Fort or Tradeing house on

the Side of the Lake or any other part of your Lands

for if at any Time hereafter there Should happen to be a

Warr between us and the French Such places will be

Very dangerous, and they may make use of them to

Enslave and Destroy you                    Gave a Belt


The King of Great Britain to Shew his

Affection to you, has Orderd me to make you in his

Name a handsome present of Such Goods as are most

Suitable for you which you Shall receive as Soon as

you give me your Answer


Att a Councill held in Albany

May the 20th: 1731 [Not in Wraxall.]


His Ex.cy John

Montgomerie Esq.r &c.

Francis Harrison         }

Philip Livingston        } Esq:rs of the Councill

James D Lancey          }

His Excellency Communicated

to this Board, that he was privately Inform’d, that the

Sachims of the Six Nations in their Answer will Consent

and promise to Execute the Murderer who slew Jacob

Brower, but after that they Intend to begg a reprieve for

him      His Ex:cy desires the opinion of this Board


[0679] 337a

Whether he Should grant it, Who Desire that

his Ex:cy will be pleas’d to ask the Opinion of the Comm:rs

of the Indian Affairs on that Subject.

His Excellency Ordered the Said Comm:rs to Attend

at his Lodgings to whom the Same was Communicated


Mynd.t Schuyler         }

Joh.s    Schuyler          }

Evert Bancker             }

Henry V. Renselaer     }

Rutger Bleecker          }

Stephanus Groesbeck  }

Abraham Cuyler         }

Harmanus Wendell      }

Nicholas Bleecker       }

Reyer Gerritse             }

Philip Schuyler           }

Jeremiah V. Renselaer}

Dirck Ten Broeck       }

Johannis Lansingh      }          The Commission:rs for Indian Affairs according to

Order, appeared Immediately; to whom His Ex:cy

Communicated, as he had done above to the

Gentlemen of the Councill, Whereupon His Ex:cy

Desired the Said Comm:rs to give their opinion.

Who are unanimously of Opinion that for

Quieting the minds of the Indians, and keeping

them firm to His Majesty’s Interest; That

His Ex:cy doth promise to Grant a Reprieve for

the Indian who Slew Jacob Brower, in Case

the Sachims desire it


Answer of the Sachims of the

Six Nations to His Ex:cy John Mont=

=gomerie Esq.r &c. in Albany May the

20:th 1731


His Ex:cy John

Montgomerie Esq.r &c.

Francis Harrison         }

Philip Livingston        } Esq.rs of ye. Councill

James D Lancey          }

The Comm:rs of Indian Affairs

Brother Corlaer

You Told us two days ago

That you was very glad to meet us here at Albany


[0680] 338

To Renew the Ancient Covenant Chain between us and all

His Majesty’s Subjects, That you renewed the Same in

the name of his Majesty King George the Second, our

Indulgent father and Protector

Brother Corlaer

You not only Sayd that you renewed the

Covenant Chain but made the Same Clearer and brighter

and that the Same may be Stronger and that no rust

Should be upon it.

Brother Corlaer

You have assured us that our father

King George the second has the Same Affection for us

as a father for his Children and we do now Renew the

Covenant Chain between all his Majesties Subjects in

North America That the Same may be Clear and bright

and Shall for Ever be kept Inviolable, and no Nation

or People Shall be able to Influence us to break or

Weaken that Chain      Gave a Belt

Brother Corlaer

You Told us also that the barbarous

Murder Committed by one of our people on Jacob Brower

who was So Treacherously Murdered, Should be no

Violation of the Covenant to weaken the Chain or

bring any rust on it; We are very glad for your Ex:cys

kind Expressions about that Fact that it Should not

Weaken the Chain, for which we return you thanks;

