Minute Book 3: 1725

Cornell title: Commission for Indian Affairs (Albany, N.Y.). Indian Affairs Pamphlets, Volume 1 Minutes of the Commission of Indian Affairs – Albany, New York, 1722-1732 – 1220, part of The Records of the Albany Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1678-1755: An Integrated Digital Database at http://ebooks.library.cornell.edu/i/indianaffairs/

Library and Archives Canada title: Commissioners of Indian Affairs [meetings], Albany, New York, 1722-1748

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RG10 Series 2, 16 volumes


(Excerpts dated 1725 from 109a-152a, rearranged in chronological order, portions from 1726 omitted. Blank pages have also been omitted.)

transcription by Ann Hunter 2017

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[0222] 109a

Albany the 7th January 1724/5

[not in Wraxall]

your Excellency

We have had the honour to receive your Excellency’s

Letters of ye 12.th & 26th Nov.r the Warrant that has been Issued

ag.t Nicolas Schuyler & Jacob Wendell to take their Oath

is recall’d So that no Oath is to be tender’d them, Since we

perceive your Excel.y takes them to be already discover’d

Your Excel.y is pleased to tell us that we took no more

Notice of your minute in Council then if it had been

wast paper, We Immediately on receipt of it apply’d

our Selves to the Act mention’d in the Sd Minute by w.ch


[0223] 110

Law, the Com.rs are so far from being Authoriz’d to Act that

they are not once mention’d in it, We are sorry your Excel.cy

should suspect us to have Acted Contrary to your Excellencys

Directions when at the same time we Use our outmost Endea=

=vours to behave our selves Conformable thereto, and ye Acts

of Assembly which are our Rule to direct us

We are glad your Ex.cy has been pleas’d to do us the

honour to send our report home, We made it the best we

could at yt time, it’s very agreeable to Us that your Ex.cy

has made some Observations on ye same, where we have

not made Use of such expressions as are agreeable to your

Excell.cy with Submmission we take leave to say that a

Settlement at Tierondequat would be of Service for if any

misunderstanding should happen between the french &

farr Ind.ns We could the more Easily gett the 5 Nations to

assist them, and in time of War secure them both to his

Maj.es Interest, We return your Excel.cy thanks for ye new

printed Book relating ye Act, w.ch we find well done

and are glad to see your Ex.cys measures & Just Endeavors

for his Maj.es Interest will take Effect, Wishing your Ex.cy

a happy new Year & many to come We remain wt great

Respect —- Sign’d

Henry Holland

R.t Livingston

Johs Cuyler

Ph: Livingston

Evert Bancker

John Collins

Evert Wendell

Dav.d van dyck


[0225] 111

May it Please yr Ex.cy                       Albany ye 11th feb.y 1724/5

[not in Wraxall]

We have been honoured with yr Ex.cys of ye 27th ultimo. on ye

Receipt whereof we acquainted Coll Thaxton & Coll.o Dudley

that we were directed by your Ex.cy to give them all ye

assistance that lay in our power in their Journey to Canada

which they took kindly, they sett out from hence with

Coll.o John Schuyler on the 6th Instant


We Lately Received a letter from Capt Harme vedder

out of the Sinnekes Country who tells [me — crossed out] us yt Jean Coeur

the french Interpreter and four men with him are at ye

litle Sinnike Castle Called onnahec to winter there and

that in the spring he is to go to Jagara. he had Reported

that vedder had orders to kill him. the Indians Inquird —

whether it was true. he Replyd he had no Such orders, but

if he deservd it he would dispatch him. we have no

More to ad at psent but that we are with much respect

May it please your Ex.cy


Your Ex.cys Most humble

& most obed: Servants


H: Holland

Evert Bancker

Ph. Livingston

Evert Wendell

H, v. Renselaer

Dav.d van Dyck


[Feb. 15 1725 Affidavit of John Groesbeck & Dirck Schuyler at London DRCHNY 5:743 – not included in the Minute Books.]

[0226] 111a

Att a meeting of ye Commision.rs of ye Indian affairs

in Albany the 13th of March 1724/5

[Not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

Rob.t Livinston J.r

Peter van Brugh

Evert Banker

John Collins                } Esq.rs Com.rs

Philip Livingston

Evert Wendell

Henry van Renselaer

David van Dyck

Five Sachims of Cachnawage & Scanrinadie

in Canada being arrivd here made the following

Speech before ye Com.rs by ondatsagto their Speaker


We are now mett together and desired that some

of the Maquas Sachims might be present. [and-crossed out] at this meeting

and are glad to see [some-crossed out] a few of y.m here, we hope you

do not Expect yt we Shall Speak in fine polishd words. Since

we are but youngsters. our ancestors understood affairs

better than we, for we Shall Speak in plain terms and

tell you our minds freely. in what we are going to Say —

which we ought to have done Some time Since, So hope

youl Excuse us, it Seems that our frindship and amity

Declines [and-crossed out] as if we were no Brethren, therefore

we do now come to renew it, at this place wh. is the

seat fixd to treat about publick Matters & do now kindle

the fire up. gave a belt of wampum


There has long since been a Strict frindship between

your and our ancestors and now is between us wh. we now Renew

we tell yow

there are Six Sachims att ye Castle,

of Cachnawage two whereof have been accepted as

Children of this Govern.t to devulge & make known

unto you what mischief ever Should threaten you, one

whereof is Since dead in whose Stead you have appointed

another who is now here to acq.t yt what he knows

Concerning matters of moment gave a belt


[0227] 112


Last year the Gov.t mett ye Sachims of ye Six Nations

here and did Renew ye Covenant with ym. and Spoake

in a peaceable manner which was very welldone

you desired us to that we Should use our uttmost Endeav.rs

to appease ye Eastren Indians to be at peace with N England

at our Return home we did what lay in our power till

we were prevented by [ym-crossed out] ye news we heard yt ye English

had cut aff a Castle of those Indians. then we were

ashamd to act further in yt. affair. Since we were

taken as Spies of our Country and were pointed at by those

Indians who told us we were at peace, and [illeg.-crossed out] went there dayly.

whilst they are in a Bloddy war. if you had write to ye.

Gov.r of N England, and he had kept his people from

Insulting ye Indians our Endeavors might have had ye

desired Effect. we did what we Could but you have not

kept your word to acqt: ye. people of N England. gave a


Brethren          When you appointed D Cannihogo to be a Child of

this Government, you desired him to let you know whatever

Should occur in Canada in Relation to ye publick affairs

and now he is Come on purpose to tell you that we are

Informd then when his Ex.cy your Gov.r was here last

Summer, he desired ye Six Nations for Liberty to build

a tradeing house in ye Indian Country, the Indians appointed

the place at ye west end of ye onneyde lake, on w.h his

Ex.cy ye. Gov.r Said it was no proper place and Insisted

Strongly to have it built at ye mouth of ye onnondage

River near ye Cadarachqua lake w.h at last ye. Indians

Consented. now if that tradeing house be built at that

place (which is the only passage of ye french to go [to ye-crossed out] from

Montreal to ye. farr Indians and land first possesed by y.m)

[illeg.-crossed out] therefore we are come to acquaint you on purpose that [illeg. crossed out]

[sidebar] the Gov.r of Canada is Strongly Resolved to break down

that house and yt. may create a quarrel between y.o & him.

[illeg.-crossed out] to prevent that we would advice you to keep ye trade within your walls as

formerly and then you may gett some Bev.rs for otherwise youl gett

none for this may Interrupt your trade. therefore its best that there

be no house built and y.n ye. french might be prevaild on not to [be-crossed out] build a fort at [Ochniagara] — gave a large blak belt of wampum

[Crossed out portion continues on first part of next page and appears to say:

“we acquaint you that Certainly a war

will Issue between [ym] and you [so if] you be Inclind


[0228] 112a

peace keep the trade within your walls as formerly, then

you may gett Some bevers. but Else none for there will

be no longer pease then untill that tradeing house be

built, and then youl gett no more bevers. [illeg.]

youl be ye occassion of it yourselves gave a large belt of

blak wampum]


Brethren          We are wittnesses that ye. onnondages Some

years Since accepted Mons.r D Longuiel Govern. of Montreal

as a Child, but as they had no Convenient place for him

to Reside in, [illeg.=crossed out] he went thither & built a house

there, on w.h Coll.o Schuyler went thither & demolishd

that house, Since it was a breach of ye. Covenant Chain

in ye onnondages for Consenting that building, and so

agreed it Should be broaked open again w.h ye Indians

In Canada took [illeg.], that ye french Should not dwell

among ye. Indians, now if you build a tradeing house

at ye mouth of ye onnondage River you may Expect ye

french will break it down as Coll.r Schuyler

did that at onnondage w.h we likd all very well

gave a belt

Then the sd. french Indians Said the Maquase


our ancestors livd all in one Country and were

one people but it seems Every one is gone were he pleasd

and its fallen our lott to be Setld in Canada. you

sent us lately a belt of wampum that we Should

keep ye Covnant Chain [illeg.-crossed out] inviolable w.h we promise

on our Side to do. and do Expect youl pform it on your

Side according to your promises


[0261] 129


Att a Meeting of the Com.rs of

the Indian affairs in Albany ye. 16th

day of [13th] March 1724/5


Henry Holland

Robt Livingston Junr

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

John Collins                }          Answer from the Com.rs to the Sachims of

Ph. Livingston                         Cachnawage & Schawanadie

Evert Wendell

Henry VanRenslaer

David van Dyck


We heard the Speech you made to

us last Saturday. We are glad you explaind your Selves

yesterday, and clear’d up the mistake that happen’d, which

is to our Satisfaction, and that you are come to accompany

our Child hither to Inform us of the french designs, tho’

you do not Speak in such a Stile as you say your Ancestors

could do. yet we are pleas’d to find you as honest men as

they were, and that you speak your minds freely & in

plain terms, You do well to renew the friendship that

has always been between us & your Nations at this place

appointed to treat about publick Affairs, and that you

kindle up the fire here after your manner, which we

do in like manner in your Castles, and do expect you will

keep firm to your former promises & engagements as we

assure you we will do ours gave a Belt —


Brethren          The Union & friendship that has been between our

and your Ancestors, and now is between us, which we

expect you’ll keep Inviolable, We have long since been

Informed that there are six Sachims at Cachnawage

our of which number two have been accepted by us as

Children of this Governmt. and are glad that one of

them is now come to do his Duty & to acquaint us

what he knows Concerning matters of moment in rela=

=tion to publick Affairs, and do thank you for Informing



[0262] 129a

Us of the Designs of the Gov.r of Canada to demolish the

house our Gov.r has leave from the 6 Nations to build at

the mouth of the Onnondage River near the Cadarachqui

lake being Land belonging to them, but we can’t [Tell]

you when that is to be done, or when he shall be plead’d

to give Directions for building of it, You know he has

liberty for so doing, and it’s agreed between the two Crowns

of Great Britain & ffrance in the 15th Article of the last

Treaty of Peace made at Utrecht in 1713 giving free liberty

to all the American Indians to go on Acco.t of Trade where

they please without giving any molestation to them

either from the English or the ffrench Subjects, and it is

also agreed that the ffrench shall not meddle with any

of the five Canons or Nations of Indians give a Belt



It was not withour Sufficient Reason that Coll.

