Schedule of propositions made by the Indians and answers given to them Part 2: Notes for Minute Book I: Jan. 3 1705 to Dec. ? 1706

RG 10, A.3.a, VOLUME 1839

Indian Affairs Commission for Indian Affairs. Albany

Schedule of propositions made by the Indians and answers given to them

Part 2: Notes for Minute Book I: Jan. 3 1705 to Dec. ? 1706

transcription and notes by Ann Hunter 2015-2016; All text not in the public domian is copyright © Ann Hunter

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This part of the S of P continues the tabular format, but I stopped using it in my transcription.



S of P = Schedule of Propositions

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Wraxall = Peter Wraxall, An Abridgement of the Indian Affairs … (ed. Charles H. McIlwain) Cambridge: Harvard U. Press, 1915.


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28206 [0066] 58.


1704 17 Dec.                         p. 703


Meeting of Commissioners for the managing Indian Affairs

Captain Abraham Schuyler Lawrence Glacer [Claessen] Interpreter


Acquainting the Commissioners that 2 of their Indians are come from Canada to within Six Miles of Schenectady who state they saw the Caguawaga holding Meetings with the French for their Journey with an army of French who set out from Canada


Wraxall 42 has more complete account.


1705 3 [?] Jan.y         p. 704


Meeting of Commissioners for the Managing Indian Affairs


Sacoagioyir a french Indian arrived from Canada informs that on consideration of the two Belts of Wampum by the Colonel Schuyler and the rest of the Government in August last sent to Canada whereby the Praying Indians then in the Castle of Cagnawaga were desired to come and settle in the Mohogs Country says that the said Indians have had several disputes with the Govt. of Canada they have resolved to come hither and stay here and that three of the Chiefs Sachems of the said Castle are now on their way & others have resolved to come in the Spring.


Wraxall 43 describes this a little differently with no date. S of P adds details.





28207 [0067] 59.


1705 8 Jan.                p. 705


Meeting of the Commissioners


Last Saturday night being the 6th Instant Captain A. Schuyler & Lawrence Clease Interpreter came home from Onnondaga to inform them that the french ambassadors who were said to become to Onnondaga were only come to the Sinnekes who desired and had a Meeting before they came there when he the Governor of Canada named condoled with the death of those lately deceased among the Oneydes, Onnondagas Cayugas & Sinnekes.


Wraxall summary p. 43 has clearer more detailed account but S of P adds details.


1705 3 [8] Jany


Commissioners appointed to manage Indian Affairs to Johannes Bratt

Captain of a party of a [party] of outskirts-


Instructions as to the place they are to move to, and the route to take from whence an army coming from Canada may be spyeed and then to continue till March [sont] keeping a watchful eye


Not in Wraxall.




28208 [0068] 60.


1705 15 Jan.y                        p.707


Meeting of Comms. for Managing Indian Affairs


Col. [?] Schuyler

Captain Johannes Schuyler

Captain E. Bank

Captain M. Schuyler

Mr. J: Parke

& The Canashyaddsiyo

& other Chief Sachems of Oneydes


Their young men have been ready to fight with the French since the last July and they now come to hear when you design them to move on [illeg] or when an Enemy shall be spyed.


The Commissioners accept of their [offer?] and design that their young men be ordered to stay 30 days at home and that as soon as occasion requires they will give notice to them to come down ordered for the said sachims twelve pounds of Powder and other Goods


Wraxall summary 44; S of P adds details. Handwriting changes to a much clearer hand.


1705 19 Jan.y


Commissioners appointed for the management of Indian Affairs


are informed by Captain John & Abraham Schuyler Low Jacob that the Sachim of the Shaahkook Indians with Twenty of the Cheoffe Indians have gone to Canada upon the invitation of the Governor regarding the late Peace by Belts of Wampum.


Not in Wraxall.

28209 [0069] 61.


1705 29 Jan.y                        p. 709

Commissioners for management of Indian Affairs


Information on the second Instant having been given by an Indian arrived from Canada the Commissioners have resolved to renew the 2 Belts of Wampum which we sent in August last to the Indians of Cagnawaga by sending 2 other Belts vist one from the Commissioners and one from the Mohogs by the hands of Cahoangowaga to the Sachims of the said Castle of Cagnawaga and that therefore to shew a right understanding in that matter we desire them to come and settle in their country among the Mohages.


Not in Wraxall.




28210 [0070] 62

1705 6 Feby              p. 710


Meeting of the Commissioners for the management of Indian Affairs


[Rynier Report]

Informs them that on Sunday night the 4th Instant arrived three Gentlemen from New England whereof John Livingston was one having with them a Frenchman and as he is informed by them they were designed together by order of the Government of Canada to treat for the Government of Canada relating to what is unknown to him and that yesterday the 5th Instant they departed from his house Northward


Not in Wraxall.




28211 [0071] 63


1705 23 Feby                        p. 711


Meeting of the Commissioners for the management of Indian Affairs


Col [C] Schuyler

Captain E Banker

Captain J: Reeves


A Sachim of the Mohogs Country acquaints the Commissioners that the Sachims of the said Country are going with two Belts of Wampum one from the Mohogs and the other from the Shackkook Indians to a party of the Onnongonguo Indians who have wars with the English of New England


Not in Wraxall.

1705 26 May                                     p. 713


Meeting of the Commissers for the management of Indian Affairs



Captain Schuyler

Captain Reeves


Yesterday a Messenger came yesterday [sic] with the hands of wampum that from the Sinnekis Country to tell us that the Waganhaes have lifted the hatchet against the Five Nations and that the Sackims of the Sinnekes desired the Brethren of the said five Nations to watch full and be on their guard


Wraxall summary 44 gives date as May 29. S of P adds details.