We had Expected it Otherwise from you, and Do

now                 Gave a Belt

Brother Corlaer

You Told us that in Case any of his

Majesty’s Subjects Should Murder any of our people

that he Should be punishd by the Law, and We do

Promise on our parts to Punish any of our people


[0681] 338a

With Death, that may Murder any of his Majesty’s


Brother Corlaer

You Told us also that Countreys are

Governd by the Laws of God and man, and that a Murd=

=erer is to be Punished w.th death, that the Murderer who

Slew Jacob Brower Should be put to Death, And We do

Promise all who are here present and do Consent that

he Shall be Executed for it      Gave a Belt

Brother Corlaer

We Told you just now that the Murderer

Who Slew Jacob Brower ought to be Punishd w.th death

but we know that you have So much affection and

Compassion, Therefore We desire as he is a Man and

hath been good for the Interest of the English and has

Committed it when he was Extoxicated in drink; We (all

the Six Nations) begg in his behalfe that this fact may

be forgiven and forgotten in oblivion as a Drop of

Water in a Swift Stream, and begg your favourable

Answer that we may go Quietly home           Gave a

String of Wampum

Brother Corlaer

You Thanked us also for our dutifull

behaviour, which has been acquainted you by your

People, We are glad that the Same is pleasing to you

And as you know our Inclinations, We promise on

Our part that your people Shall be Always received

Among us as Brethren and Civilly Treated, That the

Amity and Friendship may grow and Increase

greater than formerly. We should not forget to tell

you one thing that your People do from which all


[0682] 339

The Evil Proceeds, that is that Rum is Carried up

Among us, Therefore we desire you that no Rum may

be brought to our habitations, but Other goods as

much as they will, for it Creates great mischief when

Strong Liquor is brought Among us, for Liquor is Mast.r

of us, when We Can’t gett it We Abstain from it, Men

Women and Children it Destroys, Everything is

Neglected: Who can mind his business that is out of

his Senses and Drunk, Wherefore We begg to prohibit

that no Liquor may be brought to our Castles, formerly

when We fetchd Rum from Albany it was but by small

Parcells Carried up, and then We only Drunk as

long as it Lasted, for then We Could gett no more, ’till

it was fetchd by our people, but when it is Always

Among us We will have it. Wherefore we begg that

Rum may only be Sold at Albany, Kasts, and at

Oswego where those who want it may fitch it

Gave a String of Wampum

Brother Corlaer

You Told us also that you was very

Glad that we Denied Jean Ceur to make any Settlem.t

at Tiederondequat Yea we know well that he has

Desired us from Time to Time to Let him Settle there and

at Sodos The one belonging to the Sinnekes and

the Other to the Cayouges. You Sayd also that we

Should not hearken to any people to make any

Tradeing houses or Settlements Among us Except

Subjects of the King of Great Britain, We are fully

Resolved not to Suffer any Other Settlements to be

Made at the Side of the Lake; there Stands a

Tradeing house at Najagera, which the French has

Treacherously built there, but the house at Oswego

has been built by all Our Consent, the more buildings


[0683] 339a

are Made near us, the more Liquor is brought unto

us, which is the occasion of all Mischief therefore We do

not Incline any more Should be made                        Gave a Belt

Brother Corlaer

We hope you will Excuse us for this Small

Trifle we Lay down Its Small but the friendship and

Affection is the greater, formerly we Could Do it much

better It is the fault of your people who Come among us

Who Trade from us what we have, and what is left We

bring to Oswego, So that We have but Little to Lay before

you      We thank you that you Told us you would make

us a handsome present in the name of the King, you

Master, our father We thank him and you for it

His Ex:cy Answered


I Am very well pleased with what you have

Sayed Since you have so Solemnly Renewed the Ancient

Covenant Chain, between all His Majestys Subjects in

North America and your Six Nations: I Expect and

Desire you will not go to Warr ag.t any Indians who Live

under the Protection of the King of Great Britain


As for the person who Murdered Jacob Brower

Since all the Six Nations Earnestly desire that he may

be forgiven and represent him as a person well Affected

to the Interest of His Majestys Subjects, and that he

Committed that Murder in a passion, without any

Premeditated Design; I Consent that he Shall not be

Executed and I make no Doubt but that the King of

Great Britain my Master will Approve of what I have


[0684] 340

Done; I hope the Mercy Shown him will Occasion his

good behaviour for the future

Brethren          As to the bringing Rum to your Castles Ever Since

I was last here I have given Strict orders that none

Should be Carried to your Countrey (Except to Oswego) And

if you will Inform me who are the persons that have Carried

Any they Shall be Punishd; I will repeat my orders and

If I Can find out any more Effectuall method to pur a Stop

to it, it Shall be Strictly put in Execution

Brethren          I thank you for the present you made me,

I am very much pleased with it, Since you make it with

So much Affection and Sincerity, I hope you will Take

the present I now make you as a Mark of your father

the King of Great Britains kindness to you

I have order’d a fatt Ox for you, Salt provisions for your

Journey home & Some barrels of beer to drink the Kings


A Sachim Answered

Brother            We return you our most hearty thanks for the kind

Present you now made us in the name of the King of Great

Britain our father. We promise to be Obedient to all his


The Schaakhook and River Indians

Attending His Ex.cy the  Governour at

Albany the 21st May 1731 he Spoke to

thim as Follows [Not in Wraxall.]


His Ex:cy John

Montgomerie Esq.r &c.

Francis Harrison         }

Ph. Livingston             } Esq.rs of

James D Lancey          } the Council

The Commission:rs of Indian Affairs

And Sev.l Gentlemen Attending

the Governour


I Sent for you to revive

the Assurances I have heretofore given you of the protection

of the Great King of Great Britain my Master, our


[0685] 340a

Common Father and Soveraign, and to Recommend to you

in this publick manner to persevere in your dutifull

behaviour and Fidelity to those under Authority from

him, And as much as in you Lies to grow in your affection

to your brethren, the rest of his Subjects in these parts,

And in his name and by his order I renew w.th you, the

Ancient Covenant Chain, and give you a present of Such

things as are of use to you, and I also Expect you will

Continue firm in your duty at all Times to Come and in

So doing You may rest assured not only of my protection

but of all other good offices in the power of those that are

in authority under the King our Common father and

Protector          Gave a belt of Wampum


I am very much Surprized to hear of your

Insolent behaviour to the Christians your brethren, by

Claiming Lands w.ch your Ancestors have Sold, and keep

Possession thereof by Force and Violence Contrary to

your repeated promises to the Commissioners particularly

that Land called Squampamick, which Land Coll.o

Renselaer has recovered by due Course of Law, who is

now ready to Show that Said Lands have been Legally

bought from your Ancestors, which I Expect will Satisfie

you that you may for the future be Quiet and peaceable;

And if at any Time hereafter there Arise a Difference

between the Christians, and any of your people, I Expect

you will not be your Own Judges, nor dispossess any

of them of their Lands by Force but Leave the decision

thereof unto me, or those I Shall appoint for that purpose

to prevent unhappy accidents that may Insue thereon

Gave a String of Wampum

I Expected you would have Endeavourd

to Increase your number by Inviteing those of your people

Who on frivolous pretences have left their native Countrey,

And are gone to Canada, to return to Schaakhook to


[0686] 341

Live under the Shade of the Tree of peace and Wellfare which

has So long Since been planted there, that would

have been a Means to have kept your fire Continually

kindled and burning there for your own Security and

Prosperity; which I Shall Endeavour to promote for

your Encouragement and Safety

The Answer of the River Indians

in Albany the 22d May 1731 [Not in Wraxall.]