Peter Schuyler broke Down the house Mon.sr DLonguiell

had built at Onnondage Since it is Land belonging

to the five Nations who are Subjects to the King of

Great Britain, We can’t think that the Gov.r of Canada

will presume to offer to demolish a house our Govern.t

designs to build on Land belonging to the English w.ch

if he did would be in him a breach of the Peace w.ch

he will not offer to do tho he does tell you so, We shall

acquaint our Gov.r of his Designs and we assure you he’ll

be glad for the Intelligence you brought give a belt


We are glad you usd your Endeavours to appease

the Eastern Ind.ns to forbear any further Acts of hostilitys

against our Brethren of N England, We remember you

promid’d to do so, but not that we made you any pro=

=mises to write to the Gov.r of N England to keep his

people at home, w.ch was absurd in you to think

[whilst] there was no agreement of a Cessation of Arms

and that the Eastern Ind.ns did daily murder of our

Brethren without Intermission, We do renew the

ancient Covent. and friendship that has always been

between us & your Nations, and desire D Canehogo

to continue to be an Obedient Child to Inform us of

whatever designs there may be in Canada against

this Governmt for which he shall be well rewarded

Gave a Belt                                         After


[0263] 130

After the Com.rs had ended this Speech they ask’d

whether they had no other news, D Canehogo said —

I am come hither and have undertaken this Journey

on purpose to Inform yopu the Com.rs of the Designs of the

ffrench that they will break down the trading house

your Gov.r intends to build & withall to tell you that the

Gov.r of Canada has about two months ago sent Carpenters

to Cadarachqui to build two Vessels there who are

continually to be imployed to bring Beavers & Skins

from Ochjagara as far as they can be brought thro’

the Lake in them and then to be loaden in Canoes

and Convey

d to Montreal and that he designs to build

a Strong ffort at Ochjagara and another Vessel above

that ffall to bring Beavers & Skins thither


Albany 16th March 1724/5

[Not in Wraxall.]

May it please your Excellency

We hope this may find your Excel.y in pfect health

do Imbrace this Opportunity to acquaint your Excel.y that

a few days since arriv’d here five Sachims of the ffrench

Ind.ns from Canada who Inform us that the Gov.r of Canada

designs to break down the house your Excel.y intends to

build at the Mouth of the Onnondage River, and yt.

he has sent Carpenters to build two Vessels at Cadarachqua

to transport all the Beaver & peltry from Ochjagara thro’

the Lake as far as they can go down towards Montreal

and there to empty them in Canoes to bring them thither

as also that he intends to build a strong ffort at Ochja:

=gara, and a Vessel above that ffall as may appear by

the enclosed minutes. We have answer’d them in the

best manner we are able, which we hope your Excel.y

will be pleas’d to approve off, we can’t but expect

that the Gov.r of Canada will use all possible Endeavours to

Interrupt our trade with the farr Ind.ns and will try all

Experiments to frustrate your Excell.ys good Intentions

for promoting the Interests of this province, If the Gov.r

of Canada puts his designs in Execution in building a

ffort at Ochjagara the ffrench will Stop all the Ind.ns

there and that will determine and make void all the

Attempts that have hitherto been made to Increase our



[0264] 130a

Trade, which we can never expect to be flourishing

if this building cant be prevented to be made where=

=fore hope your Excel. will be pleas’d to use proper

reasures wt. our Sinnekes not to Consent any fortifi=

=cation to be made by the ffrench at that place, wt.

Submission to your Excel.y we are humbly of opinion

that £200:– in presents to prevent this building will

go further now then £1000:- after it be made, We

take also leave to repeat what we said in our former

of ye 7th Jan.46 last that a Settlement at Tierondequat

would be off service for it seems plain to Us that if

no Settlement be made among the 5 Nations, we will

in process of time loose most of our best & trusty Ind.ns

and then in Course all the trade with due Respect


we remain —

Att a meetting of the Com.rs of the Indian

Affairs in Albany the 11th of Apr. 1725

[Not in Wraxall.]


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker             } Esq.es Com.rs

Ph: Livingston

Henry v Renselaer

David v Dyck

Five Sachims Vizt two of Onnondage one of Cayouge

and two of the Tuscaroras being as they say Deputed by the

Sachims of the Six Nations arriv’d here who say to have a

Message which is as follows

That they are sent to Inform this board that a Lieut.

from Cadarachqua came this Spring at the Sinneke Castle wt.

Letters from the Gov.r of Montreal to Jean Coeur directing him

to acquaint the Sachims of the Six Nations that Mons Vaudreu=

=ill Gov.r of Canada was Inform’d by a N England Man that our

Gov.r intended to build at the mouth of the Onnondage River

near the Cadarachqua lake, and that the Gov.r of Canada

told the N England Man to tell the Gov.r of N York to build the

ffort Strong [this Spring – crossed out] for he design’d to build this Spring

two Vessels at Cadarachqua and a ffort at Jagara, and when

those Vessels & ffort are built he intended to Demolish

and Destroy it

Whereon the five Nations answered Jean Coeur

that the five Nations and the french have been in a bloody

War together w.ch Continued for Eight years very hott on both

Sides, at last the ffrench offer’d Terms of peace & accomedation

on that we sd. we could not well trust them that after



[0265] 131

Our manner when any such thing was offered prisoners

were exchanged on both sides whereon he delivered up all

our prisoners and we sent his home, and that it was Stipu=

lated that he should not make War for any frivolous thing

as Beavers and furrs, for if he should break down this

house a bloody Warr may Ensue upon it, and therefore desire

the Gov.r of Canada to prevent all Quarrel & Controversie

between him and their Brother Corlaer not to build those two

Vessels at Cadarachqua & ffort at Jagara, but to live

in peace with his neighbours & to use his Endeavours to gett

what Beaver & peltry he can w.t out making a War on

that Occasion, and that their Brethren may do the like

shall desire their Brother Corlaer to desist from

his Design in building a ffort at the Side of the

Cadarachqua Lake that you may live in peace & Amity

together, for if a War should Ensue we shall Endeavour

to accomodate that matter that you may not destroy

one another but live like friends together & desire

that neither of you may be the first Agressors, that

Blood be not shed among us in our Country & would

beg our brother Corlaer to hearken to what we propose

for we shall take particular Notice whether [if-crossed out] our proposall be

taken in any Regard or not to this the Sachims

have Sent a large belt of Wampum, they add that

they have given Jean Coeur a belt of Wampum to send

the Gov.r of Canada & he has taken a Copy of this pro=

=position in writing & is gone to Montreal with it.–

The sd. Sachims also say that the Sachims of the

Six Nations Sent by them a String of Wampum as a

Token that they desire to meet his Excel.y their Brother

Corlaer at Albany about the first of June & treat with

him about matters of great Consequence & to renew

the Ancient Covenant but before that time they’ll

send an Express to [find] a Certain Day

The Com.rs Answer

We have heard your Answer w.ch is surprizing to Us, and

cant but wonder that the Sachims of the Six Nations

Suffer themselves to be impos’d upon by the ffrench at


[Breaks off abruptly. Missing page here?]



[0268] 132a

[report from New England representatives May 3 1725 – see Wraxall p. 157]

And forts bult by Order from home & some of it

possessd upwards of fourscore Years, Although the

same has been fairly purchas’d & posses’d as aforesd.


And on asking those Ind.ns how far their Demands

were Eastwards their Answer was in the psence

of Gov.r Vaudreuill the whole Country of Lacadie

or Nova Scotia Excepting only the fort of Anapolas

Royall notwithstanding the sd. Country of Lacadie

belongs to the British Crown & these unreasonable

Ind.ns was Countenanced by the sd. Gov.r & a Numerous

Company of ffrench who heard all the Discourse


The sd. Indians told us plainly that they would have

no peace wt. the sd. two Governmts. unless all the said

Land was deliver’d up the ffort demolishd, the Church

at Norridgewalk rebuilt, the plunder there taken

returned & their priest restored to them who was

kill’d in that Action at the head of our Ind.n Enemy

as he hath often been before


Wee demanded an Answer to our proposal made

to the Gov.r of Canada in writing to prevent any

mistake, he answered he would not give any

such answer under his hand, Tho, at the same

time he had not Encouraged the Ind.ns in the Warr

notwithstanding the Contrary was proved by many

Letters of his to the priest Ralle & other papers

and Letters taken by the English at several times


The sd. Gov.r on our demand of the Captives answerd

as for those in the Ind.ns hands he would do nothing

as for those in the french hands we should have

them paying what they Cost & we could not have

them without purchasing of them at any price


[0269] 133


Their Master was pleas’d to Demand and the

purchase Consideration in many Exceedingly

advanced from the Original or first Cost by all

which it plainly appears what hardships and

Intolerable Burthen his Maj.es Good Subjects lye

under, being used more like brute Creatures than

Men & Christians & call alowd upon all Men

under the Same [same – crossed out] King to lend a helping

hand to gett the aforesd. Governm.tts out of this

Unjust War


Sign’d   Sam.l Thaxter

Wm. Dudley

Theodore Atkinson

Att a meeting of the Com.rs of Ind.n Affairs

In Albany the 6th May 1725

[Not in Wraxall.]