28212 [0072] 64


1705 29 May                                     [no page number]

See Wraxall summary 44 for more details. S of P also adds details.


Meeting of the Commissioners for the Management of Indian Affairs in the City Hall of Albany


Message from the Sachims of the Sinnekis Country by a Toaken of seven Hands of wampum informs the Commissioners that a warning is from Indians in a Castle at Jawanaghtonhook or Tioghragrondid who have joined with the five Nations in peace That four of the Five Nations called Hightagigroonel Twig Twig grodud Grny Scariagos have lifted up the Hatchet against the said Five Nations and therefore desire that the said Five Nations will be watchful and on their Guard whereupon the Sachims of the Sinnekes have concluded to [appoint] of the Five Nations as soon as possible.


Handwriting back to original hand.



28213 [0073] 65


1705 6 June              p. 715


Six of the Head Sachims of the Castle of Cagnawaga settled in Canada

Colonel Peter Schuyler who called a Meeting of the Commissioners appointed for the managing of the Indian Affairs

Colonel K. vanRenselaer

Captn. E. Banker

Captn. J Schuyler &

Captain Ja.s Weems


Bidding the Head 6 Sachims of the Castle of Cagnawaga settled in Canada every welcome to Albany telling them that upon the Belts of Wampum sent them from Col. Schuyler and the Government General when at Shennochtady in August last they expected to see the said sachims here last Fall they were yet very glad to see them at this time


Wraxall summary 44 tells this a little differently with additional details but also omitting some.


1705 8 June              p. 717



Captain Schuyler

H: E Renslaer

E. Banker

Captain Jas Weems



To the Sachims Cagnawaga


Welcoming their arrival at Albany and trusting that they may come to a good understanding one with the other.


Wraxall summary 44; S of P adds details.




28214 [0074] 66


1705 9 June              p. 718


Sachims of Cagnawaga


They have concluded to observe the orders of the Government and are ready to go as you desire altho we did not expect you would have ordered us to go thither


This day arrives 2 Onnondaga Indians informing them that the four Nations have cutt off the Castle of Cayouga and most of the Five Nations are in pursuit of the Enemy.


The Commissioners have ordered to be sent to them by 2 Indians thirty Pounds of Powder and to carry the same to Onnondaga to be given to such Indians as shall be willing further to pursue the said Enemy


Wraxall summary 44; S of P adds details.




28215 [0075] 67


1705 17 June                       p. 719


Meeting of the Commissioners

John Schuyler

Henry Holland


This day 2 Indians Messengers come from Onnondaga to inform us that the late news relating to the Castle of the Cayugas being cutt off by the Waganhas and the other 4 Naions proves false and that the said Indians were recommended by the Sachims of the Five Nations now at Onnondaga to hold a general Meeting, that if they meet Lawrence the Interpreter (as they were informed) where he was that they should desire him to hasten on his journey to request the Government Commissioners that they would forthwith send the said Lawrence or any other person to appear before said Gov.t Commissioners and bring them word to consult on Public Matters.


Not in Wraxall.




28216 [0076] 68.


1705 18 June                        p. 720


Meeting of the Commissioners

John Schuyler

E. Banker

Henry Holland


This day an account given by the Indians from onnondaga that the tidings relating to the Castle of Cayoughing being cutt off is not so, but that a skulking party of the Wagashas had been there about and had been accidentally met by a party of Mohogs and Oneydes coming from hunting who took the Captain of the said Waganhas party and killed him.


Not in Wraxall.


28217 [0077] 69.


1705 29 June                        p. 721


Meeting of Commissioners appointed for the managing Indian Affairs

Present John Schuyler

E. Banker

H: Holland

Jacob Turke Sheriff


Arrival of three Indians from the Sinnekes Country sent from one of the Chief Sachems called [Murwanad] of Sharon the furthermost Castle of the said Country who sends word now whilst the Waganhads and other four nations of Indians are making war against the Five Nations and that the Castle Sharon being on the furthermost frontier is in danger of being assailed notwithstanding the said Sachem sends three other [otter?] skins as a token to assure their Brother Corlaer, that they will stand fast in the Covenant Chain with him to the very of that Nation.


Not in Wraxall.




28218 [0078] 70


1705               p. 721


[illeg] Three Indians from the Sinnekes



J: Schuyler

E. Banker

H. Holland


J. Turke Sheriff


We desire to acquaint our Brother Muonnogh that we are glad to hear from him on behalf of the Castle of Sharon in the Sinnekis Country of their allegiance and firmness to the Covenant with their Brother Corlaer

we had thought to have given you some account of news from New York but Colonel Schuyler is not yet come from thence but as soon as he shall bring you news [we will] giving you account of [it]

We shall not be wanting to acquaint you of the information and give you one kegg of Rum and a bag of Powder [from next page]


Not in Wraxall.




28219 [0079] 71


1705 2 July                p. 722

Commissioners appointed for the managing Indian Affairs

John Schuyler

Henry Holland

Jacob Turke


arrival of a party of Indians belonging to the Mohogs who at the request of the five nations were desired by them to come that long for assistance when they heard the news that Cayougas had been cut off Inform the Commissioners that news came to the Castle of Onnondaga with the request that the strange Indians who arrived at the Sinnekes Country at a Meeting there desired the Five Nations to be watchful and on their guard against the Waganas for that since Castles of that Nation and a considerable number of Men would become their Enemies therefore if they happen to take any of that Nation off Waganas to torment & kill them without mercy


Not in Wraxall.