You Told us yesterday that you was glad

to See us here, to meet together by the Kings Order our

Father, and We do in obedience thereof Appear before


You Told us also that we Should be

obedient to Our father the King, and our brethren his

Subjects, which are in authority under him, which We

promise to do

We do now renew the Ancient Covenant

Chain and to keep it bright and Clean give three bever

Skins, to Wrap it in and rub the Same w.th bear grease

We are very glad that our father takes

So much notice of us, and has been pleased to declare

That we are under the King of Fathers protection, &

are Linked So firm unto the ancient Covenant

as the five Nations, which we are very glad to perceive

And Do now Tye the Chain faster than Ever, and

hope it may always Continue So, not only under

Your Ex:cys Administration, but when you Shall happen

to be removed             Gave a Belt

Father Corlaer

We are few in Number We Should be more

Numerous, if the Christians did not Trust [Frust?] us So much

We are glad that you Take So much notice of us And


[0687] 341a

Open your heart so freely, and Shew Such great Affection

for us   Gave a String of Wampum

We are poor because your people follow us where=

=ever we go hunting, w.th Rum and make us bare and

Naked, by Enticeing us to drink all we gett, So that we are

Ashamed to Come to Town and are thereby disabled to

Pay our Debts. We desire that no Rum may be Sold but

in Albany only that we may be Quiet on our hunting

His Ex:cy Told them


I am very glad for your dutifull behaviour &

Answer and do assure you of the protection of the Great

King of Great Britain your Common Father. And I

Expect that you do not Molest or oppress any of his

Majesties Subjects in the peaceable possession of their

Lands. If you are wrongd by any of them I Shall take

Care that you Shall have your Just Right

The Indians Answered

Father Corlaer

The Land of Claverack has been Sold to

Coll.l Renselaer, and Squampamick but we know not the

peice of Land Called [blank space in original] has been Sold

which we have given to Johannis Lansingh, because he

is very Civil to us, and been at great Charge & Expences in

Provideing us w.th Victualls when we Come to this place

His Ex:cy Answered


I Shall appoint Impartiall Judges to

Examine into the Deeds of Col.o Renselaer, what Land is

Sold by the Ancestors, and to hear your Allegations

And then make their report to me I Shall See you Justice


[0688] 342

I give you in your Grandfather the King of Great

Britains name, a handsome present of Such things as

are of use to you, as a Mark of his Affection to you

For which they thanked his Ex.cy


Albany the 9.th July 1731

[Wraxall p. 183.]

May it please your Hon:r

It afforded us much Concern to

hear of His Ex:cy our Late Governours Sudden departure

from this Life, and again it gave us much Satisfaction

To find that we are placed under the Administration of

So worthy and Steady a Gentleman as Your Hon.r whom

We heartily Congratulate; and wish you a Continuance

of good health to discharge your Selfe therein, which we

hope and Doubt not but will Tend to the Tranquility

and Satisfaction of this Government


The Enclosed is Copy of a Letter from his

Said Ex:cy wherein (at Mr. Wendells request relateing the

Sending up a Person to Act as Commissary & Interpreter

at oswego) he desires our advice in respect of Joseph

Clement, whom Mr. Wendell recommends as a Person

very Fitt for that Service, and one who is a Carpenter

and may be very Serviceable there, in as much that the

house is very much out of repair


As we are Informd Joseph Clement is a

Man well Qualified for that Service, but we rely on


[0689] 342a

Your Hon:rs Pleasure in that affair

Our Sinneke Indians Requested of us

That a Smith and Armourer might be Sent up to work

for them the Ensuing Winter; and that they might

Have Barnardus Hartsen who workd for them last

year, who is a man well qualified for that Purpose and

behaved himselfe to the Content of the Indians. And

one Myndert F. Van Yveren who is Likewise fitt for

that Service being Inclineable to go w.th the said

Hartsen therefore we Desire Your Hon.rs Consideration

thereon, and that they may have the Shop and

Tools to work with as heretofore usuall which

is all that at present offers to              &c.


[0690] 343 [Wraxall p. 184]

At a Meeting of the Com:rs for Ind

Affairs Albany July 12.th 1731


Philip Livingston

Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Steph. Groesbeck

Evert Wendell

Nicholas Bleecker

Philip Schuyler

Dirck Ten Broeck                   This Board haveing Concluded to Send

Lourence Claesen the Interpreter to acquaint

the Six Nations of the death of His Late Ex:cy

Governour Montgomerie, with Some other

Materiall Affairs, Do therefore give him the

Following Instructions Vizt.

Instructions for Lowrence Claesen

You are to Repair to the Indian Countrey as

Soon as may be and acquaint the Sachims of the

Six Nations at Onondago that His Ex:cy Govern.r

John Montgomerie Lately departed this life and

that the Honble Rip Van Dam one of his Majties

Councill is President of the Colony of New York

by which he has Taken upon him the administra=

=tion of the affairs of this Colony untill his Majesty

Shall Please to Send a Governour

You are Likewise to Tell them that we

are Informd that there has Lately a Messuage

been Sent to Some Sachims of the Mohawks by a

Token of Seven hands of Wampum, Setting forth

that there is to be a generall Meeting at Onond=

=ago where the French are to Come and Treat about

Some Secret business, which we are apprehensive

is to Obtain Liberty from the Six Nations to

Settle on Some of their Lands, which if that is

their design we hope and Expect that they will

Recollect the Firm Promises they made in

their Treaty with our Governour That they wou’d

not upon any Terms Suffer any of the French to

Settle among them. and you are to use your best

Endeavours to Prevent their Suffering the french


[0691] 343a

Settling among them and if their meeting be upon

Any other account that may prove Detrimentall

to this Government you must Doe as much as

in you Lyes to Prevent the Same Takeing Effect.


Att a meeting of the Comm:rs for

Ind Affairs Albany the 20.th July

1731 [Not in Wraxall.]


Mynd.t Schuyler

Jn.o Schuyler

Steph.s Groesbeck

Abraham Cuyler

Nich.s Bleecker

Reyer Gerritse

Dirck T. Broeck

Joh.s Roseboom

Joh.s Lansingh                        Some Sachims of Oneyde haveing appeard

at this Meeting: Do with much Concern come to

Repeat the great misfortune and Loss they have

heretofore had of their men being Taken Prisoners

and Some killed by the Cattabaw Indians which

they have been very Easy in and Left themselves

to the Care and Assistance of their Father our

Late Gov.r and their brethren the Comm:rs to do th

best they pleas’d and Could therein for them and

Since they have been at so much Trouble in this

Affair and that without Effect, So they are resolv’d

not to Trouble us therein; while they Cannot Trust

them in as much that they have heard if they

Shoud Come there again, they woud Serve them in

the like kind, and haveing Sent a Token to the sd.