Henry Holland

Joh.s Cuyler

Pieter Van Brugh         } Esq.rs Com.rs

Evert Bancker

Phil: Livingston                       Resolved to writ the following

John Collins                            Letter to his Excel.y the Governour


Albany 6.th May 1725

May it please your Excellency

We have the favour of your Excel.ys of the 27th

March & 22d. April, As to the Intelligence we rec.d from

the Canada Ind.ns we Submitt it wholly to your Excel.ys

Observations. but think it our Duty to send it your

Excel.y in the same Colours it comes to Us, rather than

seem to have been guilty of any Omission in things

of that Nature wch. only time & Experience will

determine, that Story seems to be Confirmed from ye

five Nations as appears by a Message they lately

Sent, Copy whereof we do Inclose

We shall / as much as lyes in our Sphere of bussiness /

discountenance the ffrench Ind.ns in transporting Strowds

and acqt the first that come of your Excel.ys pleasure



[0270] 133a

In relation to that matter and Capt. Holland will exactly

execute your Excel.ys Comands as Occasion requires

As to the Bussiness of Mr. Schuyler & Mr. Wendell

the former has been taken in Execution by the Sheriff

desiring the favour to take him to the Sheriffs house

till he might provide bedding &c. for the Conveniencies

of life in the Goal. as they went along together Mr.

Schuyler made his Escape, We have acquainted Mr

Evert Wendell of his Dismission

We shall Enquire for a proper Smith to go to ye Ind.n

Country to go from hence assoon as possible­

The Boston Gent.men returned from Canada on 2d Inst.

they delivered us the Inclosed Observations of their pro=

=ceedings there, We are apprehensive of the Ill Conse=

=quence it will be to this Province that Jean Coeur

or any french from Canada be admitted to harbour

among the five Nations, for their only design & bussiness

is to draw ye Ind.ns from their Allegeance to his Maj.ie &

fear they have to great an Influence over them

already And may be pass’d Cure if not soon pvented

We begg your Excel.ys pardon for not writing sooner

no Sloop having Sail’d from hence this fortnight

With great Respect we remain


May it please Your Excell.y

Your Excel.ys most humble & most

Obedient Servant


Henry Holland

Joh.s Cuyler

Pieter van Brugh

Evert Bancker


John Collins


As to the Gov.r of Canada

asserting that our Governmt

pray’d him to retain his Ind.ns

from meddling wt. ye Inhabitants

of this Province we never heard

of it till now neither do we

believe it to be true


[0271] 134

Att a meeting of the Com.rs of ye

Indian affairs in Albany ye 20th day

of May 1725

[Not in Wraxall.]


  1. Holland
  2. Cuyler
  3. Banker }

Ph Livingston

  1. Collins


Whereas his Exl.y Govern.r Burnet Esq. &c has been

pleased to write a letter to the Com.rs directing them

to acq ye Indians that he cannot possibly meet them this

year; The Kings Bussiness calling him to another

Province till the Assembly meets in this, but this

Board are ready to hear what they have to offer

if they send a few Noted Men to Inform them. It is therefore

Resolved by the Com.rs, And that the said Message

May be safely delivered unto the Ind.ns, that Lourence

Claese the Interpreter be forthwith sent to Onnondage

to Inform the Ind.ns wt. his Excellencys Pleasure

and that he will meet them here the next year

The sd. Interpreter is hereby directed on Creditt of the

sd Letter to go with all Speed to perform the said

Message, and do what other services lyes in his

power for the Good of this Province and ye quieting

the minds of the Ind.ns who are dayly debauched by

the ffrench [that-crossed out] who come daily among them Endea=

=vouring to draw them from their fidelity to his

Majesty and that his Excel.y does not design to

make a Fort on the Lake, but a house for Trade

in the most Convenient place on the Onnondage River


The Com.rs agreed this Day with Harme

van Slyck Jun.r & Egbert Egbertse Smiths to go

up to Onnondage to work there at that Place

for the Indians till the first of October next who

are to be pd. by his Excel.y the Sum of thirteen

pounds to Van Slyck & Egbertse the Sum of

twelve pounds being the twenty five pounds



[0272] 134a

Allowed by his Excel.y & Council for a Smith

and his Man for Six Months but in Consideration

that they are both Smiths this Board allow’d

them that Mondy and five pound for tools

to be left there


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Ind.n Affairs in Albany the 5th of

June 1725 —

Resolved to write the following Letter

to his Excellency Vizt.

[See Wraxall p. 158]

May it please your Excel.y

We have been honour’d wt. your Excel.ys favours

of the 19th May In Obedience thereunto We sent Lawrence

Claese the Interpreter to the Onnondages to acq.t the Six

Nations that your Excel.y can’t possibly meet them here

this Summer but that your Excel.y will certainly meet

them early next year at this place as may appear

by the Inclos’d minutes. Two Smiths are also sent to

Onnondage to work for that Nation & allow’d them £25:–

& £5:– for tools to be left there

Mr. David van Dyck has excus’d himself of

being a Com.r any Longer, & has taken his leave from

this Board, have nothing to add at psent but that we

are wt great Respect

May it please your Excel.y

Your Excel.ys most humble & most

Obedient Servants


Pieter v Brugh             Henry Holland

Hend van Renselaer    Joh.s Cuyler

Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston


[0273] 135

Att a meetting of the Com.rs of the

Ind.n Affairs in Albany ye 11th June 1725

[See Wraxall p. 158]


Henry Holland

Johan.s Cuyler

Peter v Brugh              } Esq.rs Com.rs

Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston

Hend.k Renselaer

Lourence Claes the Interpreter being return’d from

Onnondage where he arriv’d the 27th of May & found there

Sachims of the Onneides Tuscaroras Cayouges & Sinnekes

who with those of Onnondage had treated wt. Mons Longuill

Lieut. Gov.r of Canada and acquainted the sd. Sachems wt.

Seven hands or Strings of Wampum for each Nation that

he was Sent by Order of his Excel.y Gov.r Burnet Esq.r &c

from the Com.rs to acquaint them that his Excel.y can’t

possibly meet them this year but will the next and

what he was farther order’d to tell them as pr the

Instructions Deliver’d him.

The Ind.ns seem’d well pleas’d wt. the Message he deliver’d

and said they were very glad that his Excel.y their Brother

Corlaer Stood by his work, only to Erect a trading house

and not a fort as they were Inform’d he Intended to do

and that they had nothing against his building a house

for promoting Trade

The Sachims of Onnondage Onneyde & Tuscaroras do

Return his Excel.y thanks for sending them Smiths

according to their request last year they have been

in great Want of them Ever Since that time, and will

make them very welcome

The Sachims acquainted the sd. Interpreter that

Mons.r Longuill had been there and departed from

Onnondage 25th of May, and had made to them a

proposition to the following Effect —


When I was last at this place I thought never to

come here again but am comanded by the Gov.r my

Master to visit you at this time and take this

Opportunity to tell you that he had heard you had

lost many of your Relations since I was last with you

and do Condole all the Dead of the Six Nations

as well those you lost in War as those that dy’d at home

Gave a Large [black-crossed out] Belt of black Wampum


[0274] 135a


I have heard that you are very Jealous of Us

w.ch is the Chiefest Reason of my Errand, and that

the Gov.r has Sent me hither I hope that the Old

Grudge that has been between Us on the War we had

against each other of Eight Years Continuance may

be over & forgott for Since that time the two Crowns

have been pleas’d to Conclude a peace & do live

amicably together, as we have done ever since

that time and do now promise for Ever to keep

Inviolable the peace we then made, and may hope

and expect the same from you Gave a Belt

It seems that there remains still some hatred

and malice in your hearts —- of that bloody

War w.ch has been between Us, but if you have any

regard for the prosperity of your posterity, I desire

you may forgett the old difference that has been

between Us and you and I promise on our Side to —

Imprint in the memory of our Children to observe the

treaties of Peace & friendship w.ch have been

between Us & we are oblig’d to pform lay down a

Belt. —


As it is peace as well at home as abroad, So hope

that the friendship that has been between Us

for some years past may be of a long Continuance

that our Children may rejoice & reap the benefit

of it, when we aged Men who are soon to be

laid in the Grave are Dead & Gone, therefore

if there be yet any Remains of the old Grudge

on you vomit the poison up not on the Ground

for then it may be seen again; but in a Swift

Torrent of Water that it may soon vanish away

that the Water may be Clear Gave a belt

I acquaint you that I am going to Tierondequat

from thence to the Sinnekes Country, thence

to Jagara where I’ll have a good Strong house

built for Trade, and design to sell Goods



[0275] 136

Cheaper then formerly, You as well as the farr

Ind.ns will be welcome to buy there when you have

Occasion for I also design to build two Vessels in

the Lake for transportation of Goods to and from

the sd. trading house


Att a meeting of the Com.es of ye

Indian affairs in Albany this 11th day

of June 1725

[See Wraxall fn p. 159 for mention of resistance to the act against trading with Canada.]


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker             }

Philip Livingston

Hend: v. Renselaer

Resolved by this board that Sumonces be

forthwith Issued and directed to the Sherrif of the

City & County of Albany to Cause the following

persons vizt. John Schuyler Stephanis Groesbeck

Nicoles Bleecker Cornelis Cuyler Hans Hansen Edward

Collins Dav:d Schuyler Jun.r Joh.s Roseboom Jun.r &

Gerrit Roseboom Jun.r to appear before any two or

more of the Com.es in order that they may be tendred

the oath Mentioned in an act of Generall assembly

of the Colony of n: york Entituled an act for the further

and more Effectuall prohibiteing the Selling of Indian

goods to the french, the sd. warrants were Sign’d &

Deliver’d to ye sd Sherrif who brought [illeg.-crossed our] before this Board

the said psons (Except John Schuyler & Gerrit Roseboom Ju.r)

who all took the said oath as also Jacob verplank —


[0276] 136a

[Wraxall summary. p. 159.]