28220 [0080] 72


1705 5 July                p. 723

Meeting of Commissioners


John Schuyler

E. Banker

& Henry Holland


This day the Sachims belonging to the Castle of Cagnawaga arrived here from New York desired this Meeting to be held and to acquaint His Excellency that he had forgot to make answer to an article of their Proposition which they proposed to His Excellency which was as followeth vizt That they were heartily sorry for what they had done against their Brethren of New England wch they had not been concerned in any party against, but now they hope they will forgive the same for that had now [laid] down their [illeg.]


Commissioners reply and told them that it was a very good thing they had so proposed hope they will stand by their [hatchets] and give 4 strings of Wampum.


Not in Wraxall.


[0081 is lighter copy of 0080]




better handwriting reappears


28221 [0082] 73


1705 11 June [July?]                        p. 724

Meeting of the Commissioners Appointed for the managing of the Indians Affairs


Ohodngoround a Sachim of Onondaga appears and acquaints us that when the French Interpreter from the Government of Canada came to Onnondaga last Spring he told them in a Meeting that the Governor of Canada had sent up from Canada Twenty Birch Canoes with Guns and ammunition to the Castle of Todgsagrondie and the said Government sent them for that reason because he had promised the four nations that whatever fell upon them he would join with them against their Enemies and now hearing that the Nations of the Waganhas are become their Enemies he sends up said guns and ammunition to the said Castle to oppose the said Waganhas. Brother [Mattiou] is coming as Ambassador from the Governor of Canada to hold a Meeting at Onnondaga and is expected in a few days.


not in Wraxall.




28222 [0083] 74


1705 11 August                   p. 725

Meeting of the Commissioners for managing the Indian Affairs


Col. C. Schuyler

John Schuyler

E. Banker

James Weems


This day comes a Message from the Mohogs Country who gives an account of the news from the Onondagas that Sachims from Tioghsagond are arrived at the said Sinnekis Country who desire that Quidor or some other person may meet them at Onnondaga in nine days time they having desired a meeting where to bring their hatchets knives Powder and Pipes and to give seven hands of Wampum.


12 August

Came from Cayouga D’Wadirhed an Englishman who hath lived among the Cayouga Nation from a child now a


See Wraxall summary 44 for more details, different wording; S of P adds details.




28223 [0084] 75


1705 12 August                   p. 725-726


a Sachim of the Castle was a pious man and very       to this Government informs them that two Companies of Trogsagrondis Indians now lately arrived in the Sinnekes Country and one company which was designed to Albany and the other to Canada but by the Instigation of Jouinkdur the French Interpreter who lays in the Sinnekis Country that party designed for this Place at his persuasion were not permitted to come but were put off by the Sachims to go to Canada —


Whereupon the Commissioners are resolved since Col. C. Shuyler is gone to send Lawrence Claus the Interpreter with the following Message to the Onnondagas to acquaint them that [Col.] Shuyler whom the Sachims of the Five Nations designed this Meeting is not at home but gone to New York


Wraxall summary 45. S of P adds details.




28224 [0085] 76


1705 18 Augt                        p. 728

Not in Wraxall.


Meeting of Commissioners


John Schuyler

M. Schuyler

James Weems

E. Banker


This day five Indians from Tiogsagranded have arrived at this City having desired this meeting and Propose as follows, as we were designed so we have endeavored against all hindrance to break through to come to see you, well. we have often heard that goods are cheap with you, we also come to try your Market and desire you will let us have for three Beavers one Stroud Watercoat to testify that Goods are cheap with you.


Answer from Government: We are glad to see you here, with did expect that a greater number of your Nations would have come and wonder what is the reason they are not Two years ago and the last year especially when Sachims of your Nations promised that they would certainly come this summer [with?]

many of their Nation to trade with us and that they desired that we would have Goods plentiful against they came, but find that your Sachims are not so good as their promise. Brethren you desire that we let you have




28225 [0086] 77

p. 729


Answer continued


for three Beaver Skins one Coat of Stroud, water Cloak, we can settle as prices from the traders goods, but you may go and look out where it is cheapest among them but we doubt not but that to your satisfaction you will find all goods much cheaper here than in Canada

We give you 3 keggs of Rum and 2 [illeg.] of Tobacco


not in Wraxall.




28226 [0087] 78


1705 20 Nov.r                       p. 730

see Wraxall 45 for more details, different wording; S of P adds details.

returns to old handwriting


Meeting of the Commissioners of the Indian Affairs in the City of Albany


Colonel Schuyler

Captn. M. Schuyler

Captn James Weems

David Schuyler



This day was received information by a letter from Laurence Claus Interpreter at Schenectady that an indian called Jacob is there arrived from Corlaer’s lake between this and Canada, says that he hath spoke with an Indian Sachim belonging to the Indian Castle of Canada well known and affected to this Government told the said Jacob that by order of the Governor of Canada that the French that were settled at Trogsagoond towards the Four nations and French wood runners at Ottawawa were now lately come home to Canada and that the Governor has ordered all his Indians to stay home in Canada this winter





28227 [0088] 79


1705 28 Nov.r                       p. 732

not in Wraxall.

Meeting of the Commissioners for managing the Indian Affairs in Albany


Col Schuyler

M: Schuyler

E: Banker

David Schuyler

H Van Renslaer

& Jas Weems


It is resolved that two Indians be sent as spies to Canada and have accordingly sent for the Indian called Tayorhonseddon and one who has undertaken that service for the sum of £ 9-50-6 Barrels of Powder and Six Beaver Skins and to sett out on their journey tomorrow with all expedition for Canada and to inform themselves privately either by Christian Indians or Indians of the Enemy’s motions and return with all haste to give an account thereof here. which Indians being gone out returnd 19th December Instant from halfway to Canada where they met with Sachems from Canada who gave them an account That all was well in Canada and that most of the Indians were gone hunting




28228 [0089] 80.