Indians, they therefore demand the Same again

They Say farther that a Considerable Time

ago they Lent Lowrence Claesen a belt of Wampum

by order of Coll.o Peter Schuyler to Stopp their men


[0692] 344

From going to Warr w.th the Virginia Indians which

Said Indians are Turnd over to the Cattabaws to

Assist them, and it was their Desire and request

that the Said belt Shoud be returnd again, which

Lowrence Claesen Promised to do. They Say likewise

that they are Surprized how the Indians whom they

Intended to Warr ag:t are from Time to Time previously

Warned and Acquainted of their Intentions, and

therefore they think there must be Some underhand

Intelligence given them, that they know their

Number So well.         Gave a String of Wampum. that

the Comm:rs may Enquire who the Persons are that

Discover them

They Say also that all their young men

who have been out a Fighting are returnd home in

good health and they begg that their brethren the

Comm:rs may give them Some powder to Enable them to

go out a hunting that they may the better Mantain

their wives and Children         Gave 9lb bever

The Commissioners Answer’d


We fully answer you as to the Loss of your

Men and the Trouble you have had therein that we

are Equally Concernd w.th you That you have had

no better Success, and we assure you that there

has been no Care wanting Either in his Ex:cy our

Late Governour, the Governour of Virginia or us,

to obtain you Satisfaction, as You’l be better

Acquainted by Lowrence Claesen by whom we

have Lately sent you a Packett Consisting of a belt

of beads, a Calumet of peace and two Small

Twists of Tobacco, which has been Sent you by the

Cattabaws in return of your belt of Wampum


We are much Surprized that you Say you have

been Missused in Forewarning or giveing Intelligence


[0693] 344a

To your Enemies of your Intentions while we have

Constantly done you all the Friendship in our

Power, and Advised you to Live in peace, neither

woud we have you to apprehend that we are any way

Concernd in Such your Complaint, and if you want

Further Satisfaction you must find out the

Authors of your missusage your Selves, neither have

you Ever Acquainted us of your number that went

out a Fighting

Brethren          You Tell us that you are Poor and want Some

Powder for your young men to go a hunting; where=

=fore Considering your necessity we give you a Cask of

Powder w.ch farr Exceeds the Value of your present and

Wish that for Time to come you may Live in more

Amity with your Neighbours which will prevent

Trouble to you and us


Att a Meeting of the Comm:rs for

Indian Affairs Albany 26th July 1731 [Wraxall p. 184.]


Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

St. Groesbeck

Evert Bancker

John Cuyler

John Schuyler

Evert Wendell

Philip Schuyler

Henry V. Renselaer

Nich.s Bleecker

Reyer Gerritse

Jeremy V. Renselaer

Dirck Ten Broeck                   Lourence Claesen being this day returnd from

Onondago Agreeable to his Instructions of the

12:th Instant for that purpose — Says That he has

Acquainted the Sachims of the Six Nations w.th

the Malencholly death of his Late Ex:cy our Gov:r

and that he Told them that the Honble Rip Van

Dam Esq:r President of the Councill for the Colony

of New York Succeeded his Said Ex:cy in the

Administration of the Affairs of this province

at w.ch first News they were heartily Concernd and

Again were glad that the Government was

Settled in the Management of So worthy a


He further Informs us that the


[0694] 345

Occasion of the Meeting at Onondago was

upon account of Some Indians going to Canada to

Condole the death of a French man named Morasaw

who was Interpreter to the Indians

Lowrence likewise agreeable to his Instruction

deliverd to the Oneydes the belt of beads a Calumet of

Peace and Two Twists of Tobacco Sent them by the

Governour of Virginia by way of our Late Governour

from the Cattabaws in return of their belt

We have the following Account from a french

Sachim named Schonondo who Says that the

Governour of Canada had Intelligence by an Indian

from hence that our Governour should have

Expressed himselfe in a Publick proposition to

Our Six Nations that if in Case Jean Ceur shou’d

build a house at Tiederondequatt (w.ch is a place

between the Garrison of Oswego and Nyagera ab.t

Ten Leagues from the Sinnekes Country at the

South Side of the Kaderachque Lake) that he

woud Directly Demolish the Same, and put those

to the Sword who Shoud Attempt Such apeice of

Incroachment and that he heard the Governour

of Canada Say now I tell you that the Land at

Tiederondequatt is my Land and that I am as

great as the Governour of New York and now I

am resolved to Send Jean Ceur to Settle there in

Despite of the Governour of New York or the

Sinneke Indians, and he that is the best man

Shall keep it, and at that Time our Informer

heard that Jean Ceur Designed to Proceed on

his Journey thither within Thirty Days where=

=of Twelve Days are now Expired


[0695] 343a

Albany July the 27:th 1731

[Not in Wraxall.]

May it please Your Hon:r

We received your Hon:s favours

of the 23.d Instant p Capt Dick and Send you

Copys of our Severall Conferences and Transact=

=ions with our Indians Since our Late Gov:rs

Publick Treaty with them for your perusall and

Preferr our Selves Entirely thereto farther than

that we Expect your Hon:s answer therein, w.ch you

May be assured Shall be our due Care as well as

our Duty to Follow, and to Act therein for the best

of this our naked Government, and as we hope &

Allways do for the best of the Publick peace and

Tranquility, So we need not to repeat things of

this nature to your Hon.r while you are perfectly

well acquainted w.th the Constitution of our Gov:t

and we doubt not well disposed to do your

Utmost for our Preservation

We must Likewise Intimate to your Hon.

as you will observe by the Enclosed Minutes that

in Case the French Obtain their Design in

Settling or building at Tiederondequat that in

Short that as well as too many other Incroachm=

=ents and Priviledges they have had from us

will at Last be a means to Draw the Indians

from the British Interest, We Send you herew.th a

Representation to Your Hon.s in Councill & hope

the Same may have the favourable Acceptance

of that board, and we Desire you’l please to

Dispatch the bearers as Soon as Possible w.ch is

the Needfull at Present from

To Rip Van Dam Esq.r &c.