Att a meeting of ye Com.es of ye

Com.es of the [sic] Indian affairs in albany

this 19th day of June 1725


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker             } Esqrs. Com.es

Ph: Livingston

Henry van Renselaer

A Sachim of the Indians Called Jenondadies

named Schaojiese Liveing near a french Settlement

Called by them detroit appeared before the Com.es and



I see you are mett together, tho’ you are not all known

unto me. I am Informd that you do Represent his Ex.ly the

Gov.r therefore I desird to see you. and tell you yt. I am

Come a Road which you have opend for all the Indians

who live in the upper Countries to come to trade with

the Inhabitants of this place.


The Sachims of my nation knowing of my Intention that

I was Resolved to go hither on purpose to trade have

desired me to deliver you a message from them [we-crossed out] & that they have

heard at their Castle that they have lost a Brother who

dyed lately at this place (meaning Coll Schuyler) and its

naturall that they Should be Concernd for the Loss of a

good frind & Brother, you are Sitting as weapeing

for that great Loss. and by this String of wampum

we do wipe of your tears


I do not Speake in my name but in the name

of the Sachims who Sent me, who are very thankfull

that you sent messengers to them & Severall far Indian

Nations to come to trade with the Inhabitants of

this Province who did assure them in your name

that they and their people & all upper nations Should

always be welcome hither and that the path Should be

Clean & free to pass & Repass without the least molestation

and yt. the More of ye sd. nations come hither with beav.rs

& peltry to trade ye more Merchandise would be here

to Supply them withall & ye Cheaper, which we do


[0277] 137

now find to be so. [illeg. crossed out] and are perswaded yt

you keep your Promises for which Return you thanks

gave a belt of wampum


That the Sd. Sachims are Informd that Coll.o Peter Schuyler

& Mr. Hend. Hanson are dead who were true frinds to

the Indians. wherefore they desire that their Eldest Sons

may be accepted in their places that the tree may grow under w.h all ye upper nations may Shelter themselves    gave a belt

­            That you may Injoyn your people to Sell us good Rum

for we are great Lovers of Liquor, they do often put water

in what they do sell us. which by the heat of the

wheather before we can gett home becomes of little use

to us    gave a few Skins.


Answer of the Com.ers

We are very glad to see you here and that you are come

on such a good Errant from the Sachims of Jenondadies

we desire you to Return them thanks for ye Concern they

seem to have for the death of our Brother who you

Condole by a String of wampum to wipe of our tears

we do in like manner Condole the dead of all your

nation gave a String of wampum


We are very well pleasd that your Sachims have taken

notice of ye message we Sent to Encourge them & ye far

Indians to come hither to trade with the Inhabitants of

this Province. we do in behalf of his Ex.ly our Govr

Promise & Engage yt. the path he has opend for all ye. far

nations Shall always be kept Clean & open for ym all

and do assure you that Shall be always wellcome

whenever they do come. we Conceive that goods are

Sold at a very moderate rate as we think you can

reasonably desire: that the traders do put water in ye

Rum they do Sell you is what we Shall discontinuance

as much as lyes in our Power. by your keeping a


[0278] 137a

a Continual Commerce you will find out those base

people who Cheat & deceave you in trade So that you

may avoid them, and have only to do with those who

you find to be honest & fair dealers   gave a belt of wampum

We are Surprisd at the desire of ye Sachims of the

Jenondadies to have the Sons of Coll.o Peter Schuyler

& Mr. Hendrick Hanson in Room of their dec.d fathers

as Commissioners. its thing not in our power to grant

and that is only Invested in our Governour who

appoints Such Persons as he pleases. So that you may

Inform your Sachims that ye tree of peace & frindship Shall

Stand as fast as ever and it Shall be Cultivated that it

may sen[d?] Strong Roots in the ground and you & all upper

nations Shall be welcome to Shelter under the same

gave him a [pistol?] for ye use of him & those Sachims who Sent him

The Said Sachim was very thankfull & Said he would

acquaint the Sachims of his Nations of the kind Reception

and treatment he mett with at this Place


Jean Fafar alias Maconte and Joseph Montour

the first being nephew & ye last Son of Montour who

was murderd by means of the french for Incouraging

the far Indians to come & trade with the Inhabitants

of this Province, appeared before this Board who

Informd the Commisiones that they Sett out in

Company with nine Canoes of Twightwigh Indians

(among whom they live & are marrd to Squas)

with an Intent to come hither, but by the way

meeting with some people of this place at ye falls of

onneyde who Stapd them there. They Say yt ye sd. Indians

have directed them to tell their Brother Corlaer that

it seems as if the path is Stopd, that they can come

farther then that fall by Reason yt: ye people of this

place Stopd them. So yt. they cant Come any more


[0279] 138

to this place to Renew their former treaties & Engagemts.

and desire to know the Reasons. gave a few dr. deer &

a Calamet Pipe.

That when those Sachims are Informd yt. ye path

is open & free theyl come with all their people on

account of trade ye next Spring


The Commissioners answer

We are very much Rejoyed to see you here and that

the people above have not been able to Stop you to Come

hither, it Pleases us to [illeg.-crossed out] hear yt. ye Twightwighs design

to Carry on their trade with the Inhabitants of this

Province. and that You are come to bring that Errand

which we take as an Inclination & affection you [Show – crossed out] have

for [our-crossed out] th English Nation. We [illeg.-crossed out] wonder at ye                      Long Stay

our [sic] ye Sachims of Twightwighs, Since they linkd them[selves]

in ye Covenant Chain we might Reasonably Expect they

would have Come before now to Renew their promises. that they suffer

themselves to be stopd & prevaild on to trade with our

people at ye onneyde falls must be their own fault

for they may freely come hither & none can hinder

them ag.t their Inclinations. we desire yt for ye future

they do not hearken to [any-crossed out] what private persons

come to tell them but to proceed in their [Journey] to

this place. where they may be Supplyd Cheap

Gave a Present of Rum & Strowds for the Sachims


[0283] 140

Att a meeting of the Com.es of

the Indian affairs in Albany ye 27th

July 1725

[Not in Wraxall.]


Joh.s Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Ev. Bancker                 }

Ph. Livingston

  1. v. Renselaer


Albany ye 27th July 1725

May it Please your Ex.ly

We have been honoured with your Ex.lys favours

of ye 9th Instant we hope your Ex.lys will not accuse us with

Concealing ye good Success of the trade on the Lake with

the fair Indians which has been attended this year with

a fair prospect of answering you Ex.lys Expectation tho

with Submission to yr Ex.ly we are Still humbly of opinion

yt. the trade will not be Effectually brought thither

only with ye. Cheapness of goods we Shall as soon as Conveni=

=ently may be procure Such an account as yr Ex.ly Requires

from us as fully as possible that it may be Ready to be

Laid before ye Assembly. Wee hope yt. our apprehensions

of the french power will never be of Ill Consequence to

this Province this new trade w.h we wish all



[0285] 141

{Wraxall p. 159.}

Albany the 12th August 1725–

May it Please you[r] Excellency

Since our Last of the 27th July we are In=

=formd that Severall Sachims of the Six Nations are gone

& going to Canada to treat with the Gov.r there. Some

Conjecture its to Sell the Land & fall on the onnondage

River where our People trade with the far Indians

which we hope may not be so.

David van Dyck & Goose van Schaik are

Returnd from Canada the Last Informs us that four

Indians from Scawiennadie an Indian Castle so Called

on the Island Montreal have killed Williams the Soldier

that has been misseing from Mount Burnet Some time

Since, its Said the Cachnawage Indians are much Con[cerned]

at this base act. and that their Sachims are on their

Journey hither

We hear that above 100 Indians of the 6

Nations are gone a fighting to virginia its Said to

Revenge the Deaths of 150 that were gone out that

way this Spring who they say are all killd by the Eng[lish]

& virginia Indians.

We have Issued Severall Sumonces to the

Sherrif to bring Sundry Suspected psons as ye Inclosed

List before us to tender the oath unto them provided

by ye act but none can be taken we do what

lyes in our power to prevent all Illegall trade but

find it to Litle purpose for Strowds is plentifully

(as is Said) Conveyd to the french as well by way of

onnondage River as directly from hench [sic] to Mont[re=]

al . Several from this place are gone thither on the

10th Instant came here 6 french Soldiers deserted from

Montreal whom at their request we have given

Liberty to Stay near this City to work for their

maintenance untill your Excell.ces orders Shall be

Known about them


[0286] 141a


We Shall have aheard Strugle to gett an Exact

account of what Bever & Skins that have been traded

near the Lake and what is Come from Canada, as to the

value of goods Carryed to the westward we can not pro=

=cure for many will not tell what they had. but we

are well Informd their profit is Considerable and

the number of Skins Exceeds above trible of what

has Come from Canada Since Spring and Severall

Companies are yet up in the Indian Country trading

is the needfull at psent from who are with great


May it please your Ex.ly

your Ex.ly most humble and

most obedient Servants

Henry Holland

John Cuyler

Peter van Brugh

Hendr:k van Rensselaer

Philip Livingston


[0287] 142

Att a meeting of the Com.es of the

Indians affairs in Albany ye. 2 Sept.


[Wraxall p. 159 et seq.]