1705 29 Dec.r                       p. 737

not in Wraxall.


The Mahikander Indians south of the City of Albany

Relative to their Great Father often discoursing with the Mohawks without them so that they might not know what was said & request that their Father will do so no more


The Commrs reply that when they return from the Mohawks country they will give an answer, and are now ready to consult with 3 or 4 of the Principal Indians to form a proposition for the Mohawks


1706 23? Feb.y                    p. 738

see Wraxall 46 for additional details; S of P adds details.


Meeting of the appointed for managing Indian affairs

The Gov.t of Canada sent a Messenger to the Castle of the Oneydes trying to persuade them to accept of a French Priest into that Castle.

Resolved that two persons be sent to Onnondaga, and that Captain Abraham Schuyler, & Lawrence Claver Interpreter to continue there until next July for £10 to be paid out of the £50 allowed by the Executive Council, and to give account of such matters from time to time That a further [support] of money be applied for the continuance of said persons in said country




28229 [0090] 81


1706 28 Feb.y                       p. 740


Commissioners appointed for the managing the Indian affairs at Albany

answer to the Mahikanders


Col. P. Schuyler

H. Van Renslaer

M John Abode

James Weems Commdt

D. Schuyler Sheriff


Stating that the Commrs have not corresponded with the Mohawks on weighty matters without giving account thereof to the Shaahkook Indians and we did not dount that they had given you also such accounts as they received.


Not in Wraxall.


1706 20 April

Col P. Schuyler

Mr. John Abode

Captain J Schuyler

Captain E Banker

Captn M: Schuyler



David Schuyler Sheriff


Relative the return of the Commrs.

Interpreter sent to the Cayugas on the subject of their wishing to accept of the services of a Jesuit into their Castle and to advise them of Cayuga that they should not admit of any such proposition


see Wraxall 46 for similar entry dated 10 April 1706.


21 May


An Indian to the Commrs

The Indian Castle at Canada have taken up the Hatchet against us.


not in Wraxall.


28380 [or 28830] [0091] 82


1706 3 June              p. 743


Captain [J:] Schuyler


Comes Home from the Sinnekis Nations and that he perceives that the Cayugas are very much inclined to have a Jesuit and that by all what he endeavoured is [sic] was as much as he could prevail with that Nation of Cayugas by 2 Belts of Wampum, they being really inclined either for French or English to forbear taking any French into their Castle until we had acquainted their Brother Corlaer whereupon they had given any answer so left the Interpreter to bring the same. That the [Post] of the Five Nations wholly depends upon that Nation who says positively if their Brother Corlaer does not send a few Christians into their Castle that they will certainly take in the French.


Summary in Wraxall 46; S of P adds details.


6 June                                     p. 744

Commrs Present

Mayor Dirk womes [Dirk Wessels]

Captain E Banker

David Schuyler


yesterday Indians and a Sachem and Chief of the Praying Indians of Cagnawaga Castle, being recommended by the Governor Canada to inform Corlaer that the Ambassadors with 70 Prisoners were ordered to be conveyed to Boston


not in Wraxall.


15 June                      p. 745

Comm Present

John Schuyler

Capt. J. [Wessell]

David Schuyler

& Seven Indians of the Five Nations


They are glad to see Father Corlaer and will give to Beaver Skins. They have a quantity of Skins & furs and request that they may receive goods at reasonable rate – to encourage others to come.


not in Wraxall.

28231 [0092] 83.


1706 17 June                        p. 747


John Schuyler

E. Banker

David Schuyler

H Hanson

J Roseboom


Ordered that the following acct be sent to Col. Partridge that just now and comes directly from Canada and states that between 100 of our Enemy Indians set out from with a design of going to New England


not in Wraxall.


18 June

Seven [Indians] of the Farr Nations


Answer from Govt. : You are welcome here. we are glad to see you as we told you two days ago when you desired to have goods sold you at a reasonable rate and we hope that you have disposed of your skins to your satisfaction and are so encouraged that you will animate the rest of your nations to come next year assuring you that you shall find us at all times reasonable and our Goods as cheap as we can afford them


not in Wraxall.





28232 [0093] 84.


1706 18 June                       p. 749

Mahikans of [T—-]


We have considered your proposition made to us yesterday & have recommended the traders not to impose upon and to afford you such goods as you take at a reasonable and cheap price which we doubt not hyou have some experience and also your proposition to take some of our young men with you, but since you are inclined to come here next summer we do not think it needfull for — any of our young men to go with you.


  1. 750.

Father Corlaer we must acknowledge to have received full satisfaction from Skins and furs & cannot but say that you have dealt well and honestly by us as to the belt of Wampum which you gave us and shall accordingly as you desire lay it before the


not in Wraxall.



28233 [0094] 85


1706 [18 June]

Sachims and acquaint them of all what you have spoken to us of

not in Wraxall.


1706 19 June                        p. 750

Information received from Lawrence Clads Interpreter at Onnondaga that the Nation of Cayugas will not accept of a Jesuit into their Castle if their Brother will post a man of respect as Interpreter there.


Summary in Wraxall 46; S of P adds details.


1706 19 June                        p. 750


From the far Nations

Inclosed propositions with the answers returned to them at a Meeting of the Commissioners

it was resolved that an account thereof be immediately sent to His Excellency at New York


Not in Wraxall.