[0696] 346

Albany the 29.th July 1731

[Not in Wraxall.]

May it Please your Hon.r

The Perplexity and Consternation the

Inhabitants of this City and County are in, on the

Sudden and unexpected account of an approaching

Warr between our Crown and that of France, and

the barbarity of the Savages by their Incursions

of Skulking parties on the poor people of this

County Las Warrs, moves us to know Intelligence

from Canada what acount the French may

have about the Warr and what preparations

they are makeing. Now John D Peyster Dirck

Ten Broeck Jeremiah Van Renselaer Esq:rs and

M.r John Glen haveing offerd to Take a Journey

to Montreall about their Lawfull Affairs there=

=fore we Desire that your Hon:r will be pleased

to grant them a Pass on this occasion with

their Attendants

We are &c.


Att a Meeting of the Comm:rs for Ind

Affairs at Albany the 1st Septemb. 1731

[Not in Wraxall.]


John Schuyler

Hendrick V. Renselaer

Evert Bancker

Dirck Ten Broeck

Abraham Cuyler

Johannis Roseboom

Rutger Bleecker

Evert Wendell

Nicholas Bleecker

Barent Saunders                      We having received a Letter from Rip

Van dam Esq.r our President Dated the 30.th of

Aug.t Last wherein he writes that he has Comm=

=issioned Abraham Wendell Captain and Sybrant

Van Schaick Lieutenant under him to go to

Connossadogo in the Sinnekes Country to Lie there

this Ensuing winter together w.th Barnardus Hartsen

Myndert F. Van Yveren and Hendrick Beekman to

go thither as Smiths and that Johannis Bleecker

Abraham Cuyler Jun.r Johannis Ten Eych and Robt.

Wendell are to go under the Charge of the aforesaid


[0697] 346a

Officers. Therefore this board do resolve to give them

the following Instructions Vizt:

Instructions for Abraham Wendell

Captain Sybrant Van Schaick Lieuten.t Barnardus

Hartsen & Hendreick Beekman Blacksmiths

Johannis Bleecker Abraham Cuyler Joh. Johannis

Ten Eyck and Rob.t Wendell Gen.t Assistants

Whereas The Hon:ble Rip Van Dam Esq.r

President of his Majesty’s Councill for the province

of New York has thought fitt to Commission you

the Said Abraham Wendell Captain and Sybrant Van

Schaick Lieuten.t as Likewise to Nominate you the

Said Barnardus Hartsen and Hendrick Beekman

Blacksmiths w.th Johannis Bleecker Abraham

Cuyler Jun.r Johannis Ten Eyck & Robt. Wendell

Gent. Assistants to go in Company to Conossodago in

the Sinnekes Country to Lye there this next Ensuing

winter. Therefore by virtue of his Hon.s directions

to us on that head in his Letter of the 30.th of August last

We do order and direct that you the Said Smiths

w.th your Assistants be at all Times dureing your

Residence there Subject and Obedient to the orders

of your officers beforementioned, That you and all

of you may act to the utmost of your powers for his

Majesty’s Service the Content of the Indians resorting

thither and the Peace and Tranquility of the publick

According to the True Meaning of his Said Hon.rs

Commissions and Directions and this our Instruction

for that End. And upon your Arrivall at the

Sinnekes Castle Called Kanassadaga You and all of

you are in his Majestys name to Demand from


[0698] 347

The Said Sinike Sachims or from Such Person or

Persons as you Shall Find there Resideing The

Smiths Shop with all the Tools and Utencills thereof

belonging to the Publick or from Such Person or

Persons who Shall or may have the Same in his or

their Custody possession or power and all persons

Concernd are hereby Strictly Chargd and Commanded

to Deliver the afores.d Shop Tools and Utencills and

Every Part thereof unto you as he or they Shall

Answer the Contrary at their Perill, and as Soon as

you Shall have the Same in your Custody and

power, You the abovenamed Persons are (under the

Command of your officers) to act Transact and Do

According to the best of your Ability and Judgem.t

for the good of the publick his Majestys Service

and the Content and Satisfaction of the Said Indians

and you and Each of you are to remain and abide

there unto the End of this next Ensuing winter

unless you See Occasion to Suffer Some of your

Company to Come down to Albany, and from Time to

Time to remitt unto us An account of what Shall

or may happen dureing your residence there and

Further you are at your Departure from thence to

bring down unto us an Exact Inventory in writeing

of what Tools and Utencills you Shall then Leave

behind you in the Said Shop Includeing what is now

Furnishd you.  Given under our hands at

Albany the Second Day of September 1731


Johannis Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Stephanus Groesbeck

Ab: Cuyler

Nicholas Bleecker

Dirck Ten Broeck

Barent Saunders

[0699] 347a

[Not in Wraxall.]

Albany 2:d Septem.r 1731

att a Meeting of the Com.rs for Ind Aff.rs


Johannis Schuyler

Hendrick Van Renselaer

Dirck Ten Broeck

Rutger Bleecker

Abraham Cuyler

Nicholas Bleecker

Barent Saunders                      It is Concluded by this board that Abraham

Wendell and Company Shall have the foll

Utencills for his Majesty’s Service to be furnish’d

them at their departure from hence on the

Provinces Credit Viz:t 1 [ w.h Iron 30 [lb.] Steel 1 Vice

1 doz. Smiths Files and a grinding Stone and to Pay

the Indian for Carriadge thereof 100 [lb.] Tobacco 1 gross

Pipes and 5 gall. Rum to be Furnished them upon

the Comm:rs account

And It is further resolved That the

Said Abraham Wendell and Company may (if occasion

requires it) Expend and Lay out for his Majesty’s

Service in presents or other Indidentalls to the Said

Indians a Sum not Exceeding Eight Pounds wch

Shall be Paid them by the Commissioners


At a meeting of the Comm:rs of Indian

Affairs at Albany the 7.th Septemb.r 1731

[Not in Wraxall.]