Peter van Brugh

Ev: Bancker

Ph: Livingston

H: v: Renselaer

May it Please your Excellency

In obedience to your Excll.cys Letter of the 9th July

we have made Inquiry what quantity of Skins

have been brought hither by our peope [sic]from the

Indians Country and have not been able to gett

a more exact then the Inclosed. whereby it appears

that 738 boundles [sic] are brought beside 50. od boundles

Since the account was taken; Some Comy.es are yet

in the Country what they will bring is uncertain

we are Imformd that 43 Canoes with far Indians

have been here & at Schinectady this Summer

who by Compatation have brought 200 Boundles

Harme vedder & Comp.y are Returnd who have as is

reported 60 packs, we are gett no exact accot. of

what goods has been Carryed up So hope that this

Generall Acc.t may be of Service to your Excell.cy it

exceeds that from Canada from whence are only

come to this time 176 boundles beaver & DDeer a

Leiut. Blood Imforms us. we are assured that is

noted above near 200 boundles. we take no notice

of what has been traded here & at Schinechtady

neither do we think it Justice that we Should

Conceale that we are Informd that part of these

Skins have been traded [here – crossed out] from ye Indians of the

5 nations with great Respect we Remain

May it Please yr. Ex.ly

your Excel.y most Humble

& most obedient Servant

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston

Hend.r van Rensselaer


[0288] 142a

A List of the Names of the Several persons who have gone & trade

with the farr I nations of Ind.ns since Last Spring & the number

of their Canoes & Bundles of Skins besides small furrs which

they brought Down [McIlwaine fn in Wraxall p. 160 notes this list.]


1724 [1725] Canoes Bundles of skins
March 27 Jochim Matthys David & Johan.es van der Heyd.n Jochim Kettelhuyn & Dowe Fonda with an Indian and Squa 3 75
John Fairly with a hird man 1 11
Cornelis, Joh.s Adrian & Hend.k v: Slyck Barn.dus Brat Jean Montour & 1 hir man 3 40
Ahasueris, John, & Gerrit Marselis, Arent Stevins & Sam.l Hagedoorn 2 16
Juriaen Hogan Jochim Bratt Gerrit Bratt & William Hogan 2 22
Aukus and Harme van Slyck 1 12
Peter Groenendyck Johan.s Beekman Jun., Gerrit Marselis & a hird man 2 19
Jacob Glen Jun.r & Nicholas Bleecker 1 13
Henry Koster, Johan.s Bleecker Jun.r & Gerr.t Roseboom 1 10
Jacob Cornelis Guillien Verplanck Joha.s van Denbergh, Johan.s A Schuylr Luykas wyngaert & a hird man 2 32
Hen.k Robert Johan.es Roseboom Gerrit Lansing & Richard Hansen 2 28
Jelles Fonda Daniel Danielse, Isaac Trueax Wilhelm Vedder & Peter Clement 2 23
April 21 Johan.s G. Lansingh and Abraham Lansingh Jun. 1 14
May 1 Ahasueris & Jan Marselis NB for a second time 1 11
Arent Stevens & Sam.l Hagedoorn NB for a Sec. time 1 10
Jeremy Schuyler, Nich. Schuyler & Jacob Wendell with a hird mand & Ind.s 4 93
12 John ffairly with a hird man NB for a Second time 2 47
Jacob Lansing & Jacob Glen 2 28
Jacob Trueax, Reyer Wemp & Sander Lansing 1 7
Johan.es vedder Jun. & Gysbert van Brakel 1 11
Nich.s wyngaert Luykas wyngaert & Adam Condie 1 19
18 William Hall and Arent Stephens 1 11
24 Peter winne Guillien Verplanck & 3 hird Men NB a Second time to G planck 2 63
[May 24] Benjamin van vlecq, Jacob Brower & William Marenus 1 7
June Andries Nack Isaac Kip Ephraim Wendell & Johan.s Wyngaert 2 18
21 Cornelis Verplanck Abr.m Schuyler Jun. & Gerrit Lansingh Jun. NB a 2d time 1 14


Johan Lansingh Harm.es Schuyler Gerrit Brat & a hird man 1 17
Jacob Glen Jun. & nich.o Bleecker Jun. NB for a Second time 1 10
47 701


[0289] 143

Carried Over 47 701
Gerrit Rooseboom & Abraham Lansingh 1 10
Luyckes wyngaert & Dan.l Bradhead NB sd.

Bradhead hird a man for himself

1 7
David vander Heyden & Symon Vedder NB for a

Second time to sd. vander heyden

Hend.k Rose boom John Roseboom & Rich. hansen 1 8
Isaac Graveraat & Ahasweris Roseboom 1
Jochim Kettelhuyn and Jelles D Garmoy NB

a second time

Johim Bratt and Barnardus Brat
Jurian Hogan William Hogan Jun. & Joh.s Beekman
Johan.s G Lansing & Peter Schuyler NB a Second

time to sd. Lansingh

Benjamam van Vlecq and         Brower NB a

Second time to sd. van vlecq



The above written List is an

Exact Number of the Persons

names who have traded this

Last Spring & Summer in the

Indians Country with an account

of what boundles Beaver & D D[eer]

Skins they have brought hither

taken from the best Information

that Could be got by


Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Philip Livingston

Hend.r van Rensselaer


[0290] 143a

[Not in Wraxall.]

Att a meeting of ye Com.es of ye

Indian affairs in Albany ye. 6th

Sep.r 1725.


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Ph: Livingston

Henry vn: Renselaer

We take Leave to Inform your Exce.ls that on

Satarday last Collo: Mynd. Schuyler & Capt D’Peys.r

Returnd from Canada, who where this day tenderd

the oath Provided by act of Assembly to be taken

by psons Suspected to have traded with the french

Kings Subjects for Indian goods w.h oath they took

they inform us that ab.t three weeks ago 150

Indians are gone from Montreal fighting tow=

=wards N:England and that they came through

the Camp of the Indians near Chambly who

Designd to go thither, but thought those Last

would turn bak they tell us that the french

and their Priests publickly assist & press them

to go to war.

That the Sachims of the Six Nations

are arriv’d in 20 Canoes at Montreal who at

their arrivall were Saluted with the Discharge of ye.

Canon That the french are Strongly fortify:

ing the Town of Montreal with a Stone

wall. that great Quantities of Strowds are

Plantifully Sent from hence to Montreall

they having Seen Severall ps.

Harme vedder & Comp.ns are Returnd from ye.

Sinneks Country and the Smiths from onnondage

as for particulars we beg leave to Refer your

Ex.ly to Coll.o Renselaer & Schuyler with our best

Respects wee Remain,

Hen: Holland

Peter v: Brugh                                     May it Please

Evert Bancker                                     your Ex.ly

Ph Livingston                                      your Ex.lys most humble

Hend: van Renselaer                           and most obediant Servants


[0291] 144

It is Resolved yt. a letter be write & an Express be

sent to n:England Informing the people their of [ye-crossed out]

two parties of Indians that are on their march to their



Att a meeting of y. Com.rs of ye

Indian affairs in albany this 7th day

of September 1725:

[Not in Wraxall.]


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh          }

Ph. Livingston

The Sachims of the Sinnekes appeard before

the Com.es who Informd them that Eleven Sachims

of their castle Canossodage & Six from onnahee are gone

to montreal

with Sachims of ye other 5 nations to Condole ye death

of ye Lieut Gov.r [illeg.-crossed out] of Canada mon.r D Ramsay

  1. they would not go


[0293] 145

[Wraxall p. 160]

Att a meeting of the Com.es of ye

Indian Affairs in Albany this 10th

day of September 1725


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh          }

Evert Banker

Philip Livingston


Leiut: Coll:o Stephanis Groesbeek being arrived from

Montreal Informs this Board that as he was

past Laprerie on his Journey hither an Express Came

to him from the Sachims of ye Cacknawage Rondax &

Skawinnadie Indians with Seaven hands of wampum

to [deliver] a message that they would be at this

Place abt. the first of october next and desired then

to meet here his Ex.ly Gov.r Barnet the Bov.r of Boston

and the Sachims of ye Six Nations.


[0294] 145a

[Not in Wraxall.]

Albany 10 Sept 1725


Since our Last of ye. 8th Instant, we are assured by

one of this place who arrivd last night in 13 days from

Canada that ye. 140 Indians we Informd you lay

Encampd near Chambly with a design to go out ag.t your

fronteers are actually Returnd home partly by ye psuasions

of people of this place and partly by their Sachims

that ye 150 Indians Said to be out are gone to ye Eastwd

yet we hear their number is uncertain neither can we

be Informd whether they are in one Body or in parties

but we are told that one party of nine and another of

14 Indians are out wta design to be Skulking about y.r

westren fronteers of ye last gray Lock is Leader.

we hope these two parties may be discoverd & defeated

by your outskouts to prevent their future attempts

we hear ye Indians are weary of ye war and would long

Since have Come to terms of peace & Submission if

the Gov.r of Canada & his priests did not Encourage & Sett

them on ag.t ye people of your Govern.ts it will be a

great Satisfaction to us to hear yt. our advice be of Service

to ye publick as we heartily wish it may be. the Inclosed

is [illeg. crossed out] for ye Gov.r w.h we desire you to forw.d to him with

all possible dispatch (as also this letter for his perusall)

it being as we suppose of Consequence with Respect

We Remain


To ye Justices of peace at Westfield


[Wraxall p. 160]                                                         Albany 10 Sepr 1725

hon.ble Sir

We should think it a neglect of our Duty as we

have ye hon.r to be appointed by his Ex.ly Gov.r Burnet

Esq. &c. to Represent him here in Relation to Indian

Affairs not to Inform you without [loss] of time of a

message this day Brought [illeg.-crossed out] us by one of this

place (who arrived last night in 13 days from Canada &

who deliverd us Seaven hands of wampum from ye part


[0295] 146

of ye Sachims of ye Cachnawages Rondax & Skawinnadie

Indians Living in Canada desireing thereby to Speak

with you or some deputed by you, his Ex.ly our Gov.r & ye

Sachims of ye 6 nations at this City by ye first of octobr next

but about what Subject this proposed meeting is to be

we Cannot Inform you. tho he Said yt Some Sachims

of ye Eastren Indians were at Cachnawage so that its

Conjecturd that there may be some proposalls made of

a peace between you & them which we heartily

wish may be brought to a happy & desired Issue

[illeg.] we hear yt. ye. Indians themselves are weary of

this war but are vigorously Sett on & supported by

the Gov.r of Canada & their priests. we write by this

Express to y Justices of westfield Informing ym. of ye

motion of ye Enemy. w.h we desire ym to forwt to you

[illeg.] for ye better Information. we intend to advice

his Ex.ly Gov.r Burnet of our proceeding in this affair

which we flatter ourselves will be approvd of by him

we Remain with Respect


To ye Hon.ble Wm Dummer

Esq. Leut Gov of ye Massch. Bay

your very humble servants


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Banker

Ph. Livingston


[0302] 149a

[PAGE HAS A LARGE X THROUGH IT BUT IS STILL LEGIBLE – almost the same as p. 146a]