1706 3 July                p. 752

Meeting of Commissioners

Col P. Schuyler



To condole with the Indians of Onnondaga’s Sachem’s death called Ohodgawadad on his return from New York.


Not in Wraxall.


1706 3 July


Upon the account given by Col Schuyler Indians Sachim who lately hath been to see your Excellency in New York the Commissioners


Not in Wraxall.




28234 [0095] 86


have thereupon now resolved to convene And consult upon such Methods as will be most proper to prevent that the Indians may not believe the Reports which undoubtedly will be spread. Finding Canagquidngi the Sachim have resolved to send him to Onnondaga to condole the death of the said deceased Sachems and for that purpose we have been obliged to up the sum of Four Pounds for belts on the occasion of the deceased Sachem. p. 753


Not in Wraxall.


1706 9 July                p. 756


The Interpreter comes from Onnondaga Informs us that in a Meeting of the four Nations on the 10th June last who are in alliance with the Five Nations have desired to give their assistance against the Ottowa indians of Trogary which the Sachims of the Five Nations did refer to the [Committence] of Cayuga Sachims to whether they should give them [assistance] or not —


Not in Wraxall.




28235 [0096] 87


1706 6 July                p. 755


Acquainting His Excellency of the death of the Indian who was lately in New York to see His Excy. That the Sachems of the Five Nations are coming down to see His Excy to consult on matters for the good of this Gov.t and the five Nations and that they have appointed Sachems of each nation to go to Canada to take the Gov.t of Canada advice in some matters, and requesting His Excy to send up Instructions to answer to them with some supply to defray the charges of that Meeting. We have also seen fit to send Lawrence back to Onnondaga with instructions to return back with the Sachems if he meets them by the way. We hope your Excellency will despatch the bearer this is

what Humbly offers at present


Your Excellency’s

Most Obed.t Servant

no Signature


Not in Wraxall.


20 July                       p. 757

Commrs Present

Johannis Schuyler

Ev.t Banker

Joseph Gidion and one of the Indians who have come Home from Canada say that when they came to Cagnawaga in a Meeting of the Sachems of that Castle they reported to said Sachems that by some Reports they had received they were afraid the said Sachems would offer to take up the hatchet and for that [reason] the said Indians made [illeg] to go thither. the said Sachems desired the Indians to go to Montreal and speak what they had to the Gov.r of Canada

answer they were not come to speak with the said Gov.r but with them when they said Brethren we are come this far without the knowledge of our B— Corlaer to desire you not to take up the Hatchet but to keep the Covenant inviolable and gave them the said belt of wampum

The said Indians do further inform that 4 Indians from Canada are set out to lay wait on the New England Road to Albany to take the post


Whereupon the Sachims of Caughnawaga answer, Brethren you are now come to renew the Covenant with the Castle of Caughnawaga do also now send the same Covenant with the four Nations and as a token thereof they gave a belt of wampum

Not in Wraxall, except as brief reference p. 46-47.



28236 [0097] 88


1706 24 July                         p. 758

Summary in Wraxall 47 ; S of P adds many details.




Commences with May it please Excellency


On the 20th Instant 3 of Our Mohogs who on their accord have been in Canada and come now & say that four Indians from there are gone to lay wait on the New England Road to take the New England Post. On the 21st Instant Lawrence the Interpreter came Home on the 21st Instant from Onnondaga saith that by the way coming hither he found a belt of Wampum in the Mohogs country which was sent by the French first to the Sinnekes and so to the post of the Five Nations to desire their assistance in joining with an army of French consisting of 160 Men now going up to fight the Ottawas Indians, but that the Sachems now resolved to stand to those Resolutions lately made that they would first advise with Your Excellency




28237 [0098] 89


1706 24 July                         p. 758 [cont.]


This day we have received certain tidings from Scindorhordse that the Indian Squaw passing the road between Cluysrd and the Farms of Mr. Livingston at teghkanick is killed and scalped and also her three children taken captives which brings a great fear amongst the Farmers of the country.

My opinion that this was committed by four Indians their tracks are found first gone off to the Southward and then turned up Northward. As to what belongs to the Five Nations we do observe that if some persons are not sent to continue among them the Government The French by these Jesuits and others who are daily among them will undoubtedly persuade them to give their assistance to the Ottawas


Therefore hope your Excellency will take this into your consideration


Not in Wraxall except as possible ref. p. 47.

28238 [&] 28239 [0099] 90 [&] 91 [two pages microfilmed as one image]




[1706] 26 July                       p. 759

Not in Wraxall


3 Sachims of the Onnogongue



Six Nations

P. Schuyler

Commr. & other Commisrs.


When we were here last winter you promised to open us a path and took us by the hands desiring us to come and live with you, we are now come along that Path and find that it was clear, so that now we hold fast by your arm and assure you that we shall not be found guilty of any mischief committed on that road or elsewhere ag.t you or your brother — Give our Belt of Wampum


Brother Corlaer — [What or Mrhat]: we address you comes from a true heart to your Gov.t to which we have always had true love and a good heart so that you may believe that as you recommended last winter we have since then not been guilty of any mischief done in New England Give one small belt of Wampum.


Answer from Gov.t:




We have observed what you told us on Saturday and hope you will prove as good as your Words, [vizt] that you have not been guilty in any mischief done in New England — as we have recommended you last winter so we do still [which] that you shall come to settle here at Shaahkook where you may peace and quietness




you tell us that you have found an open path hither and that you are come to see us with a true and good heart. That path shall remain open as long as you do not go out against our Brethren, if you go out against them we may close up the path, and consider you as a common enemy & treat you as such,

therefore we recommend you to come and live here and advise to take none of our Indians

Gave one large Belt of Wampum





28239 [0099 part 2] 91


Summary in Wraxall 47; S of P adds many details.