Johannis Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Stephanus Groesbeck

Abraham Cuyler

Dirck Ten Broeck

Nicholas Bleecker

Joh.s Lansingh

Reyer Gerritse

Barent Saunders                      This Board haveing Sent for Joseph

Clement, he now appears here, and we have

Communicated to him that part of a Letter from

His Hon. our President Dated the 30.th Aug.t last

w.ch relates to Oswego, and have Likewise read to

him that part of the Act of Assembly relateing

thereto – Whereupon the sd. Joseph Clement has

undertaken to go to Oswego to Act as Commissary

and Interpreter, as Likewise as Carpenter & Mason

in Mending and repairing the house upon the

Governments Credit, w.ch Last Service he Engages

to Perform on Expectation of being Paid by the Province

for his Said Labout, w.ch the Incidentall Charges

Accrewing thereon to be brought in by Account.

[0700] 348

Instructions for Mr. Joseph Clement

In Pursuance of a Letter to us directed from

the Hon:ble Rip Van Dam Esq.r President of his Majties

Councill for the province of New York Dated the 30.th of

Aug.t Last — You may Repair your Self to his

Majestys Garrison at oswego, and act as Commissary

and Interpreter there and Likewise as Mason and

Carpenter in makeing Such repairs on the Said house

as you Shall See requisite for his Majtie’s Service

Therefore all persons (who Shall or may

have any of the Carpenters or Masons Tools belong=

=ing to the publick) are hereby directed to deliver

the Same to you upon Demand for the Service

aforesaid Dated Albany Septemb. the 7.th 1731


Albany Septem.r the 7.th 1731

[Not in Wraxall.]

May it please Your Hon.

We received your Favours of the 30th

Aug.st Last and Conformable to your Order we have

given Instructions to the Gentlemen you name therein

to go to the Sinnekes Countrey, Some of which are

Already gone

Haveing Sent for Joseph Clement

he undertakes to to to Oswego to Act there as Commissary

and Interpreter upon Credit of the Government, and the

Force of his Late Ex:cy and your Hon.rs Letters on that

head, he Likewise Undertakes to repair Said house and

Furnish Materialls and Other necessarys thereto on

Expectation to be paid Apart by the Governm.t for that

his daily Labout and Expences upon Delivery of a

Just Account

We are &c.

[0701] 348a

Albany Septemb.r the 8th 173 [Not in Wraxall.]

May it please Your Hon:r

Since our Last of yesterdays date

whereby your Hon.r may perceive that we have given

Joseph Clement Such Instructions as we thought was

in our power towards his going to Oswego the Said

Clement Son in Law to Jacobus Peek has Surprizeingly

and unexpecte to him and us been arrested at the

Kings Suit on Acct. of his being a Justice of the peace

and Concerning the County Goal, and Since the sd. Clement

is willing to Proceed on his Journey and a Person not

in a Capacity to withstand a Suit at Law he Earnestly

request us to Sollicite your Hon.r That you woud be

Pleased to Move in his behalfe w.th the Kings Attorney

to Come to Some Sort of Agreem.t or friendly Composition

w.th him that he may be Able to Proceed on his Journey

for his Majesty’s Service, w.ch you may more Express=

=ly perceive by the Said Clements Letter Inclosed

Who are &c.


At a Meeting of the Comm.rs of Indian

Affairs at Albany Septem. 25.th 1731 [Wraxall p. 184.]


Evert Bancker

Rutger Bleecker

Stephanus Groesbeck

Johannis Cuyler

Abraham Cuyler

Nicholas Bleecker

Evert Wendell

Dirck Ten Broeck

Johannis Lansingh                  Mess:rs Johannis Evertse Wendell and Isaac

Kip being yesterday returnd from Canada this

board have Desired to Speak w.th them who Say

that in their going up thither they found the

French Employed in Erecting a Fort at the

Crown point on the South End of Corlaers Lake

near the Carrying place about Sarahtogue in which

work there was upwards of Eighty men Employed

w.ch at their return they Found Compleated and Inclosed

w.th Stockadoes, and they have Likewise Finished a

house of Forty Foot, and were busy to Erect Two more

who are Designed to Strengthen the Same by Incloseing

it with a Stone Wall next Spring as the aforesd. Gent


[0702] 349

Were Credibly Informed in Canada; They Likewise

Say that they have heard that the French Positively design

to go up next Spring with Two hundred men to Tiederon=

dequat on the South Side of Kaderachqui Lake above

Oswego near the Sinnekes Countrey in order to Stopp the

English Trade at Oswego; They Say also (as they are

Informd) that Jean Ceur was gone out to bring over to

the French Interest a new Settlement of Indians above

Najagera, who were in Correspondence w.th the Inhabitants

of the Province of Pensilvania


At a Meeting of the Comm:rs of Indian

Affairs at Albany 28.th October 1731

Present                        [Not in Wraxall.]

Philip Livingston

Johannis Cuyler

Abraham Cuyler

Stephanus Groesbeck

Rutger Bleecker

Nicholas Bleecker

Reyer Gerritse

Johannis Roseboom                Hartman Windecker Coenraet Contreman and

Hendrick Schremling appeared before this

Board and do Complain that the Indians at

Kanajohere have w.th great Insolence killed severall

of their Cattle and Swine, Some whereof were fitt for

their winter Provisions w.ch base Practice the Said

Indians do daily Committ among them and other the

Neighbouring Christians resideing there the Number

killed of the afores.d Persons Cattle & Swine are as follows.