Att a meeting of the Com.rs of Ind.n

Affairs in Albany the 26th of

Sept.r 1725


Henry Holland

Peter v Brugh

Evert Bancker

Henry Renselaer

Philip Livingston

Twelve of the Sachims of Onnondage Cayouge

and Tuscaroras being arriv’d at this City last

night appear before this Board Say to be

appointed and Deputed by the Six Nations to

enquire Concerning some affairs, since there

are so often reports spread among us & to see

if we can’t prevent such Stories

We made a Treaty with the Gov.r of Virg.na

in 1722 in behalf of the Christians and Indians

in that Government, in which Treaty we

engaged to be Security for the Ind.ns living

in Canada, who have to our great grief & without

our Consent and knowledge since that time

twice done mischief once they have taken an

Indian, and at another time a Negroe Boy

but we hear they are both sent home

Whoever it be that goes out a fighting

either from Canada or from any of our Castles

it is without our order and Consent, and

if peradventure any of our people should

come over the Limitts preserved by our

Treaty in 1722 and should be taken prison.rs

we desire they may be sent home as those

two persons have been sent to

We desire that you will keep that peace


[0296] 146a

[Document has been edited in a different hand. Wraxall has partial summary p. 160 et seq.]

Att a meeting of the Com.rs of

the Ind.n Affairs in Albany the

26th of September 1725


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Henry Renselaer

Philip Livingston        Twelve of the Sachims of Onnondage

Cayouge and Tuscaroras being arriv’d at this City

last night appear before this Board, Say to be

appointed to enquire concerning some Affairs

since there are so often reports spread among

us and to see if wee cant prevent such Stories

first we desire you to Repeat unto us the treaty that has been [made] between ye

govern.t of virginia & his Indians and our severall nations. which [smear] done they                                                                                               [said] [smear]it

so agreed on, as it was Enterd. then they said by DKanasore their Speaker

Brother asharigo

We made a Treaty with ye the Gov.r of Virgin.a

in 1722 in behalf of the Christians & Indians

of that Governm.t in which treaty we engag’d

to be security for the Ind.ns living in Canada, who

have to our great grief and without our Consent

or knowledge since that time twice done mis=

=chief there once they [have taken – crossed out] took an Ind.n & another

time a Negroe boy, but we hear they are

both sent home

Whoever it be that goes out a fighting

either from Canada or from any of our Castles

it is without our Consent & Order, and if perad=

=venture any of our people should come over the Limitts

prescribed by our Treaty of 1722

and should be taken prison.rs We desire

they may be sent home as these two prison.rs

have been sent back [you (here gave a belt.-crossed out]

We desire that they [you-crossed out] will keep that

peace and Treaty which was made between

[you – crossed out]


[0297] 147

them [You – crossed out] and us in 1722 inviolable, which we

promise to do on our parts, for if either of Us

should break it it might be both our Ruins

gave a Belt to Confirm the peace and to

keep the Covenant Chain bright and Clear

if it might be grown Rusty

Brother Corlaer           We come to make our Complaints to

you that we are but poor having no powder

we have bought as much as we were able to

purchase, but it proves so bad that it will

hardly give any Report and when it has

been one night charg’d in a Gun we can’t

fire it;

Brother Corlaer           We desire you not to sell us such bad

powder for the future we have often com=

plain’d on that Subject and now all the Six

Nations in General Join’d in it that there

may be good powder sold them, for it is a

great Deceit to sell a Comodity that is not

Good especially powder which is our chiefest


Brother Corlaer           We in behalf & by the express command

of all the Six Nations desire you to have Com=

=passion on Us and our young Men to Supply

them with powder Lead and flints to go hunting

for they are not able to buy it, and your Loss

cannot be great for the Skins they gett must

all come to be Sold here Gave a few Skins


[0298] 147a

Brother Corlaer           We desire you to extend and continue

your favour on Us in Sending us a Smith this

fall to work for the Onnondages Cayouges

Oneydes and Tuscaroras who might conveniently

supply those four Nations, the Sooner he can

be sent the better to make what is necesary before

our young men go on their hunting those Smiths

that have been last at Onnondage have

made but indifferent work for which if

you think fitt you may reprove them

but please to send any that is good if

it be the same we shall be glad to accept

them or other that is good

[ones?] Gave Seven hands Wampum

Brother            You desired our Consent to build a trading house

on the Onnondage River which we have

Consented to We see now some inconveniency

in it, that there might some mischief

arise from it by the Quantity of Strong

Liquor that is sold there because our

people are unruly when they are drunk

they might comit some mischief to our

Brethren or they to [us-crossed out] them w.ch should grieve

us very much, If you are inclin’d to keep

this trading place and build such a house

while [for-crossed out] our your Ind.ns [go-crossed out] often to there w.t an                                                                     Intent

to buy powder but find none & then buy Rum

with those Skins they design’d to lay out in

powder [wherewith-crossed out] but instead of that they get drunk &


[0299] 148

are troublesome to prevent any mischief

we desire you will for the future bring

there powder instead of Rum which we

might fetch here Gave seven hands of Wamp.m

We beg you to supply us with provisions

during our stay here


Att a meetting of the Com.rs of

the Ind.n Affairs in Albany the

27th Day of Sept.r 1725

[Not in Wraxall.]


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Hend.k v Renselaer

Philip Livingston

Seven Sachims of the Cachnawage

Skawinnadie and Rondax being arriv’d this

Day, appearing before this board they were

made wellcome by seven hands of Wampum

who after that Said

Brethren          You told us Just now that you were very

glad that we are safe arriv’d at this place

while many accidents might have hap=

=pen’d to Us in our Voyage hither either by

Water or otherwise as this is the place

appointed between you and the five Nations

for the place to treat about publick affairs

We do not come unawares but have sent

seven hands of Wampum as a Letter before

to acquaint you of it, Our Chief bussiness

that we are come about is to treat with the

Gov.rs of N York & Boston, Wherefore we desire

you to provide us with a Convenient Room

to lodge in and to meet about the Bussiness

we are come for that we may deliver our

Message as soon as may be. We have no Wampum

to give you in Return for w.ch desire you’ll excuse Us.


[0300] 148a

The Comiss.rs said

We have provided a Convenient house for you

with provisions and other Necessaries you

shall have occasion for during your stay

in this City We expect you’ll deliver your

Message this afternoon


Answer of the Com.rs to the

Speech the five Nations made


Brethren          We are very glad to hear you’ll endeavour

to prevent the evil Reports that are comonly

spread among you but the only way is then

not to hearken to what shall be infus’d in

your Ears by Evil persons who endeavour

to delude you and breed a Division among


What you say in Relation to the

Gov.r of Virgin.a we shall send a Copy of it to

our Gov.r & he will no doubt send it to

him, but we must exhort you not to suffer

any of your people to go beyond the bounda=

=ries fix’d and agreed to by the Treaty &

peace you made with that Governmt. in 1722

and that will prevent all Jealousies you have

of the Brethren of that Governmt. for we

are Certain they will never molest you if

you do not excite them to it and it will all=

=ways be expected that you answer for the mis=

=chiefs that shall be comitted either by your

people or those for whom you are become




[0303] 150 [Continues from 148a]

Security, so keep them all from going

over the boundaries Stipulated, and you

will then do what is expected from you

by the Governm.t of Virgin.a

We are sorry to find that you are so

impoverished that you are not able to purchase

powder sufficient for your men to go a hunting

and that what you have bought proves

so extream bad. We shall acquaint our

Gov.r of it, and desire him to write to

England that better powder may be made

for you, but we conceive that the greatest

Reason of your poverty is occasion’d by your

going a fighting against people who

never do molest you, and it were far better

for you to mind your hunting and that

would enable you to buy what you may have

Occasion for

We shall acquaint the Gov.r of your

Request for a Smith to reside at Onnondage

he will no doubt send one to work for you

and as many Nations as he can supply

[and yt. he be pleased to prove a good bellows for you-crossed out]

We are glad to see that you have such a

Concern for the peace and good understanding

that is between us and you & to pvent all

mischiefs that might insue by occasion of

your people in Drink at the new trading

place on the Onnondage River, We shall desire

our Gov.r to pvent traders to sell any Rum

to any of ye five Nations but only to the

far Ind.ns but they shall supply you there



[0304] 150a

with powder and Lead if any of your people

should have Occasion for it, if our Traders

should have no Rum to sell to the far Ind.ns

they can’t well gett Sale for their Ind.n Goods

We desire you to be kind to all traders

that shall go to trade on the Onnondage River or lakes &

to encourage and Invite all far Ind.ns to

carry on their trade w.t our people, they being

able to supply them much Cheaper then

the french can do

In Expectation that you will be Civil to all

our people that may come among you we

shall supply your psent urgent want & necessity

of Ammunition to enable your people to go a

hunting and have order’d that you shall

receive three barr.ls powder Lead and flints

The Indians said

We forgott yesterday to tell you that the

Smith’s bellows that is at Onnondage is old

and not fitt for any further service, if the

Gov.r should be so favourable to us as to allow

us a Smith We hope he will send us a pair

of Bellows. it beginns to be cold the sooner

it be done the better before winter Setts in.