1706 14 Augt                        p. 764







& Col P Schuyler

other Commrs.


That the Indians of Tiogsagronde who are in alliance with us have complained that the nation of Indians called Michksoriaga have killed several of their Men, they not being so sufficient in strength as to defend themselves do therefore desire our assistance against them


Answer from Government:

14th august 1706

We advise you not to lift up the Hatchet against any Indians during this war with the French and desire you to use what good means you can to make up a peace again between the said Michkariaga and those of Tiogsagrondie so that these may continue an open path for them hither which will be much better for you — We believe that you have told us that the sd. Michkariaga Indians have killed some of your Indians it can have happened by Mischange as are now your own people have been guilty of the Southward so we hope you’l not take notice thereof but endeavor what you can to make up the peace between the said two nations — Give a Belt of Wampum




28240 [0100] 92


1706 16 Augst.          p. 766

Not in Wraxall


3 Sachims of the Five Nations and River Indians


Comr Col Schuyler

others –


We find that how is mischief committed by some Indians living with us which is against the will and knowledge of us and is the occasion of our coming here to condole with the Indian Squaw killed and to take the hatchet from her head

Gave to the River Indians a belt of wampum


Answer made by the Sachims of the River Indians to the Sachims of Cagnawaga

we were in peace and quietness and thought of no harm when your Men came and fell upon us killed an Indian Squaw and took three children captive which caused us to send our Wives to Catskills and we came up here to Albany thinking to go to Canada to revenge the harm done us but was stopt by our father Corlaer who desired us to stay and he would send to know who had committed that mischief we are now glad to see you come returning us our children who were carried away, giving us such satisfaction whereby we [understayte] that the killing of the Squaw is without your knowledge so we renew the covenant with you and give a belt of wampum.

similar answer returned by the Five Nations.


Not in Wraxall.




28241 [0101] 93


1706 19 Augt                                    p. 770


Sachims of River Indians to Father Corlaer


Expressing their condolence on the decease of the Indian Squaw who was lately killed whereupon the Commissioners appointed for Managing the Indian Affairs renew the covenant with them and desired them to be obedient and ready on all occasions when their father Corlaer called them gave a kegg of Rum & a bag with bread


Not in Wraxall.


26 Augt.


Propositions by the Sachims of the five Nations, and, answer and of several Sachims of Cagnawaga Indians from Canada who have returned the three Indian children also the propositions of the River Indians and the answer and the Presents returned to the Five Nations & River Indians & the expenses for provisions and other necessaries amount to £60 — the acct thereof shall be sent to your Lordship by the first opportunity by Col Schuyler who designs in a few days to go down The presents


Not in Wraxall.




28242 [0102] 94


1706 26 Augt.


The Presents given by the Indians being two bundles containing 45 and 35 Beaver Skins ten Raccoons and two Bear Skins which we now send to your Excellency by David Ketelhuyn Inclosed is also a letter from the Governor of Canada [relating] the said Captives. This is what humbly offers at present from your Excy’s Most obedt Servant


Not in Wraxall.


Sept. 29 1706 Conference with Governor Cornbury is in Vol 2 of the AIC Records per Wraxall on p. 48. It is not included in the S of P notes for either volume.


1706 15 [Octr.]                     p. 771


4 Nations of Indians in Canada & Captain J. Schuyler Commr.


The Commrs made them welcome gave 4 hands of wampum to each [Nation] they returned thanks for the same —


as to the Belt of Wampum which Col. Schuyler sent to the adjucantene Indians living at St. Francis in Canada whom he desired to lay down the Hatchet which they have in hand against New England we must tell you that our Father Onnonti and the Govr have not consented thereto to give our belt of Wampum When we were here last and had condoled on the death of the Indian Squaw lately



Not in Wraxall.




28243 [0103] 95


1706               p. 771


killed here D’Kanissore and Ochynaringiaght and other Sachims of the Five Nations desired all the Indians in Canada concerned in against New England to lay down & bury the Hatchet and go no more out against them — We then promised to return you an answer and accordingly we are come to tell you that it is not we or any Indian in Canada that have the hatchet in hand but it is our father the Governor of Canada whom we must obey, who saith if those from New England be inclined to peace with his Indians they must address to him and not to his Indians. give one belt of wampum

Brother. We hope to live in peace with you, but if you have anything to answer on the above proposals we would desire you to speak to the Governor of Canada and not to us We are


Not in Wraxall.



28244 [0104] 96


1706 Oct. 16


his children and under his command.

give a string of wampum


Not in Wraxall.


16 Oct.r [1706]                    p. 772


Answer: We have considered what you proposed to us yesterday and what you have desired therein, so shall make no answer to you at present, but shall acquaint His Excellency, our Governor therewith and also our Brethren of the Five Nations with whom we will consult in this matter and give answer when we think fitt give 4 strings of Wampum


Not in Wraxall


29 [16?] Octr                                     p. 772


Col. P. Schuyler

& 6 others


This day is brought to us a belt of wampum from 60 adjicaytskoke Indians who with their families lay at the Wood Creek towards Canada. They thereby send word that upon the belts of wampum sent last winter from the Commissioners to them


Not in Wraxall



28245 [0105] 97


1706 16 Oct.r                       p. 772


they are come so far and desire to settle at the Shaahkook whereupon the Commissioners have resolved to send back the bearer of the said belt with another Belt to bid the said Indians to come and to tell them that is place is healthy and that they desire them to come hither where further care shall be taken of them.