Hartman Windecker – 1 Heffer of two year old         Conenraet Contreman

1 Sheep                                               3 Hoggs of 2 1/2 years old

4 Hoggs of 2 1/2 years old                  1 Milk Cow

4 Piggs

Hend. Schremling       7 Hoggs of 2 & 3 year old

9 Piggs and 1 Calf


The Number of their Neighbours Cattle as follows

[J]on.s Kreemer           3 large Hoggs & 1 Calf           Hendrick Fry —

{J]acob Bouman         5 large Hoggs                                     1 Large Hogg

Peter Deygaart            4 large Do                               Johannis Helmer

Wm. Wormwood        2 Ditto                                                 4 Large hoggs and 5 Piggs

Jacob Collman             1 Sheep

Peter Wagenaar           1 large hogg


It is there fore resolved that Lowrence Claese be sent

for in order to receive Instructions from this Board to go up

to the Said Indians

[0703] 349a

At a Meeting of the Comm:rs of Indian

Affairs at Albany the 30.th October 1731

[Not in Wraxall.]


Evert Banker

Rutger Bleecker

Steph.s Groesbeck

Joh.s Cuyler

Abraham Cuyler

Joh.s Schuyler

Hend Van Renselaer

Philip Schuyler

Barent Sanders                        Upon further Consideration this board

Have resolv’d to Send Col.o John Schuyler to

Kanajohery upon the afores.d Affair who is to

be assisted by Lowrence Claesen the Interpreter

and therefore Conclude to give him the

following Instructions

Instructions for Col.o John Schuyler

Whereas Complaint has been made unto us

by Coenraet Contreman Hendrick Schremling and

Hartmen Windeker Inhabitants at Kandjohere in

behalf of themselves and their Neighbours, That the

Indians there have Lately killed and Destroyed

Severall of their Cattle and Swine to the great

Damage of the Said Complainants

You are therefore to Tell the Said

Indians in the name of the Comm:rs that we are

Surprized to hear that their brethren have been

guilty of So much Irregularity Contrary to their

frequent Promises to his Late Ex:cy and former

Governours and w.ch whent it comes to his Hon. our

President’s Ears, will undoubtedly very much

Displease him, and therefore you must Tell them

That it is but reasonable they Should make

Restitution to the poor People who are Sufferers in

this Affair, and that we do Expect they will for the

Future desist Committing any thing of the Like

Nature by w.ch they will Shew themselves Like

Amicable Brethren      Given under our hands

at Albany the Thirtieth day of October A:o 1731

[0704] 350

City of Albany ses:     Robert Dunbarr for ages Came this day before

Me and made oath on the holy Evangelists That at

This Deponents Arrivall at oswego about the Twenty

Third of October Last he was Informd by Joseph Clement

That Sometime before while Said Clement was gone

a Walking at hi return he observed all the Soldiers

at the Water Side by some Some [sic] French Canoos that

were arrived there, whereupon the Said Clement went

up to the house and found the French in all the

Rooms and Capt. Smith w.th them viewing the Same

Except on Frenchman who Stood at the water Side to

Take Care of the Canoos, then Said Clement asked

Capt. Smith why he Suffered the French to come into

the house, whereupon he Desired Said Clement to

Order the Corporall to Command the Soldiers up to

their Garrison. and further Saith not


Rob.t Dunbar

Sworn Before me the 5.th day

of November 1731- Signd

Ph. Livingston


Albany November the 5.th 1731 [Not in Wraxall.]

May it Please Your Hon:r

Our Last was the 25.th Septemb.

Since w.ch have received the Enclosed Letters from Jos:

Clement w.ch Send for your Perusall, as Likewise the

Enclosed Affidavit of Robert Dunbarr, and farther

Referr our Selves thereto, by which your Hon.r may

observe Cap.t Smiths behaviour and Conduct at the

Garrison of Oswego by admitting the French into the

house when his men were out of it, who might have

Made themselves Masters thereof, and w.ch would have

been of very ill Consequence to this province — We

Could humbly wish that a Prudent Commander

was Posted there for the better Safety of hat front. [&]

while we Suppose that Some thousand pounds when

once in the Possession of the French would not

Reduce it to the Obedience and Subjection of the

British Empire

Who are &c.