We expected that you would send our proposal

about Virgin.a to our Brother Corlaer & desire him to forward ye

Same to the Gov.r of Virgin.a. You have recom=

=mended us to keep our Treaty and friendship

with him & his Indians

we hope & expect he will do the same, those

that bring us evil Reports do probably


[0305] 151

Bring him bad news, We desire he will

not hearken to it

You have recomended unto us we should

be kind to your people, that design to go a

trading in our Country we hope you never

heard any Complaints that we insulted

any of them nor any of the far Ind.ns We

promise to give them all the Encouragem.t

in our power & assist them in what we

are able; We return you thanks for your

kind supply of powder lead and flints


The Com.rs ask’d the Ind.ns what propositions

Mons.r Lequele had made to them in their


DKannasore said we have already told

Lowrence Claese that proposition w.ch we

doubt not but he acquainted you with, but

we omitted to tell him that as Mr Longuille

was going away & we had answer’d him

He said fathers I desire that you be not

surpriz’d when any blood shall be shed on

the Onnondage River or at the side of the

Lake for we and the English can’t well

abide one another, do you not meddle with

the Quarrel butt Set Still smoke & be neuter

DKannasore sd. to have sent a belt of

Wampum to Canada to answer the Gov.r there

to the above proposition w.ch Imports that

they are very much surpris’d how he can

propose such a thing that they should

trample on the Blood of their Brethren in

their own house & Country & not take any


[0306] 151a

notice of it, how he could expect it whilst

he makes no mention of his Ind.ns who are

numerous whether they would stay at home

or be concern’d in any quarrel that shall arise

if you have a mind to fight go to sea and fight

where you have Room


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of the

Indian Affairs in Albany the 28th

Day of Sept.r 1725

[Not in Wraxall.]


Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

Philip Livingston

Hend.k v Renselaer


The Sachims of Cachnawage Rondax and

Skawinnadie Ind.ns came this day before this Board

and laid down seven hands of Wampum to wype off

the Tears (after their manner) of those who are in

mourning for the man who some of their vilest

people have killed this Summer at Saraghtoge

and are come to heal that breach


Brethren          We shall begin with telling you that our

Ancestors have very prudently forseen in their

first entring of peace & the Covenant of friend=

=ship together, that when any accident or

mischief should happen [on-crossed out] either on the one side

or other, should be no breach of the Covenant

and friendship but that it should be reconcil’d

and made up by the aggressors in the best

manner it can be done


Brethren          Our people have Comitted a barbarous murder

in killing the Man at Saraghtoge, We do acquaint

you it has been done without our Order or knowledge

but as they belong to our tribes we are answerable

for that mischief and breach and desire you’ll



[0307] 152

forgive it and pass that fault Over, and desire

that you’ll put the vail from your faces & be

Joyfull and Sitt in the Light, that we may see

one another with Joy and Gladness, We have brought

an Ind.n woman to give in lieu of the man you

lost, tho it be not our maxim to do so yet we do

it to satisfie you for the breach that is comitted


Brethren          You Sett as one who is sick of excessive

[grief – crossed out] Drinking for the sorrow and grief of the man you

have lost, but for a medicine we lay down

this belt of wampum, to heal & Comfort your

hearts, that mischief has been Comitted on the

Score of going to fight ag.t N England, for the

young Men are unruly & can’t well be kept

from assisting the Eastren Ind.ns ag.tt N England

therefore we desire you to use your uttmost En=

deavour that an End may be put to this War.


Brethren          We have had several Conferences Concerning

the wellfare of us all, and you have allways

given us the honour to [be-crossed out] Call in the chiefes & Indians

living in Canada, and therefore we desire you

to forgive us that murder that has been comitted

by some of our vilest people & bury it in everlasting

Oblivion and that it may be forgott & not

upbraid or Reproach us for it That the path may be Clear & open

for us all & free from all Stones & Stumbling

Blocks, and that whenever we shall meet one

another it may be with kindness and friendship

Give a Belt of Wampum

The Com.rs told the sd Ind.ns to have receivd

seven hands of Wampum from them whereby



[0308] 152a

They desired to treat w.t the Gov.rs of N York and

Boston & the Six Nations at this time, that they

had sent Notice according to their desire to Boston

but the Gov.r there has sent word that he is to

have a Treaty with the Ind.ns engag’d in the War

about this time, and he desir’d the Com.rs to

receive the Message they had to deliver in

Relation to that Governm.t w.ch this Board was

now ready to receive

To which the sd. Ind.ns mad answer that they

would deliver their Message to this Board in Case

they would send for Coll.o John Schuyler Agent

for the Governm.t of the Massachusetts Bay, that

they had done in Relation to the Governm.t of

N York, and they had agreed to treat w.t him

alone in Case he could not be psent here, The Com.rs

told them they would not hinder Coll. John Schuy

=ler from being present but had reasons to suspect

he would not come, and if they would not deliver

their Message as desired by the Governm.t of Boston

they might expect this Board would acquaint

him of it, and they might do their pleasure to

treat w.t Coll.o Schuyler alone, that no pson would

hinder their so doing, but had one thing more

to offer, to desire them that if any of yr people

were inclin’d to go to Boston to pay the Gov.r

their a Visit they would be well entertain’d

and kindly received


Att a meeting of the Com.rs

of Ind.n Affairs in Albany

the 29th of Sept.r 1725


Henry Holland

Peter v Brugh

Evert Bancker

Philip Livingston

Henry v Renselaer


We have consider’d on the propositions

you made yesterday & can’t forbear to reproach



[0229] 113 [Not in Wraxall]

[OUT OF ORDER Handwriting changes from p. 112. Second part of September 29 1725 entry that begins on p. 152a [image 0308]]

You for the base & perfideous Action comitted

this Summer by some of your people in murdering

One of his Maj.es Soldiers & Subjects at a a time when

we thought no ill of you, Especially since we

had not long before cultivated a good understand

=ing between our Brethren of N England & your

several tribes, that you should be at peace & neuter

in the War, and had on that Score made a free

and open path for you to come freely to this

place to trade gave a Blanket —

It is true as you say that our Ancestors in their

first making the Covenant and friendship have

prudently forseen that no mean accident or

mischief that should be Comitted or happen

either on the one side or other should make

a breach of that Covenant, but that must be

understood of such Acts as are done on Surprise

or in heat of blood, but this base Action has

been done deliberately and with a Design as

we suppose to break the Amaty and good

Understanding thas [sic] has has been long since between

Us and to Stop up the Road that has been made

open and Clean for you to come hither gave a blkt

But such base Murders as this should be

punished on the Comitters of them, w.ch we should

have required had you not come to mediate and

reconcile that Affair, and since you do come

and acknowledge that this murder has been

Comitted by some of your vilest people & wt out

your Consent, We shall at your Instance, Desire

our Gov.r to forgive you that Injury on Conditition

that you promise to become Security to Deliver up


[0230] 113a

To Justice such of your people as shall for the

future offend in the like nature, and we do now

accept of the Squa instead of the Man as a

Token of your Repentance and sorrow for what

is past give a Belt

It is with great Concern that we must

tell you how little regard you have to your pro=

=mises and engagements your several tribes

made so lately to this Governm.t & in particular

to the Governm.t of Boston, A new Instance of

your breach of these promises we have had no

longer than yesterday, by your telling us as an

excuse [of-crossed out] that your people on pretence of going to

War [with-crossed out] [to] N England to assist the Eastern Ind.ns

they came on our fronteers and killed on of our

people, by which we plainly see that there is no

Dependence on any of your promises, for no sooner

you return home but you are put on by ye french

to any thing they please to molest us, but do

expect that you will faithfully perform all

your former Engagements & promises you have

in such solemn & publick manner of your own

Accord enter’d into with this & the neighbouring

Governm.ts & in particular that of Boston, So if

you will have a free & open Road we expect you to

demean your Self peaceably towards all his

Maj.es Subjects and pform your promises w.ch we

have allways done on our side Give a Belt.

They answer that they have w.t Attention

heard what we have s.d and do faithfully promise

to pform their Engagements, that they are not fully


[0231] 114

Impowered to promise to become security to

deliver up to Justice those of their people who

transgress for the future, but that article in

particular they shall comminicate to their

Sachims when they gett home and bring an

answer as soon as possible


Albany 29th Septem.r 1725 [Not in Wraxall]


We have been honour’d with yours of the

17th Instant [yt] your Messenger whom we have

detained four days expecting the arrival of

the Cachnawage Rondax & Shawinnadie

Indians with whom we had a Conference

yesterday in Relation to this Governm.t w.ch

being ended, We told them to have rec.d seven

hands of Wamp.m from them whereby they

desired to treat w.t your Governm.t w.ch they did

acknowledge, on that we acquainted them that

you are to have a Treaty about this time at Boston with

the Ind.ns engag’d in the War, and that you had

desired us to receive any Message they had to

deliver you, that you kindly accept the Testimony

of their Amity and good Affection towards you

They wrould deliver their Message in presence of Coll. Jn.s

Schuyler & not to us wt out him alledging that he is

your Agent, perceiving they were not inclind

to deliver their Message w.t out him, We must take

leave to refer you to him who we doubt not will by

this Opportunity acquaint you w.t what they came

to say. We heartily wish it did lye in our power

to serve you in Relation to this Ind.n War, We have

propos’d to them that some of their number should

go and pay you a visit at Boston but can’t find that

any are inclined to go tho we assur’d them of your frien=

ship & kind treatm.t tow.ds them, We hope you will have

success in making a firm and lasting peace w.t the [illeg. blot]

Ind.ns w.t respect we remain              Henry Holland

Philip Livingston        Peter van Brugh

Henry Renselaer         Evert Bancker


[0232] 114a

[Summary Wraxall p. 161]

Att a meeting of the Com.rs of Ind.n

Affairs in Albany the 10th Day

of October 1725


Henry Holland                        } Esq.rs Com.rs

Evert Bancker             }

This Day appeard before this Board

Six Sachims of the Six Nations & said

by Thanentsaronwe their Speaker

Brother Corlaer

We are come here to Complain to you of our

Grievances & Inform you of the Inconveniency

of that trading house at the Onnondages River

by Reason of the Strong Liquor brought thither

by the Traders, One of our principal Sachims

called Sogeanjawa is Stuck Dead w.t a knife

and several have their Noses and Ears cutt off

& likewise nine of the farr Ind.ns have killed

one another

We come in the Name of all the Six Nations

to forbid the carrying thither any Strong Liquor

for it may be the Occasion of very great Divi=

=sions between the Christians & Ind.ns & the ruin

of the Six Nations

We desire that Strong Liquor may not

be brought, not for us only, but that none may

be carried for the far Ind.ns and if they want

it let them fetch it from Albany, and we will

do the Same, So shall have no reason to upbraid

our Brethren

Brethren          You may come & trade among us where

you like best, and w.t any Sort of Goods you please

but are utterly against your carrying any more Strong

Liquor among Us

Brother Corlaer           It is Good pleasure we live in peace

and quiet Yet are alway [sic] uneasie lest you and

Gov.rs of Canada differ about the Trade, for

we perceive you cannot very well bear one



[0233] 115

Another, therefore we pray you not to be

the Occasion of Shedding blood in our Land

where you may trade and converse all along

the Onnondage River and Cadarachquas Lake

to Thierondequat, and should any of your

people chance to meet w.t any french, desire

they may kindly love & friendly greet one

another, We our selves have said ye Same

to the Gov.r of Canada, that he should not

be the Occasion of any blood Shedding in our

Land, We have given him leave to use ye Lake

of Cadarachqua for his peoples free passage

Brother Corlaer           You told us you had Stop’d the Way to

Canada, that no Strowaters [sic – s.b. strowds?] should be carried —

thither, Yet we find that this Summer the

Strowds have been carried to the Onnondage

River & sold there to the french, w.ch we shall

further declare to our Brother next Spring

when he shall please to call a meeting, Upon

w.ch we give a Belt of Wampum

Brother Corlaer

This place was of old appointed for us to

meet & speak w.t one another, We have heard y.t

your people who trade in our Country, report

that they encourage & draw the far Ind.ns to Albany

but we will not give them that honour, We our

Selves have done it, We have gone from —

Nation to Nation & desired them to come to Albany

to trade, And we acq.nt you that we have

gaind five Nations to come & trade at this place

from year to year, w.ch they will not decline

except the Gov.r of Canada delude them, We have

now our Ambassadors ready to send to the farr

Nations of Ind.ns to request them to come & trade

at Albany. We are the Nations that lye nearest

the far Ind.ns And we must always bear the Charges

of Belts of Wamp.m & Blkts, Therefor Brother we pray


[0234] 115a

you to assist us w.t Strowds powder & lead. Else

we shall not be able to speak w.t ym any longer

Brother Corlaer           We have heard yt. you sent this Summer

to Onnondage to acq.t the Six Nations you could

not meet us this year because the Kings business

hindere’d you, Which Message was not rightly

brought to us from Onnondaga, for had we rec’d the

Message Right, We would not come hither this

Sumer, So when you are pleas’d to send us any

Message, Send it Directly to the Sinnekes

for the Ind.ns are forgetful in Delivering their


Brother Corlaer           It is now a year or two since we desired a

Smith, We have had one but not according to our

mind, But now Brother we desire y.t [a good Smith – crossed out]

Myndert Wemp may be sent up to us w.t all Tools

fitting for his business, And we should be very

glad if he might go w.t us now, We were in hopes

to have mett a Smith by the way


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of Ind.n

Affairs in Albany this 11.th of October

1725 [Summary Wraxall p. 161.]


Henry Holland            } Esq.rs Com.rs

Evert Bancker

Answer of the Com.rs to ye proposition

made yesterday by ye Sachims of

the Six Nations

We heard your proposition yesterday w.t Attention

wherein you laid before us your Grievances. Occasi=

=on’d by the Selling of Strong Liquor at the Trading

house on the Onnondage River. the great want

you are in of a Smith, & likewise your Uneasi=

ness in Case any difference should happen

between our people and the french, who come

thro’ your Country to trade, all w.ch we shall

carefully acquaint his Excellency our Govern.r

with by the first Opportunity



[0235] 116

You say that you are the Nations who ly nearest

the far Ind.ns by reason of w.ch you are put to great

Charge of Belts & Bltkts to speak wt. them

to draw them hither to trade, We heartily

thank you for your Care & Diligence in that

particular & shall acquaint his Excel.cy of it

w.ch no doubt will be pleasing to him. We

now give you 50 lb of powder 100 lb of lead

6 blkts of Strowds & 2 keggs of Rum to be

kept in Store to speak wt the far Ind.ns on


It was resolved at this meeting to write

the following Letter to his Excellency Viz.t


May it please your Excely                 Albany 11.th October 1725

We take leave to inform your Excell.y

that on Saturday last arriv’d at this City Six

Sachims of ye Six Nations w.t Lowrence Claese

the Interpreter who appear’d before this Board

Yesterday & made a proposition Minutes

whereof & also our Answer thereto is Inclosed

with our best Respects we remain

May it please your Excell.y

Your Exce.ys most humble and

most obedient Servants

Sign’d Henry Holland

Evert Bancker


[0236] 116a

{Not in Wraxall.]

Att a meeting of the Com.rs

of Ind.n Affairs in Albany this

4th Day of Nov.r 1725


Henry Holland } Esq.rs Com.rs

Evert Bancker

Having this Day rec.d from Jos: Willard

Esq.r Secretary of the Massachusets Bay

a Letter writ by Order of the Lieut. Gov.r and

Assembly of that Province

Resolved by this Board an Answer thereto should

be sent to s.d Secretary Willard w.ch is as follows


Albany 5.th Nov.r 1725

Mr. Livingston being from home, Am Order’d

by the Com.rs of Ind.n Affairs here to acquaint you

that they rec.d your Letter without Date, acquainting

them that your Lieut. Gov.r & Council has rec.d

from Coll Stoddard their Intelligance of the setting

out & March of the Ind.ns from Canada towards

your frontiers w.ch they hope has prevented —

their Cruel Designs, This Week arriv’d here

some Gentlemen from Canada but bring no News

save that Gov.r Vaudreuille is Dead, They Assure

you to Continue their Intelligence of the Motion

of the Enemy from time to time with all Care and

Diligence possible as Occasion offers, Am

with great Respect


Your most humble Servt

was Sign’d James Stevenson


[0237] 117


Att a meeting of the Com.rs of y.e

Indian affairs in Albany y.e 25th of

Nov:r 1725. [Not in Wraxall]


Henry Holland

John Cuyler

Peter van Brugh          } Esq.rs Com.rs

Evert Bancker

Ph. Livingston

Henry van Renselaer

Whereas his Ex.y Wm. Burnet ye Capt. Gen

and Gov. in Chiefe of ye Provinces of new york [&] Jersey [met]

in Councill has directed ye Com.rs of Indian affairs at Albany

to send Smiths among ye 5 nations of Indians to work for [ym]

in Pursuance whereof they

[illeg – crossed out] have this day agreed with Jacob Browe[r]

Smith and Harme vedder Jun.r to go to onnondage to work

for the Indians Such Smiths work as they have occassion

for from the date of these psents untill ye. 15th Septem.br

now next Ensueing for which they are to be paid by the

Governm.t [illeg. – crossed out] when they shall have p formed yt

work the Sume of thirty five pounds and necessary [toils]

Steal & Iron.

The Com.rs have write ye Jacob Brower ye

following letter to Jurian Hogan Smith at psent Resideing

at ye Sinnekes Country

Albany 25 Nov.r 1725

Mr Jurian Hogan

His Ex.cy the Gov.r in Councill have allowd

for a Smith to Stay in ye. Sinnekes Country for a year Twenty

five pound to work for the Indians as occasion Shall Require

and for his assistant ten pound. Since you are there it will be

in your way to accept of this money and your Brother and

Lansingh to have the ten pound between them, which

the Com.rs do hereby offer unto you and them. on Condition

that you and they Stay there till ye 15[th] of September next

to perform Such Smiths work as Shall be necessary for ye Indians

but in ye mean time Lansingh or your Brother have

Liberty to Come hither on their Lawfull Business if

Either of y. do desire it. is the need full at psent from


[0238] 117a

Att a meeting of ye Com.rs of ye

Indian affairs in Albany ye [16th – crossed out]

[Dec.r 1725 – crossed out]



[blank space in original]



Att a meeting of ye. Com.rs of ye Indian

Affairs in albany ye [16 X.ber] 1725

[Not in Wraxall]

Present                        Copy

Phil. Livingston

Henry Holland

Peter van Brugh

Evert Bancker

[H.] van Rensslaer

Having this day Received a letter from Capt. Jno

Collins of Schinectady. Informing the Com.rs that there

came a Christian boy from the maquas Country who has been

taken by some of our upper nations and brought to

Canajohahare [sic] where he Remaind two year and that he has

been two year since that at the foremost Castle. that ye Indians

to whom he is given are very Cross to him. that he was told

by Some Indians to Run away as soon as possible otherwise

he would Either be killd or Burnt. his father & he being

hird to drive the traders horses were taken at ye same time

and also

[0239] 118

and also a Negro. and about fifteen horse load of goods. they

took at ye same time from ye Traders. the boy desires ye Christians

to secure him from ye fury of ye heathen being afraid of his

life and willing to live among ye Christians. this is ye

account Lourence Claese gives from his discourse with him

in Indian for ye boy has forgott his English in a great measure

It is Resolved to write a letter to Capt Collins forthwith

to Send the boy hither that he may be Securd from ye fury

of the Indians till his Ex:cy Govern.r Burnets pleasure

shall be known.


Copy                           Albany ye 20th Dec.r 1725 [Not in Wraxall]

In pursuance of ye Com.rs Letter of ye 6th Instant to Capt

Collins he has Sent ye English boy who [has] been

taken by our upper Indians he being almost naked

Resolvd y.t [that – crossed out] he be Cloathed and Logd at Capt. Banckers

till next Spring