Not in Wraxall


12 Nov.r                                 p. 773


Instructions for Lawrence Clark Interpreter to go to Cayuga one of the Five Nations taking with him J.P. Smith who are to stay in the Castle of the said nation of Indians until the 21st day of Oct.r next ensuing. the said Lawrence Clarke is to represent this Gov.t in said nation & in the nations of the Sinnekes & Onnondaga Country in all such meetings as these shall happen to be held when the interest of the Govt. required him to be, Further by the endeavor to encourage



Wraxall summary 48; S of P adds details.

28246 [0106] 98

p. 772 [sic]

the Sachims of those Nations to continue Steadfast to their Covenant with this Gov.t and oppose whatever the french Gov.t by his agents may desire from them prejudicial to this Gov.t.

you are also upon Intelligence given you or heard of that the Indians of the far Nations are on their Journey with a design to this place forthwith to make the best of your way to the Sinnekis Country and there wait till their arrival and prevail with the Sachims there to admit them free passage and encourage them to come and convoy them past Onnondaga & so this city

You are also to acquaint the Sachims of the Mohogs Oneydes Onnondaga Cayuga and Sinnekis what answer is sent here from the Indians of Canada to the proposition lately make to them by Dokanidsor





28247 [0107] 99


1706               p. 772


and the rest of the Sachims of the Five Nations when they were here in August last, and that wee have Resolved to give no answer at present until we have consulted with our Brethren the Five Nations herein.

You are also from time to time to send us Intelligence of what happens in the country during the time you remain therein.


26 Nov.r         p. 774


David Schuyler


Robert Livingston Secy of Indian Affairs

3 other Commrs.


The Commrs, being informed that Hondrick the Indian lying at Canastagroro was designed to go up to the Adjicankkoks Indians who lye about wood creed whereupon the Commrs have thought fit to send for the sd Hondrick the Indian being a very fit person to persuade the said Sixty Indians to come and settle with their families at Shaahkook as by the last intelligence from them to the Commrs by a Belt of wampum they are designed.

the said Hondrick the Indian being come here the Commrs are agreed with him to make



Not in Wraxall.



28248 [0108] 100


the best of his way to the said adgicantokoks Indians and to use the best means to come and settle here at Shaahkook with their families where at present the necessary care shall be taken of them — Thus inviting them by a belt of wampum now given to the said Hondrick for which service Hondrick the Indian is to be payed for his journey one hundred and nine penny Bills and if he doth persuade those indians to come with their families to settle here at Shaahkook for such good service he shall be paid over and above, one other hundred ninepenny Bills. —

Further if the hondrik in his said journey or among the said Indians hears or can inform himself by those Indians or any others that the French our enemy design to make any attack


Not in Wraxall




28249 [0109] 98 [sic]


1706               p. 775


attack on the place or elsewhere he is forthwith to bring us intelligence thereof


Not in Wraxall


9 Dec.r


Col. P. Schuyler

Hon. Robt Livingston, Sec

7 other Commrs


Resolved by the Govt Commrs that 3 Indians be sent to Canada and accordingly they sent for the Indian Sachems called Toquajonont Onidhrightsine and Oynoye, who have undertaken that expedition and are to return in forty days, for which service the said Tognagomont is to be paid 120 ninepenny bitts and the other two Indians each 8 9 penny bitts is in all £10.14. It is further resolved that the foillowing Christians and Indians be sent out Skouts towards the Lake on the way to Canada viz Captain Abraham Schuyler as Captn and is agreed with him in that service at eight shillings per day — the Indians 3 pennies per day — Cagnawadichte & Tayingoge River Indians Corlaer & his Brother Shaahkook Indians Matanas & Asponot Christians Jacobus Schoonhonen Jacobus Laykakes and Samuel Dackeput 4 shillings per day.


Not in Wraxall

28250 [0110] 99 [sic]


1706 18 Dec.r                       p. 777

John Abode

John Schuyler

10 others


The Indian Hondrik the Magnase returned this day from the Indians called the adjocunticoke Indians with an answer and a belt of wampum and says that he spoke with the Sachims of said Indians after they were convened from their hunting and that the message he brought was acceptable to them and that they designed in a few days to come to Albany and commune with the Commrs and in the meantime desired that a Messenger might be sent to meet them at Laflours and desired that the said Hondrick might be the Messenger for they apprehended that their creditors might be troublesome to them and therefore desired to be conducted safe to albany without molestation, and would then give an answer to the Proposition of the Govt Commissioners concerning their settling at Shackkook and moreover had sent


Not in Wraxall.




28251 [0111] 100 [sic]

p. 778


something to said agent of their friends who belonged to the Indians who also lived formerly in Canada a few days journey from them, to endeavour induce them to join with them in their communication with the Commissioners, which answer they expect in a few days


The said Indian Hondrick by agreement was to have for his journey one hundred nine penny Bitts which is accordingly & Mr. Johannes Corlaer one of the Commrs is desired to pay the said one hundred nine penny bits and to charge it to the acct of the Public for which he shall have a Warrant accordingly.


a letter from Lawrence Claese the 29th Nov. last was recd who acquaints the Commrs of the Indian Affairs that he arrived there the 27th of said Month and found no Indians at Home but that the French had a joint token to them this Fall


Not in Wraxall

28252 [0112] 101

p.  779


that there are no Indians at Cayuga nor tools to be had for the Smith which he thinks they must be obliged to send for, He adds further that an English Boy is Prisoner at Oneyde which the Indian brought this fall from Canada–then some french came there this fall secretly by night and carried Goods to the Castle 3 days successively



M. Schuyler

P. Van Brugh

& [Hend?] Renslaer


It is the opinion of the Commissioners for managing of the Indian Affairs that it is for Her Majesty’s Service that Captain Schuyler and Henry the Indian be sent to the fresh water to Laflour to meet the Indians of adjicantoke who are invited to come and settle at Shackkook in this Government and have sent word that they come to the Commrs to treat about that subject and the rather because the Commrs are informed that a Chief Captain or Sachem of the said Indians desire to come to Laflour and no further


Not in Wraxall.