[Sidebar]         You’l Observe that Said Clement will have

Occasion for 60 ob of 10 Nails Early in the

Spring to repair the house w.ch hope youl

Please to order

[0705] 350a

Col.o Johannes Schuyler agreeable to his Instructions

of the 30th October Last Arrived at the First Indian

Castle at Tienondrogue at the house of Wm. Printhop

on Thursday the 4.th Instant where in the presence of

Joseph Clements wife the Indians denied they had killed

any of Said Clements Cattle and Sayed when any Cattle

Trespassed on their Lands they put them in pound

upon w.ch I proceeded on my Journey and at my return

the Same Indians Treated w.th me again and Told

me that they wonderd why s.d Clements wife Complaind

against them for killing her Cow, while to their Certain

knowledge the Said Cow accidentally broke her Legg

and Clements wife killed and Salte the Same and

afterwards Sold thereof to Several of their brethren

upon w.ch they Layed Down a Dear Skin

When I arrived at Kanajohere

at the 2.d Castle on the Saturday following I desired

the Severall Palatines in the Annexed List to Come

together that I might Treat w.th the Indians of the s.d

Castle Pursuant to my Instructions w.ch they accord=

=ingly did on Monday Following at w.ch Time the s.d

Indians desired me to Come to them w.th the Palatines

w.ch I Likewise did and Layed down a Token of a

blanket of Strowds and Desired they might make

Satisfaction to the Severall persons whose Cattle &

Swine they had Destroyed whereupon they returnd

me the blanket — Then I asked them if they were not

brethren that they returnd the blanket, upon which

I Tenderd them the Same again and asked them

if they did not remember the Promises they had made

to our Late Govern.r Then they Told me that the

People who Live there are People who Live on

our Lands, and are but Strangers for when they

Came over First they gave them Skohery —

Then I Told them that was not Talking to the

Purpose for his Hon.r our President woud be much

Displeased to hear of the ill usage they had

given to the Inhabitants at Kanajohere Then


[0706] 351

I Tenderd the blanket again, upon w.ch they Sayed

Must we be accountable for what the Warring &

French Indians do who Come to you and the five

Nations, Then I Told them my business was with

them alone — whereupon they Answered they wou’d

Consult Farther of the Matter and give me an

Answer the next day — w.ch they accordingly did and

Layed down a Token of a String of Wampum and

Desired I might Acquaint the President and the

Comm:rs that by that Token they oblidged themselves

Never to be guilty of the Like Crime again

Albany 24.th Novemb.r 1731

Johannis Schuyler


List of the Cattle and Swine w.ch the Indians

at Kanajohere have killed belonging to the

Christians resideing there, and w.ch Col.o John

Schuyler has brought in to the Comm.rs vizt.

Johan.s Keyser –         2 Large hoggs

4 Smaller d.o

Hend. Fry                    2 Hoggs

Joh.s Kreemer              2 D.o & 1 heffer Calf

Peter Teygaert             9 Hoggs

Coenraet Contreman   3 Hoggs & 1 Cow

Wm Wormwood         5 Hoggs

Hartman Windecker    4 D.o 1 Sheep & 1 heffer

Hendrick Schremling  9 Hoggs & 1 heffer

Jacob Bouman             6 hoggs

Hend Walraet              1 hogg killed the 6th Inst. p Karraghkontie ye Indian

Jacob Coltman             1 Sheep

Karell Eerhart              2 Large hoggs

Peter Wagenaer           1 Large hogg 1 Sheep – 2 beasts 1 Sow &



At a Meeting of the Com:rs of the

Ind Affairs at Albany the 24.th Nov.r 1731

[Not in Wraxall.]


Ph. Livingston

Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Steph. Groesbeck

Joh.s Schuyler

Abraham Cuyler

Nicholas Bleecker

Dirck Ten Broeck

Reyer Gerritse

Barent Sanders                        We have this day rec.d a Letter from Rip Van

Dam Esq.r or President dated the 16.th Inst. in Answer

to ours of the 5.th wherein his Hon.r desires

us to Encourage Mr. Clement to Send us Information

from time to time how matters are Carried on at

Oswego in order to Transmitt the Same to him

as Likewise he directs us not to Suffer the Said

Garrison to want Provisions, and that if we Send

any to Let him know that Care may be Taken for


[0707] 351a

The Payment in as much That his Hon.r Supposes

that Mr. Wendell will provide no more than his

Contract oblidges him to, but withall that the Garrison

must not be Suffered to Want Provisions

Now This board are of Opinion that the

Provideing any additionall Supplies for sd. Garrision

(other than what Mr. Wendell has Contracted to furnish)

is an Affair Entirely out of their Power and the Season

of the year being so farr Advanced, It is Impracticable

to have any Provisions Transported thither

Unless we had Effects in our hands to Employ

Indians to kill Deer and Carry the Venison to

them, which would prove very Expencive


Att a meeting of the Comm:rs for Indian

Affairs at Albany the 24.th Decemb: 1731

[Wraxall summary p. 184.]


Philip Livingston

Myndert Schuyler

Rutger Bleecker

Evert Wendell

Abraham Cuyler

Nicholas Bleecker

Johannis Lansingh      It is resolved by this board to give Lourence

Claesen the Interpreter the foll Instructions

in order to go to onondagoe, and that Sander

Van Eps Shall ride the Said Lowrence to

Kanajohere for which we have agreed to Pay

him thiry Shillings

Instructions for Low: Claesen

Haveing Lately reced. Information that Some Sachims

of the Six Nations have been at Canada Last Fall

when the Governour there Shewed them a Large belt

and Told them that by the Same they designd to Cutt

off the Indians at Tuchsakrondie and then Enjoynd

them to go home and Tell the Sachims to Send him

Delegates of Each of the Nations, within Two months

to Treat w.th him, which if they Neglected he would

Send an Army to Cutt off. and have now reced

Intelligence that at Onondago there is to be a gener:ll

Meeting with few Days, and that the Onondagos


[0708] 352

Have Sent Seven hands of Wampum to the Mohawks

Desireing them to Send Some of their Sachims to

Attend at Said Meeting in order to go to Canada at

that Governours request, and while we Conceive that

the French Threatnings and Invention of this Deceit

is only to gett a Number of the Sachims of Each Nation

at Canada, and then to gett their Consent to buld next

Spring at the South Side of Caderachque Lake above

Oswego or in Case of Refuzall to Stirr up the Tuchsa=

=chrondy Indians ag.t the Five Nations, that So

Either by Perswasion or threats, gett a building at

the place aforesd. w.ch we apprehend will Certainly not

only be the ruin of the Furr Trade, but the Entire

Loss of the Said Nations, wherefore it is resolved by

this board to Endeavour to Prevent the French

Inroachments on Said Indians and to keep them

Firm to their Fidelity to his Majesty — by Sending

Some good faithfull Indians to Onondagoe to

Attend at Said meeting to diswade the Sachims from

going to Canada on any Pretence whatever, and by

no means Suffer the French to Erect any building

on their Land and to Tell the Onondagoes of their

breach of Trust in not acquainting this board of said

Intended meeting Contrary to their repeated

Promises — and after your Treaty as aforesd. you are

Desired to Acquaint Capt. Abraham Wendell and

Company at the Sinnekes Countrey not to Suffer any

of the French to Incroach on their Lands on any

Acct. or Amusemt. whatever Given under our

hands at Albany the 24.th Decemb. 1731