28253 [0113] 102


1706               p. 779


which Govt are to endeavor by all possible means to pesuade him come along with the Indians and also it is further advised that some provisions should be sent to the said Indians by the said Gov.t at the Public charge


Not in Wraxall


1706 27 Dec.r

Col P Schuyler & others


The Indians called the adgoentcoke & Onnogongas to the number of above 20 being come with their Sachims the Govt bid them welcome and said they were glad to see you and are now ready to hear what they had to propose and after a little while that they had consulted together the chief Sachim rose again & said That they were come according to the Message of the Commissioners and are very thankful for their kind reception and that they had been very punctual in observing what was


Not in Wraxall

28254 [0114] 102

p. 780


required of them by the Commissioners last winter namely that they should bury the Hatchet and go no more out to fight against the English of New England, that none of their people had been out to molest the English Lines, they were discharged it by the Commissioners–that they are now come to hear what shall further be required of them but they can come to no conclusion of any affair till they have communicated what shall be proposed to them to their people in their Castle and gave a belt of wampum

The Indians were ordered to be lodged in the Court House & Provisions and other necessaries and that tomorrow the Governor and the Gov.t will speak to you for which they are very thankfull.


Not in Wraxall




28255 [0115] 103


1706 Dec.r no date   p. 781


Col. P. Schuyler


Two River Indians called Corlaer and Dungrament are just come to town and acquaint the Commissioners that according to their duty they come to tell you what hath happened lately to some of their Indians in New England

We were told this Spring that if any thing happened we were forthwith to give an acct to the Commissioners–We come to inform you that 4 days ago when I the said Corlaer was a hunting from Winy-achwnack an Indian came and told me that the English of New England convened about 30 of our Indians of this Government and of the Indians of [Nasonsquach konnah] at a place called Nossanouck but cannot tell the English name of the town. Certain Indians


Not in Wraxall




28256 [0116] 104


[1706 Dec.r]              p. 781


Certain Indians called Looks that live informs me that the Indianaes had had a Christian scalp among them which they concluded must be some of the English killed lately in New England which scalp was given to our Indians by the Mohawks this last spring as all the Gentlemen and people of Albany very well know: for when the french Indian killed Sachkarnt our Brother went to the Magnese Country to acquaint them with it — and according to the Indian Custom they wiped off their tears and among [the friends which they made to condole ] with our loss.                        Th–


Not in Wraxall


28256 [0117] 104 – repeat with lighter version




28257 [0118] [no handwritten number]


1706 [Dec.r]              p. 782


that will happen if our Indians are detained Prisoner and to dissuade our Brethren from being over credulous upon the Reports of the Indians and if the matter of fact is related to us us Indians we will come to endeavor to have the said Looks the Indian punished according to his merits


Not in Wraxall


in Albany

Propositions begun & [illeg] 12 July 1701 [sic] 2.d Day’s Conference  p. 790

12 July 1701

14 July 1701


see DRCHNY 4:896 et seq. for this 1701 conference with Acting Governor Nanfan. S of P adds nothing. Possibly out of place chronologically in the original.



Col. P Schuler of his Majesty’s Council & Five Nations of Indians vizt the Maquase Oneydes Onnondagas Cayugas and Sinnekes to the Honrble John Manpan [Nanfan] His Majesty’s Lieut Governor of the Province of New York & its dependencies


Onieriske assorum Speaker

Brother Corlaer, We are glad to see in this Station to command this Province we must own ourselves very happy under so gracious a King who was so prudent as to send our two Governors, the one to succeed the other we take it to be his great care and love to us we are sorry for the death of our late Governor the Earl of Belmont we hope his soul is in Heaven and on the other hand we are glad to see so good a man as your self succeeds







28258 [0119] 105


[appears to continue from the entry before the previous one from the Nanfan Conference in 1701.]


1706 [Dec.r] p. 781


they gave us an Indian scalp which they had brought from the Waganhads or far Nations which scalp had been handed about from place to place, and having been at Wayajackenok the said Indian Tribe has probably told the English of it which scalp they bring now the Meeting before the Government.


Now the said Indians request that this Government would be pleased to write to the Govt of Connecticut to let our Indians have the Indian Looks delivered to them to punish him accordingly and this we pray may be done with all expedition for divers of our Indians are out hunting and when they come to their wigwams and find all their are prisoners we are afraid that they will do mischief there upon which the Govt resolved to send David Schuyler Esqr Mayor of the City forthwith [illeg] the said 2 Indians to Connecticut to inform the Government in authority there of the evil consequences


Not in Wraxall


[The pages with Stamped Numbers 28259 through 28284, images [0120] through [0146], cover p. 790 through p. 815 of the original, which appears to revert to 1701-1702, mainly covering a conference with Lt. Governor Nanfan that is printed in DRCHNY 4:896. I have included them in the transcript for Minute Book I, Pt. 1., 1677-1704